TPV Episode 30 Show Notes: Basic Paleo FAQ

March 15, 2013 in Categories: by

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Our thirtieth show!
Ep. 30: Basic Paleo FAQ

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah tackle a variety of questions that seem to come up all the time and definitively answer them for you. Can you eat quinoa? Can you do paleo as a vegetarian, or without grass fed meat? And what about pork? Is it inherently unhealthy like the Weston A. Price Foundation claims? Find out these answers and more this week!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 30: Basic Paleo FAQ


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Wondering about Kombucha, are you still able to drink it since it’s made with caffeine (black tea), or is it possible to make with another tea alternative such as rooibos?

Actually, the majority of the caffeine degrades during fermentation, so there’s not much left at the end. I have tried making kombucha with rooibos and it was one of the most vile liquids imaginable, so I don’t recommend it. 🙂

Actually, this is one of the myths about kombucha. Most of the caffeine remains in the finished fermented drink, so if you’re concerned about caffeine, you can just pre-steep your teabags for 30 seconds and toss that water. And then brew these pre-steeped bags again for your kombucha. That removes most of the caffeine, and the kombucha still thrives. I’ve been doing research for a kombucha series that I’m publishing on my blog next week. It’s amazing how many myths there are about this beverage.

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