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I have had such amazing feedback from you over my photos of the lunches I am packing for my new kindergartener.  So, I wanted to share three more lunch photos but also something that I have already learned about how to compose my daughter’s lunches.

My daughter starts eating the fruit first, even though I have told her that the most important part to eat in the meat and the fat.  Half way through last week, I started packing her only half an apple in her lunch (the other half gets packed with her snack).  All of a sudden, she started eating way more of her meat and fat in her lunch (and was arriving home much more energetic in the afternoons).  This is because she eats so slowly that if she eats a whole apple before starting on her meat, she doesn’t have time to finish her lunch.  She seems perfectly happy with half an apple and I’m happy that there are far fewer leftovers coming home.  I’m also still really impressed with our EasyLunchBoxes!

 In this lunch, I packed half an apple, a small carrot, blueberries, green eggs, and almonds.

 In this lunch, I packed grass-fed uncured bologna from US Wellness Meats (a family favorite), half an apple, a small carrot, a stalk of celery, and olives.

In this lunch, I packed grass-fed uncured Braunschweiger from US Wellness Meats, half an apple, a small carrot, strawberries, raw baby spinach, and olives. 


Dear Sarah,
Thanks for sharing. I’ve been making 3 lunches a day since school started and I’m trying to keep it fun. Getting great ideas from others on things like this is what makes the internet a blessing. Pictures of lunches we are making at our house can be found on my Facebook page ‘The Prairie Hen’s Nest’.

Packing Eats in NE

Love your green eggs, what a great idea!

So jealous of all the amazing kid friendly meat selections you have in the US. We can get a little nitrate free lunch meat but it’s expensive, highly processed and very limited selection.

We also use divided lunch containers and find them very convenient for packing lunches. It’s ‘almost’ fun!

My daughter loves “taco” salad. I make ground beef with cumin and other taco spices and freeze it in serving-size packets. I throw this in a container with lettuce, high-quality salsa, and avocado.

I wish nuts were an option at our school–I’m surprised yours lets you send them given all the allergies kids supposedly have! Schools in our district are a no-nut zone. Makes snacks and meals more of a challenge!

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