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What a discovery!  A warm, hearty hot cereal full of flavor and as versatile as traditional porridge and just as easy too!  It reheats very well so you can save time during the week by making a big batch and reheating in the microwave each morning (just add a little water to thin it out to your liking).  You can also grind the nuts in the evening to save some time in the morning.  My kids love it as an occasional breakfast treat with some honey added for sweetness, but this is completely optional (I like it without any honey).  Base recipe is for one large bowl (about 1 cup).

Paleo Porridge


1.    Process coconut, walnuts, almonds, pepitas and flaxseed together in a blender or food processor until finely ground and blade starts to seize.
2.    Boil water in a kettle or in the microwave.  Pour into a microwave-safe container (I like to use a Pyrex measuring cup) and mix in honey if using.
3.    Stir ground nuts into hot water.
4.    Heat in microwave on high for 30 seconds.  Stir once more.  Alternatively, heat over medium-low heat in a small saucepot stirring constantly for 4-5 minutes until it almost simmers. Let sit for 3-5 minutes to thicken.  Enjoy!

Variations:  Just like traditional porridge, you can stir in some extra ingredients at the end to change the flavor.  Here are some ideas, but feel free to experiment!

Do you need help finding any ingredients?  Check out  Important Pantry Items for the Paleo Baker.


I think any other nut would work. They are more for flavor than for texture (coconut and flax handles the texture part) Pecans maybe? I bet macadamias would be awesome. Or just use more almonds. 🙂

Just made this for my four-year-old who used to eat oatmeal. We added about 2 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp cinnamon, with blueberries on top. I think it tasted like a dessert. My little one shouted “yum!” Thanks for the great recipe.

I’m eating some of this right now and it is delicious! I’ve always loved my oatmeal and since going grain-free about three weeks ago I’ve been looking for something to replace it. This hits the spot!

I replaced the walnuts with pecans and I used milk instead of water. I cooked mine on the stove-top because we don’t have/use a microwave. I just put the milk and nut meal in a small saucepan and stirred it and watched it closely until it started to steam. Turned out perfect! Thank you!

I was just going to ask this question. We don’t have a microwave either. I wouldn’t use milk for me but maybe for kids. Shouldn’t nuts be soaked and dried ahead of time. Then, that kind of makes this a lengthy process.

I was wondering if you could just soak the nuts/seeds overnight and then blend, or would that make for a different consistency?

I don’t think it would be the same consistency. But it would be awesome to come up with a sprouted version of this that didn’t taste like grass (er, that would be me not liking the flavor of sprouted nuts).

I’ve just made some and am eating it now and this really is so good. I made mine with coconut milk, put a banana in it and lots of honey and blueberries on top. I live in the UK and am such a porridge freak but threw away the last of my oats when I went paleo a few months back. I can see me making a job lot of this to see me through the cold winter’s mornings when they come!
Thank you for a delicious recipe that more than replaces an old grain favourite. 🙂

OK…finally tried it…YUM. And so filling! I’m interested to see how long before I’m hungry again. Will be making big batches on the weekend when school starts to make easier mornings.

Tried this as oatmeal both my kids love! My son didn’t like it, but I’m not ready to give up. I want to try slowly changing it over by adding some of the nuts that you suggest here. I have put flaxseed in and he’s okay with that. Maybe I’ll try adding almonds as well?

Hi I am in the uk and I have just entered the ingredients into my calorie calculator and it comes out at a huge 1367 cals for all the above ingredients…is this really correct for 1 portion? I would love to try this porridge but that amount of calories is what I have for the whole day!!! Any advice very welcome.

Wow – that seems huge! I just made and had this for breakfast and it was delicious, but certainly not something I will eat a lot of at that quantity of calories. That’s 2 meals worth really.

But it was definitely delicious 🙂

If you are eating a diet of whole foods, good fats, etc… Especially a paleo one, calories shouldn’t be of any concern. It is a myth that a calorie equals a calorie.

I have to agree with Sarah on this. Plus, if 600 calories is the equivalent of 2 meals for you, that would mean you only eat 900 calories a day (give or take) — which is most certainly unhealthy.

Sluggomarie, not if she is eating roughly every three hours per day, as that is best for metabolism. 6 times a day of 300 calories would be about 1800, perfect parameters for either weight maintenance or weight loss, depending on activity level.

Deanna Keir, RN
Certified Health Coach

I was eating every 3 hours or so at that point in time, which was why I had some concerns. I was also intermittently fasting as well, which is why I was conscious of calories.

I’ve since done away with both of those eating regimes. I now eat Paleo with the occasional non-paleo treat on special occasions. I eat 3 times a day and make sure my meals have a combo of protein, veg and good fats. Feel great and very rarely feel the need/urge to snack at all.

Dear PaleoMom,
Quick question, if I made multiple quantities of this, how long would it keep in an airtight container? I know it would be best freshly prepared but I know what I’m like dashing about in the mornings trying to get out to work on time!
Many thanks. 🙂

I have made this recipe about 6 times now and love it. I never make anything the same way twice, so the last time I made it I added coconut milk and frozen cherries to the blender and left it cold. It’s excellent every time.
Thanks! Heidi

Thank-you I’m a happy bunny but I’m already eyeing up the next challenge, a paleo powered 69 mile ultra marathon 🙂 will have to consume a lot of porridge to get there. I plan on mixing the dry ingredients in bulk so I can just add water or like this morning coconut milk whenever i fancy it. Thanks again! mmmmmm

Oh my word, only 1 out of 3 like regular porridge, but ALL of my kids loved your Paleo Porridge! Thank you, I was getting tired of making eggs and my one oatmeal lover was giving me grief over missing out.

This has become a breakfast staple. I like it more than grain-based porridge! I cook it on the stove in coconut milk with blueberries and a touch of agave. Thank you so much!!!!

Is it possible to replace the flax with something else, maybe ground almonds??? I find I’m in agony for days if I eat flax no matter how finely ground it is. Thanks

Can’t afford nuts in this quantity every day – that would mean £4 breakfasts (non-organic nuts, too). Not feasible. Oats makes for a 40p breakfast. 10x cheaper prices is significant.

When you are mixing the nuts are you looking for a dry mealy result or do you go longer to a nut butter type consistency? Also I just got a sample of milled flax seeds, is that what I want for this? Thanks so much for your help! I’m 2 weeks into living a Paleo life and I’m loving it and feeling great and your website is a HUGE help!

Hello!! Recipe is wonderful, BUT, curious if you know which ingredient may be causing a stomach, could it be the unsweetened coconut, due to the saturated fats??

Hi Paleomom,

love your website and these recipes. I have been making this paleo porridge for a couple of weeks and it is both delicious and filling. My only concern is that I have recently been reading about nuts, seeds, legumes and so on and they say nuts and seeds still contain things like lectins, phytic acid etc and can lead to intestinal damage and all the other stuff if consumed regularly. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on the matter and whether I need to worry about eating this on a daily basis? All the best!

I think that if you are healthy, your stress is well managed and you are getting enough sleep, daily nuts is not a problem as long as you aren’t going nuts on nuts (pardon the pun) and eating a healthy variety of other foods. Phytic acid is smaller quantities is a cancer preventative and may have some health benefits (great post here ) and most foods we eat contain some (great tables of phytic acid content of foods here ).

Hi lizzy
I’m in UK too, you can buy measuring cups in most shops here now, like big measuring spoons. Make life much easier with liquid and dry ingredient 🙂

I weighed out the ingredients preparing for morning prep:

coconut: 22g
walnuts: 30g
almonds (used whole): 44g
pumpkin seeds: 15 g
flaxseed meal: 6g

water 4 oz

Honey to taste

Hope this helps!

Just curious if you’ve ever done any research on the microwave? It was suggested to me to avoid it to help my son’s leaky gut type issues, and it seems to have helped alot! But I can’t find definitive research since both sides have such support 🙂

Also, we can’t have the shredded coconut. What could I sub that with? Thanks!

I have done extensive research on the use of a microwave and have absolutely no reservations whatsoever in its use. Someday I will actually write a post about it (I talk about it in The Paleo Approach). You can sub whatever ground nuts you want for the coconut.

Microwaves basically overheat your food to the point where it isn’t the same food anymore. It’s been zapped of any nutrients it had. That’s the non-scientific version of the explanation. I absolutely avoid and haven’t had one in more than 10 years. You can look on; I think he has done articles on it.

This is a great recipe! My 14 yr old son, who is on the autism spectrum, doesn’t like different foods,and used to eat oatmeal all the time, loved this. I used maple syrup and with pecans on top. I don’t have pepitas right now so I used extra sliced almonds, plus 1/2 T chia meal and 1/2 T flax meal. I ate it and within an hour my body was screaming for protein, so I’ll use this as an extra once in a while. I mixed up a double batch using almonds, cashews, walnuts and hazelnuts, chia and flaxmeal. Tomorrow my son wants it with peaches, maple syrup and pecans. Thanks for a winner!

Trying this again. I had everything written, went to send it and internet connection crashed….lost it all :./ Anyway, great recipe Sarah. My 14 yr old son, who is on the autism spectrum, doesn’t always like remakes of old favorites like oatmeal, loved this with maple syrup and pecans…also added some coconut milk. I had to use extra almonds, since I was out of pepitas and used a combination of chia and flax meals. I ate it also but within an hour my body was screaming for protein, as in meat, so I’ll use this as a side at breakfast now and then. I made a double batch to have on hand using almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, chia and flax meal. My son wants it for breakfast again tomorrow with peaches, pecans and maple syrup. Thanks for another winner!

This is delicious!!! I made it yesterday and loved it. I used pecans instead of walnuts. Yummm! I also discovered that I prefer it raw with almond milk. It’s like eating amazing homemade granola that’s been crushed. I’m definitely addicted!!

You just got 12 thumbs up! I made a quadruple batch and my husband and all four boys loved this! I used maple syrup since I’m low on honey and it was lovely. Pinning it so I’ll have it around until I memorize it. Thanks!

Hi Sarah, I’d love to try this as oatmeal is big in our small family. One problem is almonds, tho. I read through the comments and didn’t find a substitution?
Thx in advance.

There is no way my food processor is going to seize up… i make nut butters with it all the time. What kind of final consistency am i looking for? Right now it’s kind of mealy… i’m worried i’m going to turn it into a butter!

this is just so so good! I tripled the recipe and have it handy in the frig to pull out when I need a snack. I didn’t need the honey as I found the coconut a good sweetner and I always have a sliced banana to pour it over!!! Oh, didn’t have the pumpkin seeds and it was just fine!

Ive just tried this for breakfast, as a previos lover of porridge I didnt think it was similar at all, more like a weetabix but I totaly loved it and will be seeing if I can get my husband on to this and off his morning fix of cereal. (I burn the grenola)!

Has anyone baked this to you try create a breakfast biscuit? I may try, then my teenage daughter would be happy at breakfast time too.

YUM!!! This is awesome! I think I’m going to toss in some dried fruit next time to add chewiness, thank you so much!

This looks fantastic, I have a question though, what would you suggest in place of walnuts as I’m allergic to them? I would love to try this, and I bet my daughters would love it too, unfortunately with the walnuts it would be a recipe for disaster. Thoughts?

Hi Paleomom, do you have any views on the grain, sorghum, which is a type of grass? Does it contain anything harmful, similar to lectins or gluten, or is it “safe” to eat in a porridge?

HI Sarah,
I’m new to the whole Paleo thing, and have just read your book, The Paleo Approach; so much to take in! Really looking forward to getting the cookbook, too. But I’m confused about something – in The Paleo Approach, you say that nuts & seeds are not part of a Paleo diet (pp. 81, 104, 107140). Why, then, would you recommend making a whole meal out of them? Not trying to be critical – just trying to understand as a newbie 🙂

The Paleo Approach discusses Paleo for autoimmune disease, or the autoimmune protocol. It is not the same as the Paleo diet, which does include nuts and seeds. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

[…] Paleo Porridge » The Paleo Mom – Paleo Porridge. February 24, 2012 in Categories: Breakfast by ThePaleoMom. … It is not the same as the Paleo diet, which does include nuts and seeds. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant. Reply « Older Comments; Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Connect with me! […]

Do you know approximately how many servings this makes? I would think that with over 3/4 of a cup of nuts/seeds it would make more than one serving?

So this is an 800 calorie breakfast. Is this what I should expect once I take the Paleo leap? Seems like 800 calories in a single meal is too much!

use bone broth on place of water, delete honey. wen done add dulse on top so its savory. prob could add an egg to the pot while cooking for nice protein. i put eggs in oatmeal n the kids eat it, its custardy but they eat it savory, with dulse, no sugar.

i made this with cashews as I didn’t have sliced almonds. So yes I would say the type of nuts is interchangeable.

It was delish, best paleo porridge I’ve tried!

Wonderful ideas for your porridge, but I am shocked that a PhD Paleo-knowledgable Mom would still be using the microwave. I know that they are useful and save time, but they change the composition of foods–they are definitely not Paleo, any more than Gluten is. Many people, including me, follow your writings and you have much influence. Please consider stopping the use of microwave in your own home and stop recommending its use to others. Warmly, drwelch

I made this for breakfast today… It was incredible! What a fantastic idea and it tasted just like porridge/oatmeal. Thanks for this recipe!

Oh my god, this porridge is so good! And so easy to make! Just transitioning into paleo and feeling overwhelmed – this will definitely help!

Can this be frozen? Not sure I would want to each it every morning and a whole batch might go bad in the fridge after a few days.

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