Kitchen Tip: My Recipe for Green Eggs

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What we call “green eggs” in our house is simply a plain omelette with spinach blended in to the egg mixture.  I make a 2-egg omelette, which is the prefect size for my frying pan (which is technically an omelette pan but which I use for almost everything).  Instead of adding milk or water to the eggs, which is standard for omelettes, I add organic frozen chopped spinach (which I buy at Trader Joe’s).  For two eggs, I add two (or sometimes three) heaping tablespoons of chopped spinach.  I blend it for a minute, until very smooth in my Magic Bullet.  I heat my pan over medium heat, add a little over a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil and then poor the egg mixture in.  Then I just let it cook and don’t touch it for a few minutes (maybe 4 or 5?) until the egg looks fairly solid (omelettes are impossible to flip if you try too early, but if you wait until they are pretty much completely cooked it’s much easier).  I wiggle the flipper underneath as much as I can and sometimes use my other hand to hold the side of the omelette to flip it over (not in half, but completely over like a pancake).  I let it cook for about 1 minute on the second side then serve it.  I think this omelette would taste amazing with some sautéed bacon, onion and red pepper (plus, how pretty would that be!  Perfect for Christmas morning!), but my kids just like it plain, cut into little triangles.  I do love that this plain omelette is very portable and it is one of the kindergarten-approved foods by my 5.5-year old.  My kids even like it cold!  


I’m making green eggs for the kiddies in the morning!!! (I’ve already prepped them for it) Love the lunch box posts. Sometimes we get in such a rut–the same things every day. I love to see what other paleo moms are sending. Thanks so much!!!

Sarah, you are a genius. Really.
I made it tonight and we simply love it. Almost as we love your plantain pancakes, they really rock.

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