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So exciting your books will be in Costco – Congratulations! Will you be doing a book signing in Dallas, Texas; hope so.

Thank you so much for coming to Minneapolis!
I love meeting other Paleo peeps and my heroes in person.
Keep up the great work! (Stacy too!) I love both of your sites, books and TPV podcast. 😀

We would LOVE a visit to Syracuse, NY!!! Cant say enough about your book and cookbook. They have helped me to lose 10 lbs in only 2 weeks! I have found that I am insulin resistant, pre-diabetic and a ton of other issues I would have NEVER known about without your book pointing me in the right direction. I am now on the right track towards good health. Thank you!!!

Please come to Orange County, CA…… your books are always checked out at the library (with all the other paleo books), so there’s a need for your information out here. Hope to see you soon.

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