Beef Breakfast Sausage (AIP-friendly)

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aip breakfast sausageIt can be tough to find a full autoimmune protocol friendly sausage recipe.  Nightshade spices are very common, but even more so are the many seed-based spices that many people with autoimmune disease are sensitive to.  I developed this sausage recipe to provide a healthy, high-protein breakfast for even those following the strictest version of the autoimmune protocol.  I typically make this with either grass-fed ground beef or grass-fed heart meat which I trim and grind myself in my Food Processor.  I also usually make a double batch and the reheat leftovers for quick breakfasts on subsequent mornings.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Yields: 3-4 large sausage patties.


1.       Combine spices with beef and mix well (I like to use my hands for this step).
2.       Form sausage into patties (I typically make 3 or 4 patties per pound).  Alternatively, you could buy Sausage Casings and stuff with the Sausage Stufferattachment of your Meat Grinder.
3.    Heat tallow in a skillet over medium-high heat.
4.    Cook sausage patties for 8-10 minutes on the first side.  Flip and cook for another 7-8 minute on the second side, until fully cooked.
5.    Alternatively, place sausage patties on a cookie sheet and bake at 400F for 18-20 minutes (no need to flip mid baking).

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I’ve been making these for about the last 3 weeks and each batch gets a different spice mixture as I look for a favorite. I mix up 2 pounds of grass-fed ground beef and 1 pound of pastured pork, divide it into 24 mini burgers, bake, and freeze them. Each morning I pull out 2 burgers, heat them up with some leftover vegetables and I have an easy breakfast I don’t have to think about. This recipe has been such a life-saver for me. Now breakfast is easy, lunch is always a salad with chicken, beef or salmon and the only meal I have to plan for is dinner. Thank you Sarah!!!

When you grind up heart meat in your food processor, do you grind it raw? Does just the regular blade do the trick? I tried grinding raw liver in my food processor yesterday and it created a blood smoothie…but then I looked online for tricks, and someone suggested 1 in chunks, frozen for 20 min, then put in food processor. That worked!

I cut my liver into 1 inch squares and popped into the freezer until it just started to get stiff around the edges. Then I fed into my traditional food processor in batches. It worked and no blood bath!

I gave these a go last week. I got my friendly butcher to mince the heart for me, than made a huge batch. (Hubby had a heart attack when he saw the offal at the butchers I had ordered.) When he got home I had some patties sitting on a plate, he asked if he could have sometime, I said sure, not daring to mention the beef heart that was in them. He sat and ate them happily. Then a few night later my son was hunger after dinner, I had the patties frozen in the freezer so I cooked them up. Once again I didn’t have the heart to tell him there was heart in them. What they don’t know won’t kill them!!!

Hello Sarah, Do you have a recommended ratio for using both ground beef and heart or liver? I’m trying to incorporate more offal into my diet and thought mixing it into other dishes would be the best method. Thanks!

I am very interested in trying this recipe, we do not buy a lot of beef though. We hunt deer so we always have an abundance of venison. We also buy a whole hog from a local farmer. I am wondering how to go about having the butcher process our meet.

Since mace is a nightshade spice and therefore not aip protocol approved, what spice would you recommend as a substitute?

I’m sorry, I’m confused. Why do you call it a ‘sausage’ patty when the ingredients only list ground beef, with no pork? Shouldn’t it be called a beef patty?

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