My AI Struggles: 10 Days of No Coffee

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When I was researching the health benefits versus risks of coffee drinking for this post, I decided that I should definitely try and give up coffee again.  I gave up all caffeine in January for one month and found that my digestion got so sluggish without it that it was causing more harm than good.  This time, I am trying just no coffee.  I am still drinking some black tea and green tea (maybe 3-4 cups per day, so still less caffeine than my two single-shot Americanos would be).  I miss coffee but have always enjoyed tea, so it’s much easier to give up one and not both.  I wish I could say that I’ve noticed much difference.  I’m not.  Although, I’m not noticing the sluggish digestion that I suffered from last time either.  I may not be noticing an improvement due in part to the fact that I’ve been eating more foods containing nuts or eggs than normal (I’ve been quite stressed and run down and find it much harder to abstain when I’m tired).  Or, it might be because coffee wasn’t a problem for me.  I am resolved to clean up my diet and keep going without coffee for another 3 weeks.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


I normally comment on your Facebook posts, but I was a little freaked out the other day when a 3D friend and my BROTHER commented on a post I had commented on. I hate not knowing who’s reading what on my Facebook activity….
I’m not going coffee-free, but I have gone completely sweetener free in my coffee. And I’ve made the progression from half-n-half to a coconut milk/coconut oil/egg recipe for creamer to just coconut milk. I used half-n-half this morning, and I almost had to throw it out. I prefer the coconut milk!
Thanks again for sharing with all of us!

LOL! I saw that. My personal facebook is on hiatus for a similar reason. I think the thing I miss the most about coffee is the coconut oil! (it’s just not the same in tea so I drink my tea black)

After reading your post on coffee, I’ve been trying to give it up for 30 days too, but I’m not doing so well so far. I decided to gradually cut it out because cold turkey wasn’t working. I am down to one and a half cups a day. I really love coffee with all “flavors” of coconut: oil, concentrate, homemade milk. In fact when my nutritionist asked me what food I couldn’t live without, I said coffee 🙂 But I also want to be symptom free if possible.

I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with nuts/seeds/eggs right now. I can sympathize. I can’t seem to give up both nuts/seeds and eggs at the same time because I can’t seem to give up baked items. So, last month I gave up eggs to see if there was a discernible difference (which there wasn’t) and this month it’s nuts/seeds. The autoimmune protocol is hard work!

Thanks for sharing your progress!

There is so much out there regarding the decrease of coffee/caffeine it’s making me wonder if I should give it a try. But honestly I feel like I have eliminated so much from my diet that my (usually only) once daily 16 oz. mug of coffee with no sugar and home made coconut milk creamer and heavy whipping cream is the one thing that I need to keep! Thanks for your view!

I never, no never ever ever thought I could give up coffee. I did 2 months ago and I’m doing great. I didn’t die as I thought I might. Cyrex labs said I have a high reaction to it (gluten association cross reactive foods test) and so I went cold turkey (along with eggs, dairy, rice, corn, soy…and on my own: nightshades and nuts). I was able to do it b/c I like yerba matte. NOT the wimpy tea bag sort, but the put in my coffee press loose leaf sort. One heaping TBLS. in 10 oz. for 7 minutes. Add 1/2 tsp. honey and So Coconut creamer. Lower caffeine, but also some stimulant (they claim) that gives me a different energy. I can’t tell you how happy this drink makes me. I stick my nose in the bag and inhale just like coffee. I really do. I hate to say this, but according to my naturopathic doc, the more you want something, the more you probably should avoid it. Foods we’re sensitive to can have an addictive quality. I don’t know the main offender (if there is one) that has caused my leaky gut, but coffee is a big suspect.

Sarah–I like you. Just wanted you to know.

Thanks for talking about sluggish digestion while off caffeine. When I take breaks from all caffeine I have to take power naps after all my meals. And I get nothing done. I’m foggy brained all the time. I don’t know if things will get better if I just stick it out but I feel sorry for my hubs because I’m useless! I’ve been disabled since I was 22, so I don’t work: just eat AIP foods and rest down all day (no choice about it!) Maybe this is just my adrenals healing right now, although never used much caffeine to begin with (2 cups green tea, or 1/3 cup cold-brew coffee, not even every day.) I definitely feel like this might not be worth it but I really want to heal…Green tea is AIP friendly right?

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