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The Paleo Approach Book Signings


Date City Location Time RSVP Event Info
9/20 Dallas, TX Half Price Books 1 PM CT RSVP Here Talk, Q&A and Book Signing
9/21 Austin, TX Half Price Books 1 PM CT RSVP Here Talk, Q&A and Book Signing
10/4 Biglerville, PA Oyler’s Organic Farms 10 AM ET RSVP Here WAPF Adams & Franklin Counties Chapter Fall Gathering Featuring Sarah Ballantyne, Bob Swaim, The Little Sisters Band, potluck, vendors, and prepared foods.
10/11 Glendale, CO Barnes & Noble 1 PM MT RSVP Here Talk Q&A and Book Signing
11/2 Arlington, VA Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel 9am Info Here Talk at Take Back Your Health Conference

Joint Book Signing with Stacy Toth at Conference (Tentative)

11/8-9 NYC, NY TBA


Cooking Demo and Signing! Joint event with Stacy Toth and Diane Sanfilippo




I just wanted to say that I had planned on going to your book signing in Philly this past Sunday but I couldn’t get child care and I knew that it wouldn’t be appropriate to bring them! I have been following you on FB for the past few months and you are an inspiration! I still plan to purchase the book, but I had to mention that I was looking forward to hearing you talk. Hopefully you will come back to Philly when the cookbook comes out and I can try again! Thanks so much for all you do!

I have Hashimoto and IBS auto-immune and have been anxiously awaiting your cookbook and pre-ordered it Dec 1st. The last comment from Amazon was that it will now arrive in June! You keep commenting about getting signed copies waiting to be bought at co-ops. I would LOVE to cancel my Amazon order and just call that coop and pay them to mail me a copy. Any suggestions?

So disappointed! Was hugely looking forward to learning more from your wonderful work! Any chance you can recommend a doctor or practitioner in NYC area who can help with really bad GI problems related to celiac disease, autoimmunity, and food intolerance? Been to the best-known practice for celiac in NYC, they don’t seem to have a clue about gut healing through nutrition. Or even, any advice on how to look for a doctor? I really need help. Heartfelt thanks for all the help your great book has already given me, and very happy holidays!

Sarah recommends primaldocs.com and paleophysiciansnetwork.com for finding a qualified practitioner, and she also has consultants available at thepaleomomconsulting.com – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

Oh please come to Portland we are so close to Seattle and the food culture here is perfect for this protocol.There are foodies who think that offal is rad and an entire subculture devoted to bacon and all that you can do with it. Also it is a mecca for alternative diet lifestyles and healing modalities. Please come, we would love to meet you!

yay, yay, yay!! you are coming to Seattle! Can’t wait to meet you and thank you in person for all your wonderful recipes and AMAZING work in your book!! yay!

Murphy’s law, I knew that you would end up in Vancouver the one week of the summer that I am away :-( So, so bummed that I am going to miss you guys! Hope you have a great visit on the West Coast and I’ll be there in spirit – actually probably dying of heat stroke in the Okanagan, but hey, it’s all good!

I am so happy, I stumbled across Paleo Mom! It is a blessing in disguise. I was diagnosed with LP (2010-at the time I was 26) and thought I was alone on my journey. I have purchased your book and am eager to get started. Thank you!

Keeping my fingers crossed that your NYC event doesn’t get cancelled this time. I was so sad that I booked a trip to NYC and then found out 2 days later that you weren’t going to be there. Really looking forward to meeting all 3 of you ladies!! :)

Will you be coming to Southern California during your book tour? We have a lot of followers here that would love to see you!

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