Kitchen Tip: Sharp Knives Make For a Happy Cook

July 13, 2012 in Categories: by

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I took my three dullest blades to the knife sharpener at my local farmer’s market last week.  For $14, he sharpened them while I shopped and filled my basket full of grass-fed meat, local honey and local organic produce.  I remember my dad sharpening our kitchen knives when I was a kid and he would test how sharp they were by splitting the hairs on his arm.  These three knives are that sharp now.  And, I can’t believe what a difference it has made in my kitchen!  For starters, sharp knives are safe knives.  This is because a sharp knife doesn’t catch and then give on food, so you have much more control.  Also, wounds from sharp knives heal much more quickly and evenly than wounds from dull knives (speaking from extensive experience here).  It’s also so much faster to slice and chop and it has really increased my efficiency in the kitchen.  I plan to bring in the rest of my knives this week.  If your knives are anywhere near as dull as mine were (and if your knife sharpening skills anywhere near as lacking!), treat yourself and have your blades professionally sharpened.  You will be glad you did!


Here are a couple more tips for preserving the edge on your knife blade:
1. When scraping food off of a cutting board, flip the knife over to use the non-cutting edge of the blade.
2. Invest in a good steal and use it regularly. It only takes a minute. Ask your professional knife sharpener for a recommendation for a decent steal and a quick lesson on how to use it properly.

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