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I have been dealing with Psoriasis for the past 8 months and have tried practically everything from light therapy, to cyclosporine, to a variety of topical, etc. I recently finished your book, the Paleo approach and have started to implement the eating habits, yet I seem to have flare ups and am pretty red all over my body including my scalp. Additionally, my skin drys within minutes. Is there a way to ease into the diet so my body can adjust more? I am going to read GAPS today, but I know from experience that my body cannot handle dairy or eggs as it causes me to itch. Have you or any of your consulting coaches had an experience healing someone with severe psoriasis. I have worked with 8 different doctors and all the medication has made it worse.

Please let me know asap. I am desperate and hate reacting to so many food items and looking like this.


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