Two More Kindergarten Lunches

August 15, 2012 in Categories: by

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I certainly won’t be taking photos of every lunch I pack for my kindergartener, but it just so happens that I’ve had time the last two mornings to grab the camera and snap a quick pic.  And the lunches I pack are sure to become repetitive given that my daughter is very picky and has given me a fairly short list of lunch approved foods.

 Yesterday, I packed cut up grass-fed hotdog, sliced black olives, carrot, celery and a whole apple.  She ate most of it, leaving the celery.

 This morning, I packed cut up grass-fed hotdog, sunflower seeds, carrot, steamed broccoli, half of an apple and fresh blueberries.

This seems to be a good amount of food for her and she isn’t famished when she gets home (although she is ready for a snack).  So far, so good!


Thank you for posting these! My oldest just started kindergarten and we are starting a Paleo lifestyle, but I have no clue what to give him for lunch!

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