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Nut-Free Baking


(always read the recipe introductions for modifications)


Main Dishes

Side Dishes

Soups and Stews




I went out and bought all the stuff to make the paleo granola, but now I can’t open the recipe??? I have a little girl who is anxiously waiting for it :).

There is no screen to capture… it’s totally blank, almost like it is hung up but even if I wait for a while, it doesn’t come up.

Hi there, my mother just started the 30-day autoimmune diet and the thing she misses the most is bread. Do you have any recipe for bread that is AIP-friendly? Also, what types of flour can I use, if any?

Hi there, my mother has recently started the 30 day autoimmune paleo diet. The thing she misses the most is bread. Do you know any AIP-friendly recipes for bread? Also what kinds of flour can she use to bake, if any?

Hi, I have a number of autoimmune symptoms, and I have just gotten a copy of your book. You mentioned you have reintroduced eggs back into your diet, but you can only eat a certain type. Also, to avoid the seed spices, seeds and nuts. How do you know what foods you react to or not? I have also been reading about the Whole30 Paleo plan. They mention that seeds and nuts are okay. I am just beginning to get on the Paleo diet to help my overall health. I am hoping your information will help me to heal myself.

The Paleo Approach is Paleo with additional restrictions for autoimmune patients. That’s how you figure out what foods you are sensitive to — you eliminate them for a time to let your body recover, then add them back in one by one to see how you react. The book has more detailed instructions. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

HELP! I lost the nut free dairy free cheese made from cauliflower & I can’t find it again, can someone please post a link or send it to me or something!
Thank You

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