Halloween AIP Monster Mouths



Yield 16 mouths


You'll also need:


  1. Cut your apple(s) into quarters. Then cut the core off in a straight line. If you have a variety of apple that browns, brush all the cut parts with lemon juice right after you cut them. Some varieties (usually the harder ones like Fuji) don’t brown as easily, so for those, lemon juice won’t be needed.
  2. Cut a wedge out of the peel side of each quarter. To do this, cut parallel to your edge, about 1/2′′ in, aiming for where you think your knife will meet from the other side. Then do the other side, and pry out your wedge. It looks trickier than it is. If you’re not confident in your knife skills, have an extra apple on hand, but your probably won’t need it. Also, if visuals would help you, you find those in my original Monster Mouths recipe.
  3. Insert two toothpicks (or more, maybe your monster mouth has three eyes!) into one “lip”. Where the toothpick comes out at the back end will help stabilize the monster mouths and give you a nice place to stick your eyes! Stick one mini marshmallow on each toothpick for an eye. Don’t want to use marshmallows? Try grapes, or cut eye shapes out of your reserved apple wedges!
  4. Spread toasted coconut butter all over the mouth. If your coconut butter is solid, make sure to heat it up a little bit to make it spreadable.
  5. Stick in some tigernut teeth. It helps to stick the pointy end of the tigernut into the flesh of the apple slightly. The coconut butter will solidify if your house isn’t too warm, and that will also help to hold the “teeth” in place.
  6. Place a strawberry between the “teeth” on the bottom of the mouth to add a tongue (optional, but fun!).

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