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Show Notes


I’ve been listening to the Paleo view since early February (earlier this month) (Which also means that I totally missed the sale on the Go To Bed ebook. Snap!) It’s been very helpful, and I just wanted to let you know. I’m still behind – my podcast aggregator started me with 173 and I’m up to 180 (while trying to listen to all the other podcasts I listen to – I think I’m behind in ALL of them *sigh*).
I just thought to look for the show notes, so I today JUST found the.
Thank you for the wonderful information as I get into this AIP protocol, and learning how to cook a very different way. (no whole wheat, no cheese, none of the tomatoes (I grew a bumper crop last summer, and the rest of the family will be eating the stewed tomatoes and salsa for several more months) nor peppers, no salsa etc.
But I’m so glad to have found some people I might ‘talk to’ (or at least listen to) to help me through.

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