TPV Episode 2 Show Notes: The Autoimmune Protocol

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Our second show! Ep. 2: The Autoimmune Protocol

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are both on the autoimmune protocol of the paleo diet for their various health issues. This has been a topic of much discussion among blog readers and pod listeners! The ladies breakdown why they are on the protocol, what it is, and who it can help. We hope this answers your questions!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 2: The Autoimmune Protocol

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I’m not able to download either podcast via iTunes…is anyone else having problems? I’m dying to listen to the autoimmune protocol and learn more to help keep my lupus in remission.

You have to be a subscriber to get it today. Sarah, thank you so much for talking about the autoimmunethe protocol! It was wonderful to hear you both talk about the struggles and also to learn useful tips.

I’m loving the show! Thanks so much, any thoughts on iodine usage if you have Hashimotos, I heard conflicting reports. Thanks!!

Iodine can be particularly bad for those of us with Hashimotos. Dr. Kharrazian is the authority on alternative Hashimotos treatment, and he uses a combination of the autoimmune diet (he doesn’t call it that but it is the same), immune modulating herbs depending on if you are Th1/Th2 dominant, and strict avoidance of iodine. I was convinced otherwise by the Jaminets (they have an excellent blog series about selenium, iodine, and Hashimotos) but it did not work for me. I was sent into the worst flare I have ever had after taking iodine for a couple of months. I have heard of some doing well on it. You may have to get your antibodies to zero before it will be safe, which is a rumor I have heard floating around without any science backing it up.

Sarah, thank you for your blog and for this podcast. I came to the autoimmune protocol through Dr. Kharrazian but he does not have a recipe book. There are quite a few of us Hashis patients out there doing the diet and your blog is always thrown around as the best place to find good recipes. 🙂


Thanks. I have actually been reading more about iodine and Hashimotos lately (in preparation for a future post). It seems very unclear whether it helps or makes it worse.

I came to the 2nd show notes to find your BREAKFAST SAUSAGE HERB/SPICE RECIPE. PLEASE post it. I have 2 lbs of local ground pork in the fridge which I would like to try your recipe for.
I enjoy the podcast, and am eager for you all to get better production value. 🙂

Hi Sara. Question: What is the DIFFERENCE between the GAPS diet and the AIP diet? In a nutshell, is it that the AIP diet is a more ‘intense’ version of the GAPS diet? I could spend hours making a chart and cross-referencing….but I figured you may just as well know the answer to that.
Thank you so much for all you do!

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