Cinnamon “French Toast” Flat-bread (Nut-Free)

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This is the recipe that replaced the last bit of gluten-free grains in my 5-year old’s diet.  YAY!!!!  (Incidentally, it was the waffle recipe out of Eat Like a Dinosaur that did the trick for my 2-year old.)  My daughter loves these and eats them every morning for breakfast.  The goal with this recipe (besides developing something with protein it that satisfies my 5-year old’s very sensitive palate) was to create a healthy and portable version of French toast, without the work of first making paleo bread, then soaking in eggs, then frying.  I was inspired by those frozen toaster French toasts that were at one point a staple for us (so embarrassing to admit).  Borrowing the technique from sponge cake recipes, this flat-bread ends up with a consistency that is surprisingly similar to French toast.  They are also sweet enough to eat plain, are delicious warm or cold, and hold together well enough that they could be eaten in the car on the way to work or to school.  They also happen to be nut-free!

Cinnamon French Toast Flat Bread


1.    Preheat oven to 350F.  Line a 9”x13” baking dish with wax paper.  If helps to grease the wax paper with palm shortening, but isn’t completely necessary (I usually don’t bother).
2.    Using a standing mixer, beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form (you can also do this with a hand mixer or even by hand if you prefer).
3.    In a small bowl, combine egg yolks, maple syrup, cinnamon, coconut milk, and arrowroot powder.
4.    Gently pour the yolk mixture onto the egg whites.  Add about half of the sifted coconut flour.  Gently fold the mixtures together.  As they start to combine, add the rest of the sifted coconut flour.  Fold until fully combined.
5.    Pour batter into prepared baking dish and spread out evenly.  Dust with extra cinnamon, if desired.  Bake for 18 minutes, until golden brown and spongy to the touch.
6.    Very shortly after removing from the oven, lift the flat-bread out of the pan (using the sides of the wax paper, or just flip the whole thing over onto a cutting board).  Carefully peel the wax paper off the bottom.  Slice into squares and enjoy warm or refrigerate for later.


I made this today but part of it didn’t set and it doesn’t look anything close to what yours does. I followed the recipe.

In my experience, the edges touching the pan will bubble up during baking while the center will be dense and pretty like in the photo. You might try rotating it in the oven two or three times during cooking if your oven has uneven heating. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

I’m going to try t his for Sunday Breakfast! I’m trying to slowly ease the grains out of my children’s diet. I have to be sneaky because the last time I tried, I was up front about it and there was some serious mutiny. I’m hoping that as I add all these yummy bread substitutes to their diets, they won’t notice the grain based breads that are being excluded :)

Melissa, your new approach worked for me. I have three (10, 8 & 8) that have either nut based granola with coconut yogurt or pumpkin pancakes or ‘breakfast breads’ like this one with fruit every school day morning. All these things are so much yummier than gf bread and cornflakes it wasn’t too hard to win them over. Good luck!

Are the egg yolks acting as a binder or leavening agent? I need to find the appropriate substitute due to an allergy. Thanks!

Because this recipes uses so many eggs, I believe it may be difficult to find a good substitute. Sarah does discuss egg substitutes here: She does have many other recipes that do not use egg. if you’re looking for something that is similar to a traditional pancake, try this recipe: — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

Hi, I’ve made this a couple of times, following the recipe, and it looks nothing like yours. It tastes delicious, but it’s really rubbery in texture. I’ve tried stabilising the egg whites with some cream of tartar but the end result has been the same. Can you please tell me what size eggs you’re using? Mine are 800g so I wonder if there’s just too much liquid? Any advice you can give me would be great. Thanks!

I’ve done this with large and extra large eggs. The rubbery texture might be from the coconut milk you’re using if you have one with a lot of guar gum in it.

Thanks for coming back to me, I really appreciate it. I’ve checked he ingredients of the coconut milk and there’s no guar gum in it at all. Just coconut extract, water and citric acid. It’s a mystery! :)

I LOVE This recipe. I just wanted to pass on that the last time I made it I didn’t have any coconut milk, so I shredded about two cups of apple and used that instead. It worked amazingly well and turned into delicious apple cinnamon breakfast squares.

This didn’t work out for me either. So bummed since I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time and finally got all the ingredients together.

Hi I’m from the UK I don’t have coconut flour, I have desiccated coconut or almond flour, would either of those work?

Wax paper in the oven? I would have that parchment paper since wax paper can burn in an oven. The recipe sounds great and I have all the ingredients think I will try this soon :)

I have used wax paper for jelly rolls for years. This is a form of jelly roll. I use regular brown paper bags dipped in butter for Xmas cakes, if the wax paper is burning in your oven at 350F for under an hour, I suggest that your oven needs someone to look at it.

The coconut is actually a large seed known as a drupe, not a nut, even though the word “nut” is in its name – go figure :)

I also love this recipe, but again it looks nothing like your picture. Mine seems to separate into two layers with the bottom one rubbery. Is there a trick to how you mixed/folded the ingredients together?

I would like to take it to the next level and brown the pieces in a skillet! I’m not full on Paleo just GF, not sure if ghee is allowed but that would be heaven!

Made this this morning and it was very good. I did have the “two layers” that other readers have mentioned…though I suspect I did not mix it quite well enough. I think it would be really yummy with chopped apples mixed in but I wonder if they would be too “heavy” for the recipe. Do you think that would work? Just curious. Thanks for a delicious breakfast!
PS: We got about 4 servings out of this because my 3 children ate the WHOLE PAN! :-) Next time I guess I will have to make more!

I made this for breakfast and then at lunch cut a slice in half to use as bread. I used daiya dairy free cheese and a pannini maker for a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. 2 hours later I checked and am still in mod ketosis. It was heavenly to feel like I ate bread and it didn’t pull me out of ketosis! Thank you!

Turned out great for me! Thank you!
I’m wondering if parchment paper would work, or just greasing the pan. I hate leaving so much of the batter stuck to the waxed paper.

Love it came out exact. I didn’t have wax paper or a 9x13pan so I greased a 9×9 Pyrex pan with coconut oil and used a fish spatula to pop it out. The edge were messy but the kids didn’t care.

Delicious! I used a glass pan (reduced oven temp by 25 degrees) greased with palm oil, no wax paper.

Today I made a variation – left out cinnamon, added 1 tablespoon vanilla. Sprinkled 1 cup blueberries (previously frozen then thawed in fridge overnight) on top of the batter before baking.

I’ve been whisking together all the ingredients except the egg whites and letting them sit while the egg whites whip to stiff peaks because I heard a radio program that said the gf flours need more time to absorb moisture. That seems to work really well.

I’m going to try some other fruit/spice combinations

Anyone know how long these will keep in the fridge and do they freeze well?

Made this today as written, and had a similar experience to others: rubbery, eggy bottom. The very top of the bread looked like your photo, but about 3/4 was rubbery. They’re still edible, but not quite what I was envisioning. Could it be over baking? I used a 9×9 Pyrex, and had to add 10 minutes, since at the 18 minute mark the inside batter was still very liquid and not “spongy.” Could you maybe ask a friend to test out your recipes? I feel there are still many technical issues that prevent these recipes from being consistent. It’s frustrating, since these ingredients aren’t cheap!

It’s probably your coconut flour. I had the same problem once when I made it with homemade coconut flour that wasn’t as finely ground as what I normally buy. You can compensate by adding a bit more.

This was sooo delicious. My daughter put it in her mouth without hesitation, and kept going! She even has a summer cold right now, so she eats far less than usual. Thanks!

I’ve made this twice now both times it came out perfect. The first time I needed it to travel so baked in waxed little baking pans so reduced baking time to 16 min. They came right out of the pans. The second time did the large pan and waxed paper. It stuck to the waxed paper so might try parchment or no liner next time because there will be lots of next times!

I really wish you would take the time to go in and edit all your recipes that suggest baking with WAX PAPER (which is toxic to eat after it melts into your food) to read PARCHMENT PAPER. I ruined a great (not to mention expensive recipe because I noticed how consistently you use this and just took your word for it as it is so prevalent and you published a cook book which I am now reluctant to buy because there is a HUGE difference between WAX paper and Parchment.
That and the frequently occurring and consistent grammatical errors that keep getting re-posted have started to turn me away from the blog and the web site. Sad… attention to detail is so important.

We love this recipie, I’ve made it quite a few times (even for breakfast guests) and it’s always gobbled up, today I converted it to making in my Thermomix, and it’s gone from being a bit fidderly and time consuming to being a quick easy job. Thankyou so much xxx (would it be ok if I put the Tmx version up on the Recipie community site, with full reference is: Adapted from

Ours separated into two layers – top crumbly and airy, bottom dense almost like custard. We also had to bake it MUCH longer than the recipe stated, as it was so soupy, jiggly, and then mushy each time we tried to take it out. We are in Florida if that makes a difference due to humidity, and we baked it in a glass pan. The only direction from the recipe we altered was that we misread and folded the egg whites into the yolk mixture instead of pouring the yolk mixture into the whites, but since we made sure it was fully combined before pouring it into the dish, I can’t imagine that to be the cause – is it?
Here are two links to what it looks like (out of pan and then in-pan):

I made this tonight and it turned out great! After baking for 20 minutes, I let sit and turned over and discovered the middle was totally uncooked. I cooked for 5 more minutes. I made 5/8 recipe (because I only had 5 eggs) and so estimated with the measurements and it still turned out well. It is very lightly sweetened. My picky 12 year old daughter even likes it! It DOES has the taste and texture of real French toast! This is a great recipe!

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