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The recipes in this section are autoimmune protocol-friendly.  That is, these recipes do not use eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades, or uncooked alcohol.  Seed-based spices that are not nightshades are included in some of these recipes since many people on the autoimmune protocol can tolerate them.  Please refer to this post for more information on spices (and for determining whether a recipe listed in this section is appropriate for you).  Also, note that some recipes require minor modification to make the autoimmune protocol-friendly (as mentioned in each individual recipe).  Enjoy!

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Hi! Love love your site…it’s so full of detailed info…I’m starting the AIP this week due to skin issues- you definitely give me hope and lots of information that makes my jaw drop because I have been eating all the wrong things for so long…but no more!- definitely looks challenging but I’m going to take it day by day– When you started the AIP how did you deal with the family dynamics of eating…My kids are used to eating lots of carbs, meat, rice, legumes, etc…Did you make two different meals at some point? Also, is honey allowed in the AIP– otherwise it’s too hard for me to drink tea…

I was wondering about the tea itself— I drink a lot of fun funky teas from purveyors like David’s Tea, etc. but am aware a lot of them aren’t quite AIP friendly because of spices and artificial flavorings added to them. i.e. my favorite breakfast tea- organic Stormy Night Is this one alright? Are basic teas also a no-no? I’m a former coffee lover making due with tea, but wondering if it’s also hampering my progress.

Technically the chocolate wouldn’t be AIP-friendly, but often teas are tolerated when the whole food isn’t. I personally drink a fair bit of black tea, green tea and rooibos tea. It could be hampering your progress, but it could also be the thing that makes all the other changes bearable, in which case, if you are still seeing steady improvement (even if it’s slow), I would advise keeping it in at least for now.

Rooibos tea is OK even though rooibos is part of the legume family? Wouldn’t the compounds in the tea increase gut permeability?

Often teas are tolerated when the whole food isn’t. Sarah recommends rooibos, black, and green teas in moderation, not as everyday foods. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

I have instant stomach ache when I add coconut milk to my smoothie. Coconut oil and a bit of coconut flour don’t hurt at all. Any suggestions for a coconut milk substitute?

How do I know if I need to eat AIP? I have hashimotos and do have issues with bloating and distention but i dont know what specifically triggers it. I’m having a bit of difficulty finding recipes that aren’t complicated. I’m on a tight budget and am finding myself very discouraged and frustrated and very hungry … I weigh 98 lbs and losing because I don’t know what to eat… I have a goiter so most of the high protein vegs like spinach, kale, I can’t eat becaseof the goitrogens – eating meat 3-4 times-day makes me sick to my stomach but I’m not getting enough protein if I don’t and I still end up with a bloated stomach anyway… Would allergy testing be beneficial? I dont think I have Celiacs but all of my drs don’t really think I need any testing …

Have you seen a naturopath or functional medicine specialist? This sounds like a fairly complicated collection of symptoms and you might benefit from their approach to health (you can find a paleo-friendly doctor by looking at the Paleo Physician’s Network or Primal Docs, but you can also google functional medicine specialists in your area and read through their webpages).

I think that Hashimotos plus digestive symptoms definitely warrants a closer look at the AIP. Bloating and distention could be from starches in your diet feeding a case of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or could be from a FODMAP sensitivity (I have posts on both of these under Paleo Modifications) or some other food sensitivity.

If digesting meat is difficult, how do you handle fish? This also sounds like you might want to investigate some digestive support supplements (these would be things like hydrochloric acid, ox bile, digestive enzymes), but these are definitely outside of my knowledge base so I would defer to a healthcare professional for a recommendation. Are you getting enough fat in your diet? What about something like homemade bone broth as a protein source/snack? You might even be able to ask your local butcher for scrap bones for free?

I know that this is extra difficult to do on a tight budget. Some tricks that I have for keeping my costs down: I buy the weird stuff that no one else wants, which my local grass-fed beef/lamb/pork farmer usually sells to me for $2/lb. I have to be more inventive in the kitchen, but it’s really cheap grass-fed meat. Butchers and fishmongers throw stuff out. This stuff is usually good for rendering tallow or making bone broth and all you need to do is ask. I also do the standard coupon, buy in bulk, buy seasonally, buy on sale.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m finally ready to be 100% compliant with the AIP after many false starts and failed attempts. Funny that I’m starting this right before the holidays hit, but it’s now or never. Your list of “approved” recipes will make it easier. It’s so nice to have a trusted source to turn to… Thanks again!
(oh, and please keep posting about your experiences with the AIP — how it’s helping, your struggles, of course recipes, etc… There really isn’t a ton of info out there!)

hi, i have a question: i have hashimoto and i did my food allergies test and they came out negative. does this mean it doesn’t matter if i eat legumes/dairy etc? i wish i could lower my increasingly rising antibodies and feel better.

You should do the SIBO breath test. Has to be treated initially with antibiotics, then strict no cheat at any time paleo diet. Changed my life! Don’t try to self treat. Very rarely does it work but must use herbal antibiotics, digestive enzymes, after ever time to eat.

Thank you very much for your reply. I would really like to start a diet, can you recommend me a good book with a serious recipes programme? Since it’s the first time I’m trying a diet it would be very useful to have an A to Z place where to see what to eat for brakfast, for lunch and so on. Thank you!

thank you for the advice. i know that wheat is avoidable in this condition, but what about wheatgrass juice? it says it stimulates the thyroid, but is this ok in the case of hashimoto? i sometimes use wheatgrass juice but i dont know, does it has the same issues as wheat?

Will your new book have more AIP recipes? Also, have you ever done some experimenting with AIP safe spices as replacements for those AIP folks should avoid? If so, would you mind sharing?

Great, I’m looking forward to some much needed new AIP recipe ideas! For the spices, a lot of the recipes that I love, and now need to give up (at least ’til allergy-food sensitivity-related health stuff calms down and I can try them again) often have curry or curry-related spices. I have used Cloves and Tumeric, but am looking for other flavorful substitutes. Also looking for spicy-type spice ideas–I miss red pepper, black pepper, cayenne pepper, etc.!

I Doing the AIP so I have a question on your homemade curry power, free of night shades. I no we are nut and seed free on the auto immune protocol , but in your recipe it call for caraway seeds can we have them or is this a seed and we are not to eat them? Thanks for answering cuz I get confussed on some of the protocols.

The majority of my recipes aren’t actually AIP recipes (because I cook for my family more than I cook for me). So, the curry recipe isn’t AIP-friendly. That being said, many people are able to add many seed-based spices back into their diets successfully. In fact, it’s probably the only thing I’ve been able to add back successfully. :)

I would like to start the AIP, but I’m looking for breakfast smoothie options. I currently use coconut milk, banana, and hemp protein or nut butter. I’m looking for some options (other than straight fruit) that I can have for breakfast and feel full. I find breakfast to be the trickiest meal, but one of the most important in terms of establishing my diet for the day. Looking for advice/tips.

Generally, I don’t recommend liquid meals because chewing is such an important signal to the digestive tract to release digestive enzymes. So, one option is to have some kind of meat beside a smoothie to get more protein. You could also use gelatin, collagen powder or use something like homemade broth (works better if you don’t add any salt when you make it). You could also see if you can find a beef protein powder without additives in it (I’m not aware of any brands) or a beef plasma protein (Protein Factory makes one that just has sunflower lecithin added).

Great Lakes gelatin is usually recommended as the best, but to be honest, I haven’t compared it against cheap gelatin to know if the extra cost is actually worth it since it is a highly processed product.

Hi Sarah… what would you recommend being the best combination for a morning smoothie? so that you get alllllll the goodness, especially for healing that gut.. :)

sorry just seen your previous post about this – also wanted to confirm that cooking with alcohol is okay?

Yes-the USDA has a table on how long it takes alcohol to cook off, which I would suggest looking at. I generally think it’s fine for braising or stews where you will cook it for a long time, or something like adding a wee bit of vanilla to baking.

I’m pretty new to the autoimmune protocol and I’m feeling great, but I’m wondering about my beloved smoothies. I love a frozen banana or frozen strawberries with a cup of coconut milk in the blender. Is this an acceptable breakfast or snack option? Any suggestions on how to make them more nutritious? THANKS, callie

I’m not a huge fan of liquid meals, but if you have a smoothie with your breakfast so you’re at least chewing something (or with any other meal), I think it’s okay. You could boost the nutrition by adding some vegetables and maybe some collagen powder (I like Great Lakes Brand).

Baking soda yes. My understanding is that mesquite powder is the ground bean and pod of the mesquite tree, which is a legume. If you can find one that is really just the pods and not the beans, then that would be okay (analogous to carob powder).

Bolthouse Farms makes a line of all natural fruit/veggie drinks that seem to meet the AIP requirements. One flavor, called Green Goodness contains a couple items I’m not sure qualify. They are Barley Grass, Wheat Grass and Nova Scotia Dulse. Since the two grain family items are the “grass” part, would that be AIP compliant? Not sure what Dulse is, any thoughts?
Link to product below so you can see ingredient list.
Thanks much.

Thanks for the reply, very helpful. I’ll stick with their fruit smoothies.
Geez, you almost need to be a scientist to know what’s allowed ;). Week 3 of AIP trial, and going okay. No real improvement in neuropathic pain (thought to be from Sjogrens) yet, but will stay on diet for 8-10 weeks.
Thanks for your assistance and information!

Hi there :), I am leading into my second successful week of the AIP, and so far there have been no ‘major’ speed bumps. My question is two fold –
a) Is Xylitol allowed in the AIP
b) Is it natural to not see many changes in the first month or so?

Yay! Great job! No xylitol is not endorsed (except what might be found naturally in whole fruit). And yes, while some people see dramatic changes within a couple of days, it’s more typical to take 2-3 months or longer (it took me 5 months).

Thank you so much, I have been overwhelmed by the support of your website. Coming across it the way I did, was, (in more ways than I can express) an act of providence. The knowledge I have found here is absolute gold!

I’m day 12 on AIP. Too many health issues to list, but was seeing major improvement, especially brain fog. Had something with hidden sugar and I am bedridden again. I know I am going to get better and thank you for all your hard work and research. You have quite possibly saved my life!

You mentioned gelatine in a previous comment. Can you say more about box gelatine powder and it’s effectiveness for an AIP diet?

It’s a good supplement if you’re having a hard time getting broth, organ meat, and seafood into your diet, but can’t substitute all the benefits of those foods. Glycine has a powerful regulatory effect on the immune system and is essential for tissue repair.

I’ve had Hashimoto’s for several years. Probably all my life. I take Armour Thyroid. I was doing okay for quite a while at 210mg, but then developed thyrotoxicosis and didn’t take anything for three months. Things finally settled down and I now take 120mg. In addition to Hashimoto’s I’ve suffered from bad digestion. I’ve been gluten free for several years, but didn’t feel all that well on a GF diet. I decided I wanted to get better, especially as I’ve been taking a daily proton pump inhibitor for many years. Recently I began the AIP diet. I kept feeling worse and worse, with bloating and distention increasing and brain fog rising, not to mention the pain of aching joints at night. I can’t tolerate any kind of broth made from meat or bones. I can’t tolerate coconut in any form. I looked into candida overgrowth, but the list of permissible foods is so narrow I’m in total despair. Despite the severe food restrictions I haven’t lost any weight. I’m in despair. I crave sugar and carbs and dream about eating them, even though I’ve been without them for three weeks. I haven’t felt this bad in years, and I’m ready to just give up. Any suggestions before I throw in the towel?

Are you eating lots of organ meat, seafood, and veggies of all kinds? There are other two things that jump out at me as possibilities, one is histamine intolerance (or maybe free glutamate sensitivity, either could be the reason for not tolerating broth) and the other is needing digestive support supplements (maybe a FODMAP sensitivity if you’re eating lots of high FODMAP veggies all of a sudden), especially if you are still taking a PPI (so SIBO is a huge possibility right now). Increasing sleep, managing stress, laughing and having fun will all help here too.

Sarah, I have been eating fresh meat but not organ meat. Some fish. LOTS of veggies, but many of the wrong kinds, as I have found. Histamine intolerance makes a great deal of sense, as I never understood my sensitivity to oranges, tuna, broth and several other things. I had to look up FODMAP, and it makes sense, too. As does SIBO (which I also had to look up). With all this other stuff, I think candida is not a real contender. I have had a hard time sleeping, but maybe that will come more easily after I eliminate some foods. I had a traumatic childhood and was malnourished in my early years. I’ve suffered from achalasia symptoms for more than 50 years, and was hospitalized for severe depression. When I’m not depressed, that is. I took antidepressants for more than 10 years, but have not been taking them for more years than that. Despite all this, I actually do have a great sense of humor, and meditate daily. Thank you so much for your insight.

hi im getting ready to start the diet can you tell me other then water what are things i can drink and how to make them if you would be so kind i am a sweet tea lover and think thats going to be the hardest to give up but im going to give it my best thank you

There are many hot and cold teas that are AIP-friendly. You may be able to use small amounts of natural sweeteners depending on your individual health situation. Beverages are discussed in detail in The Paleo Approach. You may want to join The Paleo Approach community on Facebook and ask for feedback there: — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

for Lizbeth11 – Medscape: “PPIs have been associated with an increased risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies impacting vitamin B12, vitamin C, calcium, iron and magnesium metabolism”. One of my friends with PPI felt much better after shots or sublingual B12 etc.

Dear Zoe, I recently had a B12 shot and didn’t feel any different. I eat lots of vegetables and fruits and drink a glass of vegetable juice first thing in the morning. I take magnesium as well as other supplements, both regular and homeopathic. My thyroid has just leveled out with a new medication, which has also improved my digestion. I’m very hopeful.

I just bought roasted carob powder since chocolate is a no-go. I haven’t opened it yet as I wanted to make sure it was acceptable. The brand is chatfield’s and it just says natural roasted carob powder

This is a lot of help! I am new to the AIP diet. The problem I am having is that, from what I know, I’m supposed to be avoiding emulsifiers (like guar gym), but it is in all of the coconut milk I can find. Is this a problem? I’d really like to start using coconut milk. :) thank you!

I have Hashimoto’s, it’s ok to eat seafood once or twice a week? Usually it’s shrimp or sushi. Some doctors advice Hashi’s patients not to eat iodine foods and others advice to supplement with iodine. I’m torn, what is Sarah’s take on this iodine issue?

Hi I am very new to eating autoimmune Paleo. I have been on a strict Candidia diet and have removed additional items out of my diet that contribute to bladder inflammation and I am struggling with figuring out which of my old favorites are able to stay. HELP!!! Can I use flax meal? Chia seeds? or arrowroot flour? Also, some websites claim that even the smallest bit of the wrong foods can feed the inflammation. Is it true that one must be extremely strict?

I am new to this diet and trying to shop for vitamins. Many vitamins contain gelatin, glycerin and/or safflower oil. Does anyone know if these are allowed in the AIP diet? Thanks!

I have been on a gluten and grain free diet now for about 6 months. Still having some stomach
issues. I have an intolerance to paprika but seem to tolerate tomatoes and potatoes. Since I seem to be sensitive to some of the nightshades should i stop all . Could this be the underlying issue causing my intermittent tummy tenderness? This can be so confusing sometimes. I have a naturopath physician that is taking care of me but they don’t seem to really be to helpful with the diet issues. Or maybe I’m not asking the right questions. Thanks for all you do it has been so helpful.

I s (corn free) Baking powder okay? also What about miracle noodles? they are made from mushrooms. I am trying to put together a good list of do/don’t for my fridge before we start this diet. My husband and I already live without gluten, peanut, corn, fake sugars, salmon and bottom feeders… (all on our combined allergy list) So I want to be fully ready before we dive into AIP.

Thank You

Is organic vanilla extract allowed on the AIP? I know the seeds from the pod wouldn’t be, but am wondering about the liquid extract.


I have been following the AIP from The Paleo Approach for almost 3 weeks now. I have had chronic back/abdominal pain for the past year and have had chronic constipation for as long as I can remember. About two months ago I started having arthritis symptoms as well as short random breakouts of red/itchy patches of skin. I have noticed an improvement in my arthritis symptoms and itchiness since starting the AIP, however they are not completely gone. The constipation is still a big issue (I think it has been worse with AIP).
I recently went to a functional medicine doctor who recommends that I use a protein powder (as well as a fiber powder) every day, which contains ingredients that are not allowed/ considered gray areas on the AIP (such as brown rice sweetener, rice protein, flaxseed flour, guar gum and gum arabic, and stevia leaf extract). I am nervous about using this because I do not want to reverse any progress I have made so far on the AIP. Would it be better to avoid this or is it possible this will not have that much of a negative effect?

Thanks so much.

New to Paleo/AIP etc as we prefer to eat from our garden and beef from my dad’s farm; knowing our sources is important! We also get raw milk from a non-certified organic dairy farm and my kids love it. Would this be ok for the kids or myself, trying Paleo/AIP?

Most importantly, should the AIP or Paleo diets be started if pregnant? Anything I should keep in mind while breastfeeding? I’m not a supplement person, but want to be sure I’m not lacking nutrients for the baby. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all you and your staff and family do for the world, Paleo Mom!

I have 2 auto immune diseases on top of testing positive for numerous (90+) food intolerances, which has had me on the path of trying to heal my leaky gut for the past year. I’m doing slightly better, but still struggling in a few areas. I’m considering doing this diet/lifestyle to see if it helps. My question is this: should I also try to avoid the foods that I tested positive for being intolerant to? For example: chicken was one of my severest intolernaces. Just curious about your thoughts!

Hello. I have the Epstein-Barr Virus, and many symptoms of chronic inflammation. As for any autoimmune disorders, I am negative for thyroid antibodies but don’t know whether there may be anything else. Assuming my chronic inflammation is a result of the virus, would AIP be something helpful? I understand that it avoids inflammatory foods as well as immune-stimulating foods. However, I need to keep my immune system strong rather than suppress it (for example, it’s been shown that corticosteroids allow Epstien-Barr to proliferate). What are your thoughts on using the AIP or a form of it for chronic viral infections? Thank you so much.

Several of the recipes have items that you said they won’t have in this section, i.e. eggs, cashews, etc… Am I seeing/doing something wrong in my access of the AIP friendly section?

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