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How To Eat Paleo

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I have been reading about the paleo diet and am really interested in making the switch to it. My main concern is that many/alot of recipes call for tree nuts which I can’t eat due to an allergy. Can I just replace those with seeds i.e. pumpkin, sunflower, cashews? Thank you!

Hi , I have just started the paleo diet for six days now . I have been ill since Xmas with throat ear kidney infections constantly and shingles plus vertigo . I am now experiencing headaches and muscle aches all over my body since I went on this . I suffer from under active thyroid as well and at present can barely function due to extreme fatigue dizziness and weakness in legs . Will this diet make me better and how long will it take for symptoms to go away .please I would appreciate any advice . I have bought both your books and I’m loving reading them . Many thanks

Everyone is different and how long it takes to feel better varies from person to person. For personalized medical/dietary advice, Sarah has consultants available at – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

I love your website and Facebook page! It looks like your books are not yet out,….. is that correct?… I will definitely be preordering one, or both… as I think there are two that I can see….I am loving the recipes I have tried so far from you. I am printing each off and putting together a 3 ring binder as my main cookbook… any other suggestions?…. Keep them coming as this Paleo lifestyle has saved my husbands health and I am feeling to much better on it and lost weight too! thanks for all you do!

The Paleo Approach comes out in two weeks tomorrow. The companion cookbook will be out at the end of May. Both are available for pre-order now. As for recipes, some of my favorites food bloggers are Paleo Parents, Primal Palate, Nom Nom Paleo, The Clothes Make The Girl, and Against All Grain.

I have just begun the Whole30 food plan. I read about your site & book in relation to that. My question after reading some of your Blog is this – if I cut eggs out for awhile what are some breakfast ideas? I’ve been doing pretty well following the Whole30 for lunch & dinner but I’ve been mostly eating eggs for breakfast.

I am really looking into Paleo. Can it heal my asthma and allergies to Dairy and peanuts. I also get alot of sinus and lung infections? I am losing weight but I want to feel healthy and less tired.

Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! My favorite part of the season is hanging out with my husband, our three teenagers and their friends. Looking forward to using some of your recipes for our son’s New Year’s Eve party! Do you have a favorite, easy, meaty finger food you like to make?

I just found out I’m allergic to bananas and eggs (among other things)… that severely limits my baking options [I am assuming that although plantains are different than bananas, they are in the same family and should be avoided]. Any suggestions?

I’ve been on the AIP for 2 months and considering stopping it because of drastic weight loss. I’m down to 96 pounds and still losing. I’ve tried to include lots of healthy fats, and I’m still losing. Any suggestions?

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