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Team Paleo Mom

As has grown in popularity and scope, so to has the need for a diverse and talented team.  The transition from hobby-blog to award-winning and intentionally renown website was made possible thanks to the dedication and hard work of both past and present employees, each of whom has been instrumental in keeping this website running as well as associated social media and projects. Below are the current members of the team:

Sarah Ballantyne, PhD Chief Executive Officer, Creator of

Charissa Talbot – Chief Operating Officer

Denise Minger – Content Creator and Research Assistant

Claire Wiseman – Digital Media Manager

Katie Pickworth – Content Creator and Research Assistant

The Paleo Mom Consulting

ThePaleoMom Consulting is a mechanism for you to get the expert 1-on-1 support and customization that you need to be successful in your health journey. My nutrition and health consultants see clients from anywhere in the world, and services range from a simple single session (for you to ask questions that don’t require a  complete review of your history) all the way to a Six-Month Transitions package geared to support you every step of the way.  ThePaleoMom Consulting also offers functional medicine evaluations.  If you’ve hit a roadblock and are doing everything right, this can be a very powerful way to figure out what the missing piece is.  Below are the current ThePaleoMom Consulting consultants:

Amy Kubal – Consultant

Mickey Trescott – Consultant

Angie Alt – Consultant

Anne Angelone – Consultant

Evan Brand – Consultant


Hi I downloaded the autoimmune book off of Dr. K’s website and I never received it- I downloaded it 2 or 3 days ago- It was 19 dollars. How long does it take to get it?

Which exact e-book are you referring to? Can you please give the full name of the author? Thank you. — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

I dont’ know where to write this post:

I have been following this page, and facebook page for awhile. I’m doing right know the AIP, recovering from adrenal fatigue and looking for the triggers for my hormonal acne (thanks God it’s just few pimples each month). I’m Mexican, I live in Monterrey, Mexico (close from Texas).

I’d like to offer my translation services (English to Spanish) to you. Because I’ve been looking for Spanish informationa about Paleo or AIP, and I haven’t find enough (just one page) reliable. I’d really like to contribute to your team.

I have been in this health journey for about 2 years. Nowadays I contribute four hours a day to be the assisstant of a Health Coach in Mexico. And I’m looking for the Certification at the Institute of Psychology of Eating, but I’m saving money 🙂

Thanks a lot for reading this,
Claudia Balboa de Quinto

Hi Claudia:

I just found this and thought you might like to read this about acne. I can attest to this guys research because I was on AIP and my skin was clearer than ever (had acne previously) when I really stuck with it and then I added back in dairy, alcohol, sugar, high carb and BOOM – I immediately had acne breakouts start.

I love all the information and books I have from all of you! Thanks so much for your hard work.
I am looking for a recipe for ice cream with fresh coconut milk. I am surrounded with fresh coconuts, but all the recipes I find are made from canned coconut milk. Thank you, Ginger

I can’t see anywhere where this question is tackled, nor any active threads on which to ask it so I’m depositing it here in the hope it will be found and answered!! I have very advanced vitiligo – how would I know when the AIP is working and when I to try re-introducing foods? (I hold no hopes of repigmentation). I’d like to try it before I collect another AI condition but am daunted by the managing the restrictions in our household (which is supportive of my food issues but not AIP supportive…)

Hi I am interested to get the recipes & shopping lists posted out weekly. Once I subscribe do I just get the app?
I would like to receive the shopping list & recipes on Thursday if possible.
Are your recipes for 1 adult?
It is for myself & my son who is a growing 12 year old with a big appetite.
We need a few snack type things like homemade muesli bars or muffins for after sport & after school..
He has fatal allergies to all nuts & shellfish but is ok with fish.
I am type 1 diabetic, not sure if you can tell how many carbs are in each recipe?
We will start on the Paleo then progress to the anti inflammatory Paleo
Thankyou if you can answer all my questions

Hello, I can’t figure out how to contact you so I’m going to leave an email here. Do you have a customer service link? I would like a refund on the book Go to Bed. I purchased 5/11/16.

Hello, I am confused and hope someone can help. I know that sweet potatoes are a mainstay and actively used, however I just can’t eat them. I have been this way all my life and I just gag. I cannot do sweet foods with my savory. Is there a regular potato I can use instead?

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