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Sarah – Thanks so much for all your work, I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling great and that your adrenals are wiped out, I’ve been there myself. I TOTALLY SUPPORT you in prioritizing your health over getting the cookbook out. Your health is much more important, and though I am eagerly awaiting the book (yes, I’ve pre-ordered on Amazon) I really want you to know that your fans love you and appreciate all your hard work and want you to be well. xoxoxo Cassandra

Love the PV podcasts! Thank you Stacy and Sarah, what an inspiration :) It is good to know you too are human Sarah, and that you struggled to write your incredibly informative and comprehensive book. I mean this in a good way, because having an AI condition and achieving anything is really tough. Completing my thesis nearly killed me, and I still haven’t been brave enough to take time off and work on my health (I also have an AI) as I know I should – I stay up writing articles, drafting research proposals or reviewing papers, I push myself to achieve the next big thing once I’ve completed a task. And react to symptoms along the way. Work in progress I suppose, but I know I will need to face my limitations sooner than latter if I want to stay alive and produce useful work. Enough about me, thanks again to you two and good luck to all readers on their journey to better health x

Hi, I’m new to your site and am interested in listening to podcast episodes 1,3,11 & 12 but these episodes are no where to be found on iTunes. It’s also not available on your site as something to click. I am using my iPad so maybe it doesn’t work on there and only on the computer but I really would like to listen to those episodes when I’m out and about. Is there a way you can help me?

I was paleo for a couple of months for my hashimoto antibodies and I found without rice I got constipated. Do you have any suggedtions on how to eliminate this since I am now starting the aip protocol?

Hello, I thought I entered some questions, but now I don’t know where to go to see if they have been answered, or do you send the answers by email? I did include my email address. I thought I sent the questions under a couple of different categories, good and bad fats, and vegetables. When I looked in those categories again, I couldn’t find any questions or answers. I’m obviously not a computer nerd, but I would like to learn how to communicate with your organization, if possible. I am learning a lot from The Paleo Approach, but did have some questions. Blessings and thanks for any information you can give me, Estelle

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