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Join moms Sarah and Stacy
on The Paleo View Podcast
for Gossip, Science and Answers to your questions!

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Nominated for Best of 2013  and Best of 2014 Podcast by Paleo Magazine, The Paleo View is an entertaining podcast with a specific show format that feels like you’re having a conversation with your best friends. Aimed at helping people who want to live a healthy and eat real foods, the show focuses on nutrient density, low-inflammation lifestyles, medical research and science, and the hosts own personal experiences. Sarah and Stacy make the show easy enough to understand for anyone just thinking about going gluten-free and offer fun knowledge-bombs for even the hardest-core paleoites eating organ meat for breakfast… and everything in between!

Topics of the show include transitioning out of a standard diet (processed foods), managing disease and Autoimmune conditions, pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight-loss (S&S have lost over 250lbs combined!), emotional and eating disorders, living paleo as a family, interviewing paleo “weblebrities” and so much more. Not to mention, as bestselling Paleo authors, Stacy and Sarah love to talk about food!

Sarah Ballantyne, co-host

DAWN0184Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D. is a scientist turned stay-at-home mom who blogs at www.thepaleomom.com. Sarah discovered the paleo diet toward the end of her 120-pound weight loss journey while searching for a solution to her continuing health problems. As a follower of the paleo diet autoimmune protocol, Sarah is continuing to experiment with her own implementation of a paleo diet and lifestyle to reach that lofty goal of perfect health.

Sarah has successfully transitioned her husband and two young daughters to a paleo lifestyle, with noticeable improvements to the whole family’s health. She enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and sharing her successful recipes, including recipes for everything from one-pot dinners to paleo versions of kid staples to breads and decadent paleo desserts. She is the author of The Paleo Approach, The Paleo Approach Cookbook, Go to Bed, and co-author of The Healing Kitchen.

Most of all, Sarah’s passion is to share her biology, physiology and nutrition knowledge through informative posts that distill the science behind the paleo diet into approachable explanations. Don’t miss her special segment each show, Science with Sarah, for tidbits and takeaways related to our weekly topics!

Stacy Toth, co-host

Paleo-Parents-Portrait-2013-small-fileStacy blogs at PaleoParents.com with her husband, Matthew. She brings home the bacon from working in a corporate world full-time while Matt is a stay-at-home-dad taking care of their 3 young boys – Cole (born 2005), Finian (born 2008) and Wesley (born 2010).

A “recovered vegetarian of 7 years”, Stacy lost her gallbladder in 2009 and has Celiac disease. She is on a journey for finding the perfect personalized paleo plan for her health and wellness. After writing a nationally best-selling book, she was featured in Woman’s World Magazine as a featured Paleo success story from losing over 135lbs using an ancestral approach to health.

Although only paleo since May 2010, Stacy has always practiced attachment parenting – an expert on breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing and co-sleeping she loves talking babies and anything parenting related! After embracing a paleo lifestyle, she has learned tips & tricks with incorporating this lifestyle into a success story for normal, everyday families. You can find her wisdom in the Paleo Parents’ books, Eat Like a Dinosaur, Beyond Bacon, and Real Life Paleo.

Matthew McCarry, producer

Matt, the 2nd-half of PaleoParents.com, makes divine grain-free, legume-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free (paleo) culinary creations; he is the chef and caretaker of the family. He is also a connoisseur of podcasts; he listens to dozens a week (while performing household chores and trying to ignore wild-banchee-like children). He’s not a huge fan of human interaction (read: social anxiety) but is a huge fan of technology.

Producer of The Paleo View is a title and job he’s excited about, including saving up embarrassing sound bytes to be used against Stacy and Sarah in future editing sessions. Make sure you always listen until the end for his nuggets of humor and fun!

Monica, show notes and support

photoMonica is the latest member of the Paleo Parents Team! Raised in a full-on hippy house, she was taught to love the land and the animals that feed from it. From old school hog butcherings to berry farm harvesting treks, her parents showed that health began with food choices. However, her teen years brought her down a rebellious path with food and she began to struggle with the world of weight-gain, yo-yo diets, and eating in secret. It wasn’t until her husband nudged her in the direction of the Primal Blueprint that she learned how to break my unhealthy cycle.

Now she is carving out her own hippy life and learning how to raise a paleo family in our modern-day grain and sugar crazed world. Monica can be found at thepaleos.com as well as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Hi Sarah,

I’m transitioning my 3 year old son over to the autoimmune protocol. it’s been going well. Are fruits allowed? Are there any baked goods that I could make for him??? I used to make these fabulous rolls with tapioca and quinoa flour, eggless….( he tolerates very dark chocolate well), also how crazy do I go with spices in foods… I found organic hotdogs with paprika in it.., what about keychup from red ripe tomatoes?

i am really enjoying your website and I got very inspired by seeing the pictures of the lunches that you packed for your daughter.

Dinner tonight was organic kale chips, organic cauliflower, organic Japanese sweet potatoe crispy sliced, organic sloppy joes and sliced tomato and sauerkraut for me and my husband. My kids are so far on board except for my son’s craving for rice chex…

thanks for your fabulous website

On a side note,
is there anyone out there who has had success with naturally treating enlarged adenoids?

If he tolerates dark chocolate, I have a recipe for decadent double chocolate cookies that are egg-free and nut-free that you could make for him. Fruit should be okay. I would stay away from ketchup and paprika though, at least at first (once you see I provement, the you can try some nightshades, and I would try paprika before tomatoes).

I see that dark chocolates all have emulsifiers in them, sometimes soy lecithins or other lecithins. I can’t seem to find any without these, even 90% chocolate. I guess I can never reintroduce this lovely food? 🙁

I’m back and forth between paleo and AIP. I took an allergy/sensitivity test and found out I’m allergic to yeast (bakers and brewers). I’m told I should be drinking kombucha, but is this really a good idea?

Hi! Have your books, love the pod cast! My daughter (15) and I (50) have Hashimotos. I moved the whole family to Gluten Free 6 months ago ( I have been for 1.5 years). I was diagnosed right after my first pregnancy. My daughter has three other autoimmune issues (Vitiligo, alopecia and skin dermatitis on her feet). She is one of the rare people born with the vitiligo. Lyme disease triggered the Hashimotos and a second case of lyme triggered the Alopecia. I have listened to the Hashimotos Institute webinar (loved your spot in it) and have read many diet/health books over the years. Right now I have two concerns that maybe you can help me with: 1) How do you tease out perimenopause symptoms (hot flashes, headaches, irritability) when trying to determine food sensitivities – and can paleo/AIP help with menopause symptoms? 2) I KNOW my daughter needs to be on AIP. I am trying to slowly transition her but GF was hard enough for her. Her Endocrinologist (prestigious hospital in Boston) will not work with me re diet, gluten, leaky gut etc. Thinks I’m off my rocker. What can you suggest? I have looked up functional medical doctors and there are a few – just not sure if they are reputable.

By the way – my family uses the term “Soup To Nuts” all the time – not weird. (Episode 40)

Paleo/AIP can help balance hormones, which can make menopause a little more comfortable. Telling symptoms apart is just one of those things that takes some trial and error. Sarah has consultants available at ThePaleoMomConsulting.com and also recommends primaldocs.com and paleophysiciansnetwork.come for finding qualified practitioners. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

My mom was told to cut down on all protein because she has gout. I have been trying to get her to eat less carbs and MORE proteins.

You seemed pretty adamant when you said you do not take flax oil. I was just about to start my wife (who has ovarian cancer) on the Budwig protocol which uses quite a lot of flax oil and ground flax seeds.(so does the Gerson protocol) It seems to me that this would allow the body to produce DHA and EPA in the proper proportions. The Budwig protocol seems to have helped and even cured many people so I’m thinking flax is a good thing. What is your reasoning?

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