First Day of Kindergarten, First Packed Lunch

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My oldest is at school.  Since we didn’t do preschool with her, that feels very strange to say.  I was so excited yet calm this morning as we got ready (I was very organized and got up early enough to have tons of time for a relaxing breakfast, packing lunch and snack and even taking some photos).  We dropped her off in carpool line.  She was excited and confident.  We said a cheerful goodbye and I started driving back home.  About two blocks later it hit me, the enormity of what just happened (and I cried on and off for a couple of hours).  I just dropped my oldest child off at school.  Woah.

We have entered a new phase for our family.  A phase where we have to get up in the morning and get out the door.  A phase where my oldest is learning from people who aren’t me.  A phase where the day is so much quieter with only one child to entertain at home.  A phase where I have to pack school lunches!

 I’m rather impressed with myself for having the wherewithal to remember to take a photo of my daughter’s first ever kindergarten lunch (or course, I forgot to take a photo of her snack).  In her lunch I packed:  about 3oz US Wellness Meats Grass-fed Beef Bologna (Nitrite/Nitrate Free) which we absolutely love, a carrot cut into sticks, a celery stalk, a couple of florets of leftover steamed broccoli, a whole apple, and a mix of shelled pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and pecans.  This fit very nicely into our EasyLunchBox.  To drink, I packed water. 

For her snack, I packed a small bunch of grapes and two large homemade date squares (a version of my recipe for chocolate date squares where I add a few more nuts and omit the cocoa). 


Sounds good!
I’m experimenting with my kiddos and lunch right now. School starts back up in 2 weeks for us. Sandwiches have always been a staple. Instead of making it sound like deprivation, I’m trying to spin it as something exciting. “Instead of sandwiches all the time, what if Mommy made you guys some different things. Would you like that?” They all agreed.

I did turkey roll ups with almonds and craisins the other day – that was a big hit! Baby steps! I’m looking forward to your lunch blogs for ideas in the future.

Two of my three kiddos love fruits and veggies, so they won’t be an issue. My oldest is autistic/adhd and just wants carbs carbs carbs 24/7. There are a few fruits/veggies he’ll eat, but not many. And getting his protein in is even more difficult!

Sara – you should watch a video on YouTube called “Food is the Best Medicine” by Dr. Natasha McBride Campbell. She healed her son of autism with her GAPS diet. It is very similar to Paleo, but takes it a step further. It has really help calm down my extremely hyper sons. Wish you the best!

Thanks for sharing. My oldest child starts Kindergarten in 3 weeks and as I read your post I had a few tears in my eyes thinking about how I will feel in 3 weeks time. I’m sure I will be crying on and off for a couple of hours as well. I really need to sit down with her this week and to talk about what we are going to put in her lunch box.

Great job! I’m jealous, because our school is completely nut free, which doesn’t leave a lot of options for paleo-friendly meals and snacks 🙁

To make lunch packing easy, I made a lunch matrix. I broke it into categories “Protein, Veg, Fruit, Fat” and have a list on my fridge with my options for each. If I get stumped or need an idea for something new, I check it out. We also brain storm together and he can add items he’d like to see in his lunches.

And I just found these cool boxes called “Little Yellow Box” (google it) that are cheap and make paleo lunches easy easy easy!!

Your post made me teary eyed! My oldest starts kindergarten next week and I’m trying to prepare myself but just thinking about it makes me weepy! I’ve got her new lunchbox and have started preparing menus for lunches as the cafeteria is off limits with our paleo diet. Please keep the lunch pics coming as I’m sure I’ll need inspiration in a few weeks.

My daughter’s first day was yesterday and I have a major dilemma! She is in a nut free school! I am transitioning the whole family to a paleo lifestyle…. how am I supposed to properly feed her lunch & snacks when nuts are out?!

My daughter’s lunch and snack were nut-free today (she started preschool today and I didn’t know until after I dropped her off that they are peanut free but allow tree nuts, so I went nut-free just in case). I packed a hard boiled egg, apple, carrots, celery,and olives for her lunch. For her snack, I packed dried cranberries, raisins, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. My oldest had a similar lunch but with grass-fed hotdog instead of egg. It’s more work to pack nut-free lunches, but it’s not impossible. Ask the school if they consider coconut a nut (most nut-free schools allow coconut since it’s unusual for people with tree nut allergies to cross-react with coconut) because that opens up a whole lot more options. And sunflower seed flour can sub for almond flour in a lot of paleo recipes, so that’s a great option too.

Wonderful ideas! Thanks so much! You have inspired me to properly go on a paleo diet to beat autoimmune disease. This would do well for my college lunches and for my kids’ everyday food. My eldest, I suspect has autoimmune disease as well (despite being only 3 years old). He has chronic constipation, strange smelling poop, weird dry bits of skin, he’s overweight (my parents keep feeding him a lot of carbs) and he gets tired fast. I’m worried he’ll have diabetes by the time he’s 5. He’s picky when it comes to food though so not sure I’ll be winning this battle. He’ll never want to leave his grandparents if I put a stop to the ice cream and nutella. Any tips on getting a child to eat paleo?

You can read all of Sarah’s posts about feeding kids here: Sarah has a Paleo “nutella” recipe here: And several ice cream recipes here: A recent episode of The Paleo View discussed transitioning families to Paleo: Sarah also recommends this e-book by the Paleo Parents: — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

I have two daughters (5 and 8yrs). In about a week I’m about to send my youngest off to Kindergarten so it is time to start thinking about lunches. Thanks for this post. I checked out the bologna link you included. I was reading the ingredients and saw cardamom and paprika on the ingredient list. I thought these were both no-no spices?

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