More Info on The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)

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I am trying to find a replacement for coconut milk!! I am on the AIP and low histamine protocol, what adds that creaminess to soups if you are allergic to coconut????? Anyone have a suggestion?!?!

I’ve been using cauliflower or parsnips with coconut oil to add creaminess to my puree type soups. I use an immersion blender, but I’m sure a Vitamix would do the same job.

I purchased your book and am so grateful for all the research you did and the clarity with which you present things. I was motivated to purchase it because I have a rare condition called Erythromelalgia (feet on fire). I did not, however, see this included in the long list of autoimmune diseases. Do you know if this is, in fact, an autoimmune condition?

Again, thank you for the information you published. I am only one week into the AIP and am hoping some relief awaits me on the other side.


Hi there! I also suffer from erythromelalgia and raynauds. The Internet seems to be mixed about whether AP helps raynauds, but I couldn’t find anything about EM. Have you had any success?

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