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This project evolved considerably as I delved into it. To see the amazing resource book that The Paleo Approach became see this post and have a look at this video tour from my YouTube Channel:

The Paleo Approach by Sarah BallantyneWell, at least I hope so! I hope that my book is worth waiting for! I also hope that my book is a “best thing”!

By now, if you have pre-ordered my book (and thank you for doing so if you have!!!), you have probably already received an e-mail from amazon letting you know that the expected shipping date has changed. You may have also noticed that I changed the release date in the advertisement on my sidebar.  Yes, the book will be coming out a little later than originally planned–the new release date is October 22nd, 2013.

So, what happened?

No one knew when I started this project just how BIG it was going to be. When we set the release date and my deadlines for turning in the material, the book was only a 24-page outline. This is my first book. So,  I really had no way to gauge just how many words it would take to explain what I wanted to explain and cover all of the topics I wanted to cover. Okay, yes, starting with a 24-page outline should have been a big clue that this book was going to be encyclopedic in scope, but at no time did I anticipate having a conversation with my publisher about the physical limits of book binding.  And my publisher, Victory Belt, who has published most of the best-selling paleo books out there, had no way to anticipate that what I was talking about doing would actually turn into a book of this magnitude. If any of us had known, it probably would have been two books. Or it would have been bound in hardcover and the sticker price would have been double. And, you know what this means? It means that my book is a completely spectacular good deal!

So, what happened is that when we set deadlines and the release date way back when I started this adventure, we were anticipating a book literally a third the size. Victory Belt has never published a book this big with so many different components (or “moving parts” as my publisher likes to call them). We just need more time to edit this beast, pull together all the graphic elements, and make sure that the quality of this book is top notch. For all the time and effort and self sacrifice that I have invested into this book, it’s important to me that we don’t skimp on this process. I want this book to be perfect (yeah, yeah, I know it won’t be perfect and I know typos always get missed, but it’s still a worthy goal). I want this book to help people, to have a real and wide-spread positive impact (and I hope you do too!).

How big is this book? Gargantuan. Think The Paleo Solution, The Paleo Answer and Practical Paleo all in one book, but focused on autoimmune disease. Of course, don’t think this book is just for those with autoimmune diseases because I have gone into details about how foods interact with the gut and the immune system that are broadly applicable to everyone. And I am super proud of my recipes. And my photography, actually (especially given the much lower quality photos I published on the blog when I first started). This book will be useful to anyone who wants to understand how food impacts our health, how lifestyle factors impact our health, and who want a really inventive cookbook too.

Where am I at? I turned in Part 2 of the book and two of the appendices last week (Part 1 was turned in in early April and is already being edited and sent to the graphics design team to start in on the illustrations). AND I turned it in on time!  Woot!  Parts 1 and 2 together are about 187,000 words.  There’s something like 30,000 more words in the appendices and I’m still working on a glossary of terms (there are 1185 references, which comprise about 25,000 words just on their own). I have no way to predict how many words the recipes will add, but I think it’s typically for recipes to add 30-50,000 more words. Just to give you some comparison, Practical Paleo (my favorite paleo resource guide for anyone who is trying to figure out which of the many paleo books out there to buy before mine is available!) was about 90,000 words (including recipes).  I am not exaggerating when I use words like gargantuan. And I am not exaggerating when I say that we are still trying to figure out how to format this book so that we can physically bind it (and still be able to read it!). Maybe we should do a special edition next year in hardcover…

In fact, this book is so big that when I went back to edit Parts 1 and 2 before turning them in, I didn’t remember writing a large proportion of what I was editing (I did write it though! Promise!). It was very surreal, reading my own words but without really remembering writing them… like reading someone else’s book but with a déjà vu type feeling of familiarity (ever accidentally read a novel that you read years and years ago but forgot that you read?… feels kinda like that). The cool thing is that this distances me a little from the writing so I can be a little more objective about it (and while I am still clearly biased, I do have to say that what I am reading is pretty darned good!).

I am now in full cookbook mode, which is Part 3 of The Paleo Approach (okay, the glossary is still science mode, but other than that it’s cookbook time). I am writing shopping lists and meal plans, frantically trying to finish a few recipes I really want to include, rephotograph recipes that I developed early on and that the photography is just not up to par, going through thousands of photos, and typing up the 105 plus recipes that are scribbled in three different notebooks (at this point, I am anticipating about 120 recipes in the book).  And, I’ve got two weeks to finish.

So, I hope you can be patient with me while I continue to focus most of my energy on finishing this book (the rest goes toward being a wife and mom) rather than creating new content for the blog. And I hope that waiting an extra month for my book won’t seem like too much of a hardship.  I am working extremely hard to make sure that it will be worth the wait.


Definitely worth the wait! Sounds like it’s gonna be awesome. Can’t wait to read it. Much respect for taking the time to do it well though (and, I hope, without wrecking yourself in the process).

Thanks! I’ve been meaning to write a post about “how to write an encyclopedic book without wrecking your health”, but I figure the jury is still out on that. 🙂 I’m doing okay right now. Having parts 1&2 done have been a huge weight off my shoulder. 🙂 but, I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to being done! My husband jokes that I won’t have any idea what to do with myself! 🙂

Truly looking forward to it. I think it will be a great help to many, many people who want to take their health in their own hands.

Hi! I have a question about the autoimmune protocol. I’ve been eating a low carb diet since november, trying to loose weight and see if that could help me to get rid of my eczema. It didn’t get any better so in my search for a cure I found your blog a few days ago and I started to follow the autoimmune protocol the same day. Now, my eczema (and even my asthma) is getting worse and itchier than before! Is that something that can happen in the beginning, before it starts to get better? Should I stop or hold on to the AIP?

It can. Give it about 2-4 weeks before you start tinkering. Do make sure you are eating tons of veggies, getting lots of cruciferous veggies and greens especially, eating lots of fish and organ meat too.

Thanks för reply 🙂 ok, that sounds good, hopefully it starts to get bettet soon. I’m allergic to fish, any suggestions what i can take to get some Omega-3 into me? I’ve been taking coldpressed linseed oil ( think you call it flaxseed? )but that’s coming from a seed so that might not be optional when i’m on the aip?

Think about how often books like Practical Paleo get quoted and recommended – that is going to be your book next year! Such an undertaking but an amazing contribution to the field and something you can be really proud of, typos and all. It will be worth waiting for!!

I was hoping you would say that your book would actually be coming out earlier, like August! Oh well, just want to thank you for basically writing “the Bible” on auto-immune diseases and what it is and how we can all take action to help ourselves get better. Before I found your website I had no idea of all the foods that I should be giving up. Your website, Facebook page and soon to be book are all eye-openers for auto-immune sufferers.

I am a little disappointed for the delay…only because I have been so helped by all the info from your website that I knew that I wanted to get my hands on your book ASAP! 😉 But I do have Practical Paleo, and Mickey’s ebook, so it’s a good start. I just know there are some things I still need to tweak in my diet in order for healing, and I want all the info I can get. All your hard work, and info you have put on your site (and the two books I mentioned above) have saved my life. I went gluten free and nightshade free before Paleo, but I still suffered so much, with so many allergies and sensitivities, including mold, which seems difficult to do ferments. I knew IT had to be in my gut. I am an RN, so I should have known all that stuff about your immune system being so connected to your digestive system…and I guess I did…I just didn’t know how to fix it. I kept trying different things and combinations of foods and eliminating things. But I had honestly never heard of Paleo. I wish i had discovered it at least two years ago. I remember one day lying on my bed staring at my pantry shelf crying, because I was SO hungry, but every time I ate something, I became so sick and miserable. I was starving to death, literally, losing muscle mass, and yet…those pounds of bloat and fat around my middle stayed. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. My kids suffered too. Now, though I am not completely healed yet, I feel SO much better, am down to a stronger 135 lbs (I yoyo-ed between 165 and 185 for years until I started starving because I couldn’t eat), hubby has lost 20 lbs, and one of my son’s proudly eats whatever I tell him now even if he doesn’t like it because he has discovered that it improves his performance for football. He is only 12, but even he knows eating well gives him energy and makes him feel good. This boy has been a lifelong picky eater! At 33 years old, I might be getting my life back! Plus, I can’t even tell you how much this lifestyle has helped my youngest, bipolar child. Sensory issues, anxiety, etc. This is the boy who they said actually looked “autistic on paper” because of all the reactions. LIFE CHANGING AND LIFESAVING. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you complete this journey. Many, many blessings to you for all the work you have done and the faithfulness and commitment you have displayed. Thank you. Patiently awaiting…..:)

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