The WHYs of the AIP

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Hi Sarah! I have Hashimoto’s and stick to a mostly AIP diet (Always GF and DF), but I’m traveling abroad to China next week and was wondering if you have any suggestions for a supplement I could take for possible gluten contamination “protection”. I don’t get physically sick from gluten (I just know with Hashimoto’s it’s a good idea to avoid 100%), but I want to protect my thyroid as much as I can while I’m there… I’ve heard of GlutenEASE, but have never tried it. Thanks,

Hi Cammie-I also have Hashimoto’s and am trying to treat it naturally. I was wondering if you are taking any medicine or you are taking the natural approach? My antibodies are 13,000 and TSH is at 15. I am following the AIP and staying gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and grain-free. Thank you!

Hi Sarah,
I am looking into starting a Paleo, and working into the AI diet. I’m trying to plan ahead and get an idea of what I can eat (and can’t). I’ve been reading your website, and really like all the science behind it. That’s very helpful to me. One question I had is what about sprouted seeds (like broccoli seeds or sunflower and flax seeds for example)? Also, does soaking, or even better, fermenting nuts (or legumes) help them become more digestable? I guess I’d want to eliminate all to begin with, but would starting with soaked, sprouted, or fermented items be helpful when reintroducing? In other words, does soaking, sprouting, or fermenting make seeds, nuts, and legumes more digestible?

Thank you!

Hi Sarah! Of all people, I’d love your opinion… I have friends/family that swear by Isagenix (most notably the cleanses and tonics) for helping their autoimmune diseases. I have been procrastinating beginning an AIP to heal my gut and psoriasis. Their claims are very tempting, and they know nothing of an AIP and think I’m nuts for wanting to go so strict with my diet. The lack of support in real life is killing me. And I’m a holistic health coach! I don’t even feel I deserve that label since I still haven’t healed myself…

I don’t know what the ingredients of Isagenix are, so I can’t really comment. What I can say is that the AIP is real food and not a shake and that every aspect is backed up with solid science (my book has 1200 scientific references in it).

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