Chocolate-Walnut Freezer Fudge

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The great thing about giving up egg whites is that I’m inspired to try new recipes for treats without eggs!  This fudge is ridiculously easy to make and delicious (addictive really, I had to stop making it because I couldn’t help myself).  It has a melt-in-your-mouth texture thanks to the coconut oil and can be eaten directly out of the fridge or freezer (which means that even keeping it in the freezer didn’t slow me down!).  These can be a bit delicate to cut into squares.  I remove the entire batch out of the pan onto a cutting board and cut in small squares rather than rows to keep it from cracking.  It helps to pre-cut them in the pan before they are completely set (say after about 20 minutes in the fridge).

Chocolate-Walnut Freezer Fudge


1.    Whip coconut oil in the bowl of a standing mixer until fluffy (2-3 minutes).
2.    Add cocoa powder and maple syrup and continue to whip until completely combined (about 1 minute, but you might need to scrape the sides a couple of times).
3.    Add chopped walnuts and mix just to combine.
4.    Spread into a 9”x9” baking pan.  Chill in the refrigerator until set (at least 1 hour).  Cut into squares and enjoy (store in the fridge or freezer).

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My daughter is allergic to all nuts …can you leave them out altogether or will that make the texture wrong?

This beats any other chocolate! I don’t whip the coconut anymore as it didn’t change. I’m not sure if the coconut here in Australia is any different. I have swapped the walnuts for toasted almonds and added a single shot of espresso per half batch.

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