TPV Episode 13 Show Notes: The Autoimmune Protocol Part 2

November 9, 2012 in Categories: by

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Our thirteenth show!
Ep. 13: The Autoimmune Protocol Part 2

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss how they deal with their autoimmune condition on top of all the daily issues of being a wife and mother. Find out how to deal with stress, how to stay sane, and how to manage all the various demands. Plus, they are joined by Danielle from Against All Grain (directly from Hawaii!) to discuss her own solutions.


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 13: The Autoimmune Protocol Part 2

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Thank you Sarah! I have also had the experience of having clear skin be a threshold for wether or not I am reacting to a food. I am still working through some reintroductions, and my skin is always one of the first signs I have for recognizing what isn’t working for me.

I really appreciated the segment about if the autoimmune protocol is forever. I think it is really easy for people to think of the protocol as a prescription for life – it would almost be easier that way then having to go through reintroductions and gauging how you feel. When I first started getting into the notion that food could be healing, I was having trouble paying attention to how my body felt. I never looked at my poop, or noticed when I was more stiff after eating something, or noticed that certain habits kept me from sleeping. I was in so much pain and my body was so out of whack that I had trained myself to be dull to all of the messages it was trying to tell me. The process of healing through food and regaining that sensitivity has been one of the most incredible things to ever happen to me. Not that it hasn’t been hard – sometimes I crave the days where I didn’t know better and could indulge in whatever I wanted!

Thanks for all that you do, you have been a huge inspiration and have sparked me to start blogging about my experience and sharing recipes. I hope in the near future there will be a growing community of resources for the autoimmune protocol, because it is so life-changing for those will illness. πŸ™‚

Hi Sarah
I’ve just listened to your AIP podcast part 1 and very keen to listen to this one too, but when I go into iTunes it’s not there – it finishes with episode 12. Any ideas why I can’t find it? Many thanks for all you hard work and hugely helpful info πŸ™‚

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