TPV Episode 11 Show Notes: What’s Up With Dairy?

October 19, 2012 in Categories: by

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Our eleventh show!
Ep. 11: What’s Up With Dairy?


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss dairy and it’s place in the paleo framework. Neither of them actually consume any dairy and explain their reasons why. What do you do if you want to live a lifestyle without dairy? What do you drink and what do you eat to replace those nutrients. Can this even be done? Stacy and Sarah help you figure it all out!


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 11: What’s Up With Dairy?

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Thanks for answering my question about what to give my kids without dairy, especially for my daughter who is turning one. It reassures me that just giving her water will be alright and she does not need some kind of milk product. I just hope it is not too hard to transition her away from that morning and evening bottle. I may have to try some almond or coconut milk first.

Regarding what to drink with meals: I agree water is fine, if anything at all, I put a carafe of water on the table just in case. When my grandkids visit, I always serve a pitcher of decaf iced tea or a pot of chai tea with heavy cream or alternative dairy (depending on season). They love to pour their own into special glasses or teacups and sweeten with a drop or two of liquid stevia (probably the real reason they tried it in the first place). And they laugh when they ask for “a spot of tea” or a good “cuppa” … boys and girls both enjoy this treat at Grammy’s house.

Hi. I tried to download this episode and episode 12 using iTunes, but it won’t let me. I subscribed in iTunes and they have the first 6 episodes for download, but it fails to download any other episodes after that. I also tried it on my apple device and it says it’s not available for download. Looking forward to a fix because calcium is something the pediatrician has been assertive about because of our lack of dairy consumption.

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