The Paleo Approach–Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body

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THE PALEO APPROACH COVER with NYTBSThe Paleo Approach is the New York Times bestselling complete guide to using diet and lifestyle to manage autoimmune disease and other chronic illnesses.

The Paleo Approach contains over 400 pages of scientific explanations of the why’s, what’s, and how’s behind diet and lifestyle recommendations to help regulate the immune system and provide the body with the opportunity to heal.  This encyclopedic resource also contains tons of practical information including tips for transitions, working with your doctor, medical test and treatments that might be helpful, troubleshooting, and when and how to reintroduce foods.  This book goes into scientific detail, while keeping explanations accessible and fun to read, and includes over 1200 scientific references. This is the book for people who want to understand the contemporary science behind how the food we eat as well as how we live our daily lives together impact our bodies to either promote health or facilitate disease. 

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“Encyclopedic, with truly extraordinary attention to detail, Dr. Ballantyne’s book is destined to become the go-to source for anyone looking for a detailed scientifically responsible, head-to-toe understanding of autoimmunity and its relationship to diet.”

Dr. William Davis, MD
Author of New York Times
bestseller Wheat Belly

The Official Blurb

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from some form of autoimmune disease. If you’re among them, you may know all too well how little modern medicine can do to alleviate your condition. But that’s no reason to give up hope. In this groundbreaking book, The Paleo Approach, Sarah D. Ballantyne, Ph.D., draws upon current medical research and her own battle with an autoimmune disorder to show how you can become completely symptom-free—the natural way.

The Paleo Approach is the first book ever to show you how to adapt the Paleo diet and lifestyle to bring about a full recovery. Read it to learn why foods marketed as “healthy”—such as whole grains, soy, and low-fat dairy—can contribute to the development of autoimmune conditions. Discover what you can eat to calm your immune system, resolve inflammation, and help your body heal itself. Learn which simple lifestyle changes—along with changes in diet—will make the biggest difference for your health.

If you’re concerned that “going Paleo” will break the bank or require too much time in the kitchen preparing special foods, there’s no need to worry. In The Paleo Approach, Dr. Ballantyne provides expert tips on how to make the switch easily and economically. Complete foods lists with strategies for the day-to-day—how stay within your food budget, where to shop for what you need, how to make the most out of your time in the kitchen, and how to eat out—will take all the guesswork out of going Paleo. Simple strategies for lifestyle adjustments, including small changes that can make a huge difference, will guide you through the most important lifestyle changes to support healing.

Have a complicated condition that requires medical intervention, medication or supplements? Dr. Ballantyne also walks you through the most useful medical tests, treatments and supplements (as well as the most counterproductive) to open a dialogue with your physician to best support your healing.

“If you suffer from an autoimmune disease or other chronic illness or just want to understand how what you eat and do impact the health of your gut, your hormones, and your immune system, then you need this book.  This book should be on your bookshelf, on your doctor’s bookshelf, and in every waiting room.”

Robb Wolf
author of New York Times
bestseller The Paleo Solution

What’s in The Paleo Approach?

This book explains the detailed science about how foods we eat (as well as lifestyle factors like physical activity and sleep) interact with and affect the gut barrier and the immune system.  While the focus of this book is on those with autoimmmune disease, it is relevant to all chronic illness.  Indeed, most of the concepts detailed in the book are broadly applicable.

The Paleo Approach TOC

The Paleo Approach is divided into two parts and covers all of the following topics:

  • the most current understanding of the causes of autoimmune disease,
  • how the immune system works and what goes wrong in autoimmune disease
  • how diet and lifestyle factors contribute to the development and perpetuation of autoimmune disease,
  • the links between autoimmune disease and gluten sensitivity, leaky gut, and gut dysbiosis
  • the links between autoimmune disease and nutritional deficiencies
  • the links between stress, hormone dysregulation and inadequate sleep an autoimmune disease
  • diet recommendations to manage autoimmune disease
  • the whys behind foods to exclude
  • the whys behind foods to include
  • navigating food sensitivities (FODMAPs, histamine, salicylates, and sulfates) and bacterial/yeast overgrowths
  • lifestyle recommendations to manage autoimmune disease
    • priorities for exercise
    • stress management strategies
    • how much sleep should you get
    • how to protect your circadian rhythms
    • how to regulate hunger hormones
  • troubleshooting and dealing with the “vicious cycles”
  • what to expect as you transition
  • supplements and diagnostic tests that may help (and ones that probably won’t)
  • navigating prescription medications and working with your doctor
  • how to reintroduce foods after your autoimmune disease is in remission
  • faq
  • complete food lists
    • what foods can you eat?
    • what can you drink?
    • what foods should be consumed in limited quantities?
    • vitamin and mineral content of included foods
    • food sources of micronutrients that people with autoimmune disease are commonly deficient in
    • healing/super foods to eat more of
    • the importance of eating “snout to tail”
    • FODMAPs
    • sources of inulin fiber and insoluble fiber
  • priorities for tight budgets
  • tips on day-to-day implementation like how to eat this way within a family, eating out, and traveling

It wrote this book to be the ultimate resource for people looking to manage and reverse autoimmune disease effectively and naturally.  I also hope that it will bridge the gap between healthcare providers (it contains nearly 1200 scientific citations) and patients looking for better solutions than drugs that don’t work well and come with crazy side effects.

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This book will provide all of the information you need to start on your own journey of healing today.  But, if you need more, never fear!  The Paleo Approach Cookbook is the National Bestselling companion cookbook with over 200 recipes to set you up for success on your journey to better health!

“Sarah has left no stone unturned and no questions unanswered when it comes to healing the enormous variety of autoimmune conditions through diet and lifestyle changes.  This book has you covered with scientific explanations and practical day-to-day solutions.”

Diane Sanfilippo, BS, NC
Author of New York Times
bestseller Practical Paleo

“Autoimmune management requires a total lifestyle overhaul that can be difficult to navigate at first.  Ballantyne has created a comprehensive and well-researched guide that not only will help you manage your autoimmunity but also will most likely have you feeling better than you’ve ever felt before.”

Dr. Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MNeuroSci
Author of Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?

“The Paleo Approach–eating and living naturally–is the most effective treatment yet found for autoimmune disease.  Sarah Ballantyne brought a scientific mind and years of work to a very personal health problem, with a happy result.”

Dr. Paul Jaminet, PhD
Author of Perfect Health Diet

Video Tour of The Paleo Approach

Interested in learning even more about The Paleo Approach? This video from my YouTube Channel is just a quick tour (the book is so big that giving you a broad overview takes 13 minutes!) but you get to see just how comprehensive and detailed this book is.

FREE Downloads

Looking for free downloads and extra resources?  Here are free downloads available from The Paleo Approach.  Also check out this page of great Additional Resources and this page of The Paleo Approach-Approved Products!

Nutrient Tables


Shows the vitamin, mineral, sugar, fat, and amino acid content of The Paleo Approach-approved foods.

Autoimmune Diseases


This is an alphabetical list of confirmed and suspected autoimmune diseases.



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Where My Books Are Sold:

The Paleo Approach is available wherever books are sold.  It is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, from independent bookstores (find one near you using Indiebound) and at Costco! If you live outside the USA, you can purchase the book from BookDepository and receive free international shipping!  The Paleo Approach is also available on Kindle, iTunes, Nook and Kobo.

“Dr. Ballantyne has compiled insights from hundreds of scientific studies to form a complete program to regulate the immune system, support healing, and ultimately reverse autoimmune disease.  It is beautifully illustrated and will inspire you to begin your journey back to health.”

Dr. Terry Wahls, MD
Author of The Wahls Protocol

“Wow! The Paleo Approach is a gem of a book that tackles the intricacies of autoimmune disease and delivers real-life solutions in the most comprehensive guide on the subject we’ve ever seen… Put this book on your must-have list!”

Mira Calton, CN & Jayson Calton, PhD
Authors of Naked Calories and
Rich Food, Poor Food



“Sarah will guide you gently but firmly and encourage you to become responsible for your own health. She is full of great advice that will ease your burdens if you heed it.” — A Clean Plate
“This is the most incredible gift from heaven you could ever wish for. It is the most thoroughly researched, detailed and comprehensive roadmap for recovery.” — Autoimmune Paleo
“There is no other resource that I know of that is more complete in its scope about food, autoimmune disease, physiology and lifestyle recommendations specific for those with autoimmune disease. Sarah left no stone unturned.” – AIP Lifestyle
“I no longer have symptoms of autoimmune disease, adrenal fatigue, micro-nutrient deficiencies, skin breakouts or depression. I’m happy to report that The Paleo Approach quite literally gave me my life back.” – Paleo Parents
“Many books claim to heal you. Many books claim to be the solution. For once, here’s a book that actually delivers on its promise to restore health (and to explain exactly why it works).” – The Domestic Man
“Sarah tells us the science behind Autoimmunity, why we got sick in the first place and the exact steps we need to take in our path to remission and ultimate health.I can’t recommend this book enough!” – Grass Fed Girl
“This book is going to be one of those for the ages. This book has the power to change the faces of autoimmunity around the nation, and to save people from so much of autoimmunity’s desperation and fear.” – Paleo for Women
“Whether you have an autoimmune disorder or not, whether you are paleo or not, and whether you think you know it all – or nothing at all… this book is a MUST read for EVERYONE.” – Bedrock Living.
“This baby is HUGE and packed full of practical knowledge and SCIENCE. Without a doubt, I’m going to be recommending this book to everyone who wants to better understand how Paleo works, and how it helps folks feel better—particularly those suffering from an autoimmune disease.” – Nom Nom Paleo
Robb Wolf
“it’s the most comprehensive book ever written on the topic of reversing autoimmune disease. Seriously, I’d call it the autoimmune bible. Sarah [is] uniquely qualified both personally and professionally to write a guide to healing.” – Phoenix Helix
“This is the most comprehensive, helpful, and dare I say, enjoyable guide to healing your body in the face of autoimmune disease. I am still overwhelmed with the vast information in The Paleo Approach book. This is an essential guide for everyone wanting to look at how they are eating and to connect it to how they feel!” – Heather Spergel
“The Paleo Approach is the most comprehensive resource written to date on autoimmune disease and how to use diet and lifestyle to not only manage it but potentially send it packing into remission!” – Essential Wellness
“[The book] is a wealth of information for readers to use as a foundation to better understand what autoimmune disease is, what causes it, and how diet and lifestyle can bring relief” – Books and Chocolate
“The Paleo Approach deserves a standing ovation! Bravissima!! The Paleo Approach is filled with tons of health empowering, myth busting, smart as heck science along with engaging illustrations that deliver the most current research for both patients and practitioners to reverse autoimmune disease and heal!” – Anne Angelone
“[This book is] a game changer, and is something that EVERY doctor and EVERY patient with an autoimmune disease needs to own. You have the power to fix your health, to resolve chronic pain. Confused about leaky gut, about food intolerances, and about how paleo can help? This book IS FOR YOU.” – Brittany Angell
“Of all the books I’ve read in the last two years (and I’ve read over 100), The Paleo Approach is definitely one of the most thorough and well-researched. Unless you’ve eaten a clean, real-food, low-inflammatory diet your entire life, trying the protocols in this book for a month may have a tremendously positive effect on your health.” – Wellness Mama
“Author Ballantyne has positioned The Paleo Approach as a book you may end up lending your doctor. Can you imagine that relationship and how effective it could be?” – John Koenig
“I love The Paleo Approach because I know it works. It completely, dramatically changed my life and the lives of so many others. Sarah has provided a truly impressive point where we can join together and start conquering AI.” – Angie Alt
“Sarah emphasizes that the key to her approach to the Paleo diet “is nutrient density.” You’ll learn how to regulate your immune and hormone systems, while ‘fostering digestive health, all through a nutrient-dense diet and constructive lifestyle changes.'” – The Examiner
“…More and more people are going to get this book and start, they’re going to have all these light bulbs turn on and all these ah-ha moments…I’m just really excited for you and I’m excited for everyone who’s going to get their hands on this book.” – Balanced Bites
“[Sarah] has basically written an encyclopedia on auto immune [disease]. But it’s so easy to understand and to incorporate into anybody’s life who might be having these struggles.” – Born Primal
“If you want to treat or cure any autoimmune condition, then this is the book you need to start with. Pretty much nobody writing about Paleo and ancestral diets is approaching it with the level of scientific knowledge that Sarah has.” – Paleo Living Magazine
“[This book] is literally life-changing. This book isn’t just for people with autoimmune diseases, this book is for everyone. Everyone should want to learn more about their bodies and understand how every choice they make affects their health.” – This Love is Ours
” I love [The] Paleo Approach because although it contains solid scientific information, it explains things clearly and above all: it is beautiful. Her enthusiasm is catching. As I am reading it I feel like I am getting support to the diet I am on.” – Kaiku Lifestyle
“The Paleo Approach… is the kind of book that all wellness practitioners need on the bookshelf. It’s also the book that everyone suffering from an autoimmune disease should own. The best part? It’s written for both. It’s a vital book for practitioners, and it’s perfect for the person dealing with autoimmune disease.” – Cave Girl Eats
“Best thing about the book is that you don’t have to be a practitioner to understand it. A vast understatement, Sarah is an accomplished writer. It’s very hard to step out of your head and make a complicated subject easy to understand. She’s a master at it.” – 20 Something Allergies
“I can honestly say that even though I have studied nutrition a LOT, there was a huge amount of new information for me in this book…Sarah has a Ph.D. and truly understands the body and immune function. She also was very clever at making the book easy to read, as it is full of pictures and diagrams.” – Simple and Merry
“After reading this book, I guarantee you will know more than most doctors do about AI conditions and how to treat them…this is the kind of book that you will want to keep close at hand, to refer to time and again, as you progress in your healing, or if you suffer occasional setbacks.” — She Swings on a Star
“There are many paleo cookbooks and transition guides, but there has never been a book like The Paleo Approach. It is truly unique and comprehensive guide to healing.” — Cake Cooks Gluten Free
“… it’s [Sarah’s] personal story that is most amazing and inspiring. She was diagnosed with Lichen Planus, an autoimmune disorder that led to numerous physical complaints. This led her to start the paleo diet, which , she says, helped her tremendously. It’s her knowledge and experience of the paleo diet which she presents in the book.” — Life and Self
“This book is packed with so much valuable and practical information. There’s enough science in there to satisfy the geeks like me while also breaking the science down into simple terms for everyone to get a good basic grasp of the most important principles behind this approach.” – Radicata Medicine
“As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who often works with individuals who struggle with autoimmune disorder I give this resource two thumbs up.  If you have an autoimmune disorder you should own a copy of The Paleo Approach.” – Rooted Blessings
 “The book covers a complicated topic, but Dr. Ballantyne does a fantastic job of breaking down how our immune cells can go rogue and begin to attack our healthy cells. This is not just another typical beginner paleo diet book.” – Breaking Muscle
“When you hear “knowledge is power”, that is exactly what The Paleo Approach did for me.” – Katrina Runs
“Where do I even begin with this book!? It is an amazing work of intellect! This is like having the benefit of a college course without the massive student debt and homework! ” – Nourish Your Temple
“I really can’t begin to tell you all that’s in this book. Seriously – you’ll simply have to take a look at it yourself. There is a ton of science here.” – Titus 2 Homemaker


Sneak Peeks and Book News


Howdy! This article couldn’t be written much better! Looking through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

Hi! I just found your blog two nights ago and it’s been so much help. I’m so excited about your book and wish I could get my hands on it now! I have an auto immune disease called Alopecia Areata and it causes my hair to fall out in circular patches. The Dr. had nothing proactive to say about it, so I started researching holistic approaches and read that some people with AA are getting good results by removing gluten, refined sugars, processed foods, and dairy from their diet. So I started doing that, and when I started telling people about it everyone kept saying, “are you doing the Paleo Diet?”. I had never heard of it so I looked it up and sure enough, it’s pretty much exactly that! I just started a week ago and am learning everyday about how to set myself for success eating this way. So far I love it! I’ve been researching daily about it, trying to learn more about how foods effect my body, what I should eat, what not to eat, and recipes. Your book would be of so much help for me right now! I would buy it in a heart beat – and I will as soon as it’s available. In the meantime, do you have any recommendations of what I should read?


i cant wait for the book. 3-4 months ago i found out, that my diet is influencing my ms disease.
after 13 years of stuggeling (im very close to the wheelchair).
that was when i first heared of paleo. thanks to your explanations of cross-reactions to glutein, my eyes were opened a bit more and my understanding is improoving. but i come more and more to the conclusion, that i can only deal with fatty meat, fatty fish and fruit (all grass-fed, free running, wild catched, local grown with no gmo and no pesticides), what is still irritating me because of the contradiction to what i (my mother also) been taught my whole life. so im concerned if i do get all essential nutrients (most common objection of people i talk to).

you are mentioning some very interesting points in that book, that draw my attention to interesting aspects, i have not thought of yet.

thank you from my deepest heart for the enormous help i got from your articles!


I just found your site and love it! Thanks for being here! i’m looking forward to your book coming out and really REALLY hoping there will be a number of egg free treat/dessert options i can offer my egg-allergic kids! Paleo seems to incorporate soooo many eggs in their baking, much to my dismay!

Your website is fantastic. I feel like I probably have an autoimmune disease, but I’m not really sure. I’ve seen two different naturopath’s in the past two years and have made significant improvements in my health, but I’m just not there yet. I think I have always had a sensitive system looking back. In my twenties I developed asthma, allergies, shingles, exema, yeast and bladder infections. I was clued in enough to attribute some of these problems to diet and gave up dairy in my mid thirties, which basically made my allergies, asthma and exema go away. Two years ago after several stressful life events I got strep throat. A few months later the health problems began: fatigue and brain fog and later muscle pain in my back and shoulders. I have been treated for adrenal fatigue, but I felt so ramped up on several different types of supplements I had to stop after 8 weeks. I did feel much better after this with regard to the fatigue. I am seeing a new naturopath since December who is treating me for estrogen dominance and poor methylation of my liver. I have made significant dietary changes: no dairy, caffeine, gluten, sugar, nuts and a few other things I found I am sensitive to. I’m feeling better than I have before the treatment, but the brain fog persists and is much worse around my period. Sometimes I feel so deprived already that I’m not sure if I can make the leap to the autoimmune protocol. While I don’t eat a lot of grains, hummus and rice crackers are a staple in between meals and eggs are my only alternate breakfast from my regular protein smoothy. Any suggestions on how to begin. Is there a good starter book? I see your book doesn’t come out until this fall and I want to make changes as soon as I can. I also have three kids and I pretty much eat a different meal than my family most nights already. Any advice/suggestions are welcomed. thanks, Heidi

If you are going to make one change, I would suggest focusing on nutrient density. This means adding more fish, organ meat, shellfish, pastured eggs, and lots and lots of vegetables to your diet. I would also suggest talking to your naturopath about digestive support supplements (digestive enzymes are very safe) to help you get more out of your food. From there, you can migrate to a standard paleo diet and if you still need more the autoimmune protocol. But, it’s okay to take this in baby steps. Aim for oily fish at least 3 times per week and organ meat at least 2 times per week (better if you’re getting 4-5 or even more for both of these). And eat as big a variety of vegetables as you can.

thanks Ginger, I haven’t ruled that out yet. Right now I’m focusing on diet, lifestyle factors and methylation. I recently did 23 and me genetic testing and found out I have some of the markers for poor methylation, which apparently is linked to brain fog. The supplements do seem to help. I recently read Nora Gedgaudas book, primal body, primal mind, which I found to be amazing and she suggests getting insulin sensitivity under control before doing hormone creams. This really resonated with me since I have had hypoglycemia symptoms for a long time prior to beginning the paleo diet. This was one of the first positive changes I noticed.

Okay, So I have never done this before and my husband said “hey, what can it hurt”…so here goes nothing!

I have a rare autoimmune disease called Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) – You may or may not have heard of it, but anyways, it’s similar to MS – I have wrote a bit about it on my own blog ( My aunt is HUGE into Paleo eating and has gotten my family (husband and kiddos) into it as well, and we have slowly been making the switch to 100% strict Paleo. We still cheat here and there. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy of your book. My doctor and I (whom is a HUGE researcher in the field of NMO) are working on a study of diet and NMO. I am so proud to say, in the last 3 years since being diagnosed and switching our diets, I have gotten off all “side effect” medications.

If you are giving away copies of your book, I would love one!!! I would do whatever you would like too – blog posts about it, pass it along to my Dr to pass along to other patients. I really cannot wait to read it! And let’s be honest, even if you don’t send me one I will probably be ordering it as soon as it comes out anyways!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this book, I know it is going to help those who truly want to be helped! It’s a life style change and some people of a negative view on autoimmune diseases. I am sure you have heard it all before (I sure have) “poor me, feel sorry for me, I am sick and cannot be helped” When I am so excited to say, “YOU CAN HELP YOURSELF IF YOU TRULY WANT TO MAKE THE CHANGE!”

I cannot wait to read this adding to my vast knowledge and research of diet and autoimmune diseases 🙂

Can’t wait for this book! Love you guys at the Paleo View. And you guys are so lucky you had George on the show again. I can’t wait until Friday to hear it. That dude is my hero!

Can’t wait for the book! You are so inspirational! You are my “go to” source for everyone I know jumping into Paleo & trying to deal with/treat their autoimmune symptoms. Thank you!

This is so great! I’ve recently adopted a modified autoimmune approach in order to heal my hormonal system. It’s great to have more resources handy! Great work. PS I love your podcast.

I can’t wait for your book. I’m currently doing AIP and the Candida diet and struggling with extreme exhaustion. Not sure if it’s from the Candida die off or just my body trying to heal. I’m sure your book will be a wealth of information for all of us struggling to figure out the pieces of our own puzzle.

I wish I had an immune disease but I don’t, my daughter has, Ulcerative colitis and she was diagnosed at 6. Until then she suffered for 3 years, no doctor paid attention to us, finally when diagnosed they sent me home with a prescription and no hope. Thanks to paleo, scd, your blog, your recipes, your knowledge and the knowledge of others my daughter is med free and I decided to form a group with another mom to help little ones that suffer from this illness. Thru diet. I own a copy of practical paleo and I will get The Paleo Approach because you are a fountain of useful information. Thanks.

I just can’t tell you how much better I feel for changing the way I eat – but then I don’t need to tell you, cos you already know 🙂

I just started reading Practical Paleo, per my doctor’s recommendation. I’m looking forward to reading your book for even more in depth information on autoimmune issues.

for the last 2 months ive been doing the lite version of the AI protocol diet for Rhem Arthritis. now after reading your blog for the past 2 weeks, ive decided to go strict with it, as ive noticed too much pain when i cheat with dairy. looking forward to the book, and thanks for writing such an honest, awesome blog.

I am feeling much better now that I’ve been doing the paleo lifestyle for a few months now. I took eggs out of my diet and have found that some rash type things have gone away. Later on I plan to add them back in because I love eggs! I can’t wait until your book comes out.

I can’t wait for the book to come out. Thank you so much for your time and effort in providing all of this knowledge, data and sharing your experiences. I love your podcasts and can’t wait each week for the next one to come out! Many thanks for your dedication!

can’t wait for the book! i am most excited about the recipes. you are an inspiration to me. i started on a paleo journey about 18 months ago. i am almost dairy free – having a hard time giving up cheese :-/

Thank you for the opportunity to win – log your blog messages and am looking forward to your book! 🙂

I want this book so bad. I’m tempted to just pre-order it instead of waiting for my library to get it because I’m pretty sure this will be right up my alley.

you’ve been such a great help to people fumbling their way through autoimmune issues !

Every now and again a blog comes along that changes lives. Yours in one of them. After living with hashimotos for four years, it was only at the beginning of this year that I discovered the connection between diet and autoimmune diseases…what a revelation! I have been on AIP for two months now and dedicated to stay on it for as long as it takes. As a scientist myself, it was of great relief to read your words, to know that you are not perpetuating myths and are happy to dispel a few if that is what the research shows. I give you my heartfelt thanks to you for helping so people navigate the autoimmune maze. I look so look forward to your book as I go on this journey of wellness. Congraultions

I can’t wait for this book to come out! I’ve had eczema all my life and was hesitant to try AIP – until this week, when I found out all my food intolerances require me to drop eggs, dairy and nightshades once and for all. I’m most looking forward to all the recipes, since I feel a little lost right now without eggs. (And if you could do an AIP-compliant pancake recipe someday, that’d be great 😉

I was recently diagnosed with sarcoidosis (with lung involvement), another autoimmune disease. I am wondering if you’ve heard anything about the effect the paleo diet can have on this? So far, I have seen a lot on paleo’s effectiveness for other autoimmune diseases, but not this one.

I definitely think the paleo diet, and more specifically the autoimmune protocol, is a powerful approach to manage sarcoidosis. All autoimmune diseases are caused by the immune system attacking tissues in your body. What makes it one disease versus another is exactly which proteins/cells/tissues are attacked. This also means that by addressing why the immune system is attacking your body through nutrition and lifestyle is broadly applicable to all autoimmune diseases.

Very excited for the book. I have PCOS and my husband has Lupus and Sjogrens. We have been Paleo for a little over 4 months and recently scaled back to the autoimmune protocol. We love your site and your recipes, you and your knowledge have played a huge role in our success! Thanks! So eager to get my hands on this book!

I am excited about your book. I am new to Pablo, and still not 100%. I was gluten free for a few years, but then went back to my old ways and have found it difficult to go ack. i have RA symptoms and amallergic to many foods not allowed on the paleo diet anyway, and my massage therapist recommended your blog! Thank you and I look forward to delving into your writing!

I’m learning more about paleo and autoimmune diseases every day. Thank God for people like you. I’m ordering the book on Amazon now and for my dad who recently beat colon cancer. We’re eating to live!

Love this site. I have been paleo for 2 years and AI paleo for less as I am just learning things like mustard etc aren’t allowed. So, needless to say, I have not experienced full or partial healing yet, but am excited to get there!

I’m looking forward to your book! I appreciate your writing style and the information you share with everyone. Thank you!

This book is what I’ve been looking for, especially Part 1. I want to understand as much as I can about AI, and I can’t thank you enough for pulling all the research together for the rest of us. PubMed is great, but trying to figure out the bigger picture from all those reports takes a tremendous amount of time. Also, and I’ve checked: there are no recipes in PubMed!


Just found out my body is attacking 3 different tissues in my body. Yikes. I love this blog, it’s AWESOME!! I’ve read tons and will definitely keep following.

Can’t wait for this book, I love your blog and writing style. I find you one of the better blogs to read, very informative but not dry. Can’t wait to read your book 🙂

I can’t wait for this book too! I have 2 autoimmune diseases, my daughter has lichen planus, my dad has MS, my sister has rheumatoid arthritis, and I’m sick of our whole family suffering from autoimmune disease! I want to raise my daughter to be on a healthy diet that supports her immune system and hopefully this book might inspire my dad to eat healthier too. Thank you!

Just came across your blog recently and love it! We definitely have learned a lot and will be learning a lot in our near future!

Cant wait! This is the only book I’ve told myself I am forcing my bf to read. I’m a big pushover. The whole reason I stumbled onto paleo and your fabulous blog is because of his autoimmune disease.. just having some trouble getting him onto it 100%, let alone AIP. You explain things so thoroughly, but in a way that makes it so simple. No pressure or anything, but you are my only hope haha! Thanks!

I was diagnosed with UC in May 2009 and have been on a journey to find health ever since. This would be a great resource.

Just getting started on Paleo and LOVE the resources available in the giveaway! We are feeling better already, but would be blessed by so much great info. Hope we win!

I have just started to explore this way of eating. I have several illnesses that I feel are linked to food. I am looking forward to your book!

Me too. Glad it will be available on Kindle.

I wish this book were available a few years ago when people were trying to convince me that it was all my head, no way on earth that foods like wheat, corn, and soy were making me sick. LOL! I’m sure this will be a lifesaver to many people with gut and inflammation issues. So happy you are writing it!!!

This book sounds very informational and helpful to many people, possibly including myself. I am hypothyroid, and have low neutrophil counts, and although the doctor “doesn’t think” the neutrophil counts are an autoimmune issue, I’ve been considering going on an AI paleo diet for awhile just to see if it helps (and it can’t hurt) – but AI just seems so limiting, I’ve been putting it off. I’ll definitely be ordering a copy of your book at some point.

Your site is so very helpful, and I cannot wait to get a copy of your book! I told my husband that this was one of my must have books! Thank You for sharing your knowledge!

Looking forward to the Kindle version (which I will pre-order as soon as the option becomes available). Am currently trying to treat my daughter’s very severe juvenile arthritis with food and supplements. It’s slow going but we are definitely seeing results.

thank you so much for your site and your advice, I posted back on May 23rd. I’m not sure this post is actually linking to my first post. I went strict Paleo on May 24th and have started moving closer to the autoimmune protocol. I feel so much better, it has helped significantly with brain fog and muscle pain. I’m now trying to weave more stress relief into my life, because I notice that my fog is worse when stress is worse even when I’m eating perfectly. I’m also thinking I may need to get rid of all of the starchy vegtables (sweet potatoe, squash) as they seem to bring on some fog at times as well. Does anyone have any thoughts on that?

Typo in the red text: Heal Your Body, rather than Heal You Body. 🙂 That one is soooo common. Just thought you’d like to know, in your pursuit of perfect accuracy–which I appreciate! I’d love to proofread your whole book, but don’t have time right now. Maybe someday I’ll do it for a living.

Congratulations, and thanks so much for all you give to the world!

Hmm, yes, I’ve done a lot of reading here in the last two days, and keep noticing those sprinkled throughout the site. =) But I don’t hold it against you, because your information is beyond excellent, and because your writing style is so clear and succinct. Conciseness is something I struggle with, so although I’m usually typo-free (due to years of proofing), I recognize that communicating effectively is the most important aspect of writing. Your research and experience are helping me immensely, saving me a ton of time, and I’m looking forward to the book! I hope you have a good proofreader, but no matter what, it will be great.

What a big accomplishment to consolidate your research into book form. I really, really look forward to reading it! Is the cover design set in stone by this point? I see there is a second cover version. If it’s not finished, I have a little feedback if you’d be interested, but if it’s all done, no worries.

I have Wegener’s Granulomatosis and began my healing journey 16 years ago, accidentally, by going on the Atkins diet to lose 70 pounds of prednisone weight. I was 26 at the time and had no idea that changing my diet was going to impact my healing.

When I claimed that I thought my diet (protein, low-carb/sugar, high veg) was helping manage my disease, my doctors argued with me, telling me the changes were “coincidental”. Within two years, I was completely in remission and against my doctor’s recommendations, I went off all medications (after a major tapering process). I stayed on a modified “Atkins” diet for over seven years.

The medications I took for the time I was horribly sick messed up my gut…which lead me to GAPS. GAPS lead me to Primal and Paleo. At present, I remain in remission, off ALL drugs, and manage my wellness with excellent food. As a serious researcher and reader myself, I was thrilled to find your blog and am completely TICKLED that you’ve used your experience and knowledge to write this book. Thanks much from someone who appreciates the journey and the tremendous gift you’ve given the autoimmune community.

My mom has MS and she has become a completely different person…I hardly recognize her physically and mentally. She can still walk and get around, do chores and cook for her husband, but she has aged 15 years in about 5 years, went from 120 lbs to 165 in a matter of months, She has intense body pain and headaches, numbness, vision problems, she talks endlessly about pointless things and grievences, she gets rageful at the drop of a hat, she is addicted to pain killers, and there isn’t much there that reminds me of the parent I grew up with..I lost my father in 2004, and now I feel as if my mother is all but gone too. Maybe this would anger a lot of people suffering with this powerful illness, but I cannot enjoy the company of the person this has made her….Her bitterness and anger is way too intense to be around for more than small doses, and I know there is a direct connection to this disease for her. Can this paleo program help, and if so, how? It would be nice to see her regain 50 % of her physical functioning and even a 20-30% reduction in pain would make her condition more tolerable for her and the people who love her. Marshall

Absolutely! I personally know several people with MS who have put their diseases into complete remission with this protocol. I would recommend checking out and as additional resources.

PS-I don’t think there’s anything wrong with how you’re feeling about the personality changes you’re seeing in your mom. It’s pretty amazing that you are researching ways to help her in spite of losing enjoyment in her company. 🙂

Hi Sarah,

I’ve recently been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and have ordered your book. I’m really looking forward to taking some positive action to try and improve things.

This is a tip for anyone in the UK who wants to buy your book. Order from Amazon .com not Amazon!

My estimated delivery date is between Feb 14th and March 14th – a long wait BUT the book + postage has cost me $33.25 (just over £20) as opposed to the £38 being asked on Amazon UK.

There are options to upgrade to 2 faster services, which I didn’t check out so can’t give details on those.

I hope this helps people in the UK. This is probably also worth trying if you live in other parts of the world.


Thank you for the information! We have had many people ask about when the book will be available internationally. — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

I’ve just started reading. For the second edition, you should double check your amino acids on page 27. Alanine, aspargine, and tryptophan have mistakes (and possibly others, those are just the ones I noticed.) It’s not really important for the content or message of the book, but I thought I would let you know so you can fix it in the next edition. Looking forward to reading through the rest of the book!

I wasn’t sure the best place to post this, so I chose here. For those of you who have read and/or own The Paleo Approach and have implemented (heck even those who eat whatever!) the AIP diet; I just made the carob ganache tortes from the cookbook excerpt that is in back and OMG they are sooooooo delicous!!! It was all I could do to not eat all 4 of them! I highly recommend this recipe to anyone who is missing chocolate (like I certainly am!) and are able to tolerate coconut products (I do well with oil and gum free milk, but not so good yet with flesh ie butter and flakes). The only thing I might do next time I make them is cut back on the vanilla, other than that; SUPERB! Thank you Sarah for your awesome book and I cannot wait for the cookbook!

btw the other 4 excerpt recipes look fantastic as well I plan to make each one! :)))

what type of carob powder did you use? I found raw and roasted. I saw that recipe also and it does sound very yummy and should work not only for me on AIP, but my son who’s allergic to chocolate!

I used Chatfield’s, which is roasted. I found it at whole foods, but I’m sure you can get it online. Haven’t tried or even seen a raw carob powder. I hope you and your son like the recipe!

The Paleo Approach is a must read for anyone wanting to understand what autoimmune disease is, how it is caused and how to add additional healing to yourself through food (if you require medications). This book helped me understand why my daughter got ill and how to help her heal. In the same process, we discovered as a family that autoimmune disease runs through our gene pool from both sides of the family… we have adopted a Paleo, clean-eating approach to our dietary regime. My goal is to “pay” the grocer – not the pharmacist.

I would love to see an app for quick refernce purposes when shopping, etc. do you think you’ll do something like that?

My dad has Myasthenia Gravis and is just starting to eat solids after 8 months of nuticious shakes and build up soups. Could Paleo help him??

Have ordered the book and signed up for your newsletter. Did not get the Quick Start Guide mentioned which I was really looking forward to. At least it isn’t in my inbox although I have added you to my address book. ??? Am really anxious to get started. I have Hashimoto’s and my husband has multiple problems due to a leaky gut. Also ordered the cookbook. I have email but do not do facebook or any of the other social media sites ie twitter etc. Hope that isn’t necessary to receive this information.

After signing up for the newsletter via the form on this site, you should receive a confirmation e-mail. After you confirm, you should receive another e-mail with the link to the Quick Start Guide. They may appear in your spam folder. Have you received either of those e-mails? – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

Thanks for your reply Christina. I received the email asking me to confirm which I did yesterday but did not get the one with the link to the Quick Start Guide. I have checked all incoming mail. It is not in spam and shouldn’t be since I did add you to my address book.

Thanks Christina. Had tried resubscribing before and it told me I was already subscribed. Tried again and this time it seems to have worked. Hopefully will get the Quick Start Guide this time. Appreciate your help.

Thank you so much for posting this awesome tour of your book. I have watched it twice. I just ordered it on Amazon. I can’t imagine the time and energy it took to write and research such a book, but I am so thankful that you did. I have MS and this is the direction I have begun to follow. I know your book will help me get healthy!! Thank you Sarah!


When you follow the Paleo Approach fruit the only carbohydrates you will get? I get dizzy when not having more carbohydrates in my diet than fruit. Or will I get used to it?

Regards Annika

I have your cookbook and have made the Maple Shortbread Cookies but they aren’t turning out the picture. Mine are very flat. i am using coconut sugar instead of maple sugar and wonder if that is causing it. Please advise because they taste wonderful but would like then to look pretty too. Thank you

I have just finished reading your Paleo Approach book and I think it’s one of the best science related books I’ve ever read. I’ve already recommended it to several patients with autoimmune diseases. I just love how scientific yet understandable to laymen it is. It established an interest in biochemistry and physiology 9 years of med school was unable to inspire. So, in short, thank you for a great book.

I want to thank you Sarah for all your hard work and your generous access to your knowledge.

I ‘ve been on health roller coaster of why I was in so much in pain/ no energy/ rashes and heat weasels all over …. I started with wheat belly and it was helpful however I felt I was missing something it started me on a better path of knowledge!

Of the why’s and the major changes in our food supply!
My butt was inflamed like on fire… For like a year I really saw something was wrong, and the continued heat weasels than my body wasn’t absorbing nutrients and I ate a lot of good food however my weight was always stable at 115lbs than in the last 6 months I losts like 15 lbs I didn’t need to lose …. Your information was the missing link … I started on your autoimmune protocol thinking maybe this is it/ in the last 1 month and a bit with your information posted..
I started implementing your system, it was the nightshades missing link ….

I also found out a couple of them were sneaky in my mutisource vitamins… I even contacted the company they probably didn’t realize they were poisoning people with green pepper and the leaves?!? Yes I said that right!
My weight has stabalize at 103 pounds now thankfully … I don’t want to lose my breasts lol

I also bought your book and your cook book and amazing wealth of information….Great job!!

I was already gluten free/ wheat/ corn/ dairy free last 1/2 years than made a deeper cut with your knowledge !

Absolutely no nightshades ever not taking any chances the way that was the missing link…even my skin is calming down.

I can adapt to whatever I need to do … It’s the easiest remedy not to eat it!!!

For 10 bites of food and being a month in pain is not worth it.
Not to mention the continued havoc it’s doing in on my insides!

Eggs I will try later when my body stabilizes .

Sarah you saved my life, GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMIlLY, and I’am recommending your book and cookbook to everyone great value, I only wish I knew and found you earlier !!!!
I figure by the end of the year, I should be getting on top of the world and really living again, I have missed a lot however I can see the light and in the knick of time too!
With love,
Take care of you and thank you, your book was worth every penny, Amazing!

Hi Sarah !
Are your books available in French? my mom does not read so well in English ( french Canadian 😉 )
If not do you have good recommendations for french AIP books?

Thanks !

Dr. Ballantyne,

I recently came across your cookbook. I am pleasantly surprised that you offer suggestions for those of us who suffer from weight gain issues. I am looking to buy this book, but in addition I would like to buy it for my aunt, who is incredibly thin. However, I don’t know if your books are translated in Spanish.

Can you please let me know where I can buy your book in Spanish?

I don’t believe it has been translated into other languages at this point. But you could contact the publisher, Victory Belt, to request it. Maybe if enough people request a translation they will do it! -Kiersten

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