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The Paleo Approach Book Signings


Date City Location Time RSVP Joint Event
Apr 26 Reno, NV Grassroots Books

Q&A 10:30am PST
Signing 11am PST

RSVP Here Robb Wolf
May 3 Corte Madera, CA Book Passage 4pm PST RSVP Here
Aug 7-9 Berkeley, CA U. C. Berkeley TBA TBA AHS14
July 11 Vancouver, BC TBA TBA TBA Mickey Trescott
Russ Crandall
July 12 Seattle, WA TBA TBA TBA Mickey Trescott
Russ Crandall
Oct 5 Gettysburg, PA TBA TBA TBA




I just wanted to say that I had planned on going to your book signing in Philly this past Sunday but I couldn’t get child care and I knew that it wouldn’t be appropriate to bring them! I have been following you on FB for the past few months and you are an inspiration! I still plan to purchase the book, but I had to mention that I was looking forward to hearing you talk. Hopefully you will come back to Philly when the cookbook comes out and I can try again! Thanks so much for all you do!

I have Hashimoto and IBS auto-immune and have been anxiously awaiting your cookbook and pre-ordered it Dec 1st. The last comment from Amazon was that it will now arrive in June! You keep commenting about getting signed copies waiting to be bought at co-ops. I would LOVE to cancel my Amazon order and just call that coop and pay them to mail me a copy. Any suggestions?

So disappointed! Was hugely looking forward to learning more from your wonderful work! Any chance you can recommend a doctor or practitioner in NYC area who can help with really bad GI problems related to celiac disease, autoimmunity, and food intolerance? Been to the best-known practice for celiac in NYC, they don’t seem to have a clue about gut healing through nutrition. Or even, any advice on how to look for a doctor? I really need help. Heartfelt thanks for all the help your great book has already given me, and very happy holidays!

Sarah recommends primaldocs.com and paleophysiciansnetwork.com for finding a qualified practitioner, and she also has consultants available at thepaleomomconsulting.com – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

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