Honey-Garlic Chicken Wings

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These are ridiculously delicious wings and great for anyone avoiding nightshades.  If you cook them on the barbecue (which is the way we like them!), they end up as a “dry” wing (they are still moist and tasty though!).  You can also cook them in the marinade in the oven for a sticky, gooey wing (but these will also have more sugar this way).  They are delicious either way!

Honey-Garlic Chicken Wings


1.    Heat honey, lemon juice, water, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and ginger in a small saucepan over medium-high heat.  Turn heat down to low once it starts to simmer and let simmer for 5 minutes.  Remove from heat and let cool.
2.    Pour marinade over chicken wings (I like to do this in a large ziplock bag but you could do this in a bowl or baking dish too).  Let marinade in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours (the more the better).
3.    Barbecue chicken wings until cooked, turning once (something like 20 minutes total, depending on how hot your barbecue is).  Alternatively, place in a greased baking dish (or line with foil) and bake at 400F for 1 hour, turning once.  Enjoy!


Wheat-free tamari soy sauce is considered okay in small quantities on regular paleo (kind of the way green beans are considered okay even though they are technically a legume). It’s because the finished product doesn’t have a very high concentration of lectins or saponins. But, they are still there and sensitive individuals (like me) shouldn’t have any soy at all (the hardest part is finding chocolate without soy lecithin as an ingredient!) Since posting this, I’ve gone completely away from tamari soy sauce and use coconut aminos as a substitue (works great in this recipe). Thanks for reminding me to edit this!

New fan here! Lovely recipe! I have the chicken wings marinating right now…it’s only been about an hour but I want to bake them already! I hope this won’t take away from the flavor..I’ll have to report back how it went!

I’m making these to go with the Squash and Cranberries recipe I got from Paleoplan.com (great site too!)

Hi, I was going to make it with drumbeats, but didn’t find any, so decided on cutting up chicken breast in strips. Should I still bake it on 400? And for how long do you think?
Thank you!

I received 2 1/2 lbs of chicken wings in my poultry CSA and made this recipe tonight. I let the wings marinate all day and then baked them in the oven. Delicious!!!! We devoured them. Thank you!

Have you tried this on drumsticks/legs? With more meat, I’m guessing a longer marinade would be acceptable/called for – as well as a longer cooking time. Sounds delicious!

Omg!!! Amazing and do fast and easy to make. The kids even
asked for seconds and thirds!
There were no leftovers tonight. Thanks so much for all your
wonderful recipes!

I used this for a whole cut up chicken and veggie kabobs (Peppers, onions, grape tomatoes, and zucchini) this weekend and it was great. My mom really appreciated it as well because she is doing the Paleo Challenge. The veggies almost tasted better than the chicken and were a big hit with 3 or my 5 children.

I know you posted ths last year, but I found it today (YAY!). We’re camping and I’m in my second week of AIP. I didn’t have ACV and I had to sub fresh ginger and garlic. I also used some EVOO, fish sauce and lime ( with the lemon and coconut aminos). I also added some AIP friendly spices, pink salt and our wings grilled up deliciously! I’ve been feeling rather deprived, until now! Love your site and can’t wait for your book!

Thanks for an amazing recipe! We are just beginning a paleo diet and picked this as our first meal – what a great start! We grilled the wings and they were delicious – even our 3 year old ate three of them, and he usually only picks at his dinner! Definitely a keeper! Looking forward to trying out more recipes!

I used the marinade on some chicken tenders I diced up, then browned them in a pan with a little olive oil. I made a salad dressing to kinda mimic the flavors in the marinade then tossed it all in a salad. DELICIOUS!! Thanks so much for the great recipe!

I can’t have anything with soy or coconut because of food sensitivities. Is there anything I could use instead of the coconut aminos/tamari or do you think I could just leave it out?

Delicious! I wanted to make something for my workplace peoples, but didn’t have a ton of money. The chicken wings were on sale, and this was just a perfect chance to try this recipe. I spent a lot of time trimming those plain-jane chicken wings (that was work!!) and then marinated them overnight. I was skeptical of the marinade cuz just tasting a spoonful of it made me wince. Uh oh… YET, after 9 hours in the fridge, and then baking first thing in the morning, I have a huge tray of beautiful, delicious wingettes and drumettes (whatever they’re called now). Of course, I ate 4 pieces for breakfast. Oh so good… Thank you for this lovely recipe!! 🙂

Silly question alert: I’m planning on trying this amazing looking recipe tomorrow (with drumsticks), but am wondering whether I need a lid on it, in the oven?

H Paleo Mom this recipe sounds great but how can I substitute the honey.. I suffer from psoriasis and wa t to avoid any added sugar. Also, any suggestions for a dieg plan to cure me? Thanks in advance.

My kids LOVED this recipe! I made it 2 days in a row, once with wings and the next day with legs. So easy,, I will be making this a lot Thank you!!

Tried baking these at 400 flipped at 30 minutes. Checked back in 20 and they were burnt. I thought an hour at 400 seemed long. Next time I’ll try 40 minutes and flip at 20.

I’d like to say “I just made this!” but really it inspired me to make what I did. I skipped the aminos and forgot the lemon. AND I cooked them a completely different way… but the flavor was still awesome! I am definitely going to make them the way you suggest next time, especially the cooking technique. My skin came out perfect doing a stove top sauteee (cover on) then a quick trip into the oven for crisping but the meat was chewy (so I guess that’s what happens when you steam/boil them on the stove top first…). I can’t wait to try them again when the weather is nicer for grilling! Thanks for the great ideas!

these are amazing!! just baked them in the oven and had them for dinner. so flavorful and moist. definitely one of my favorite chicken recipes now!

Bake them using baking paper (or parchment paper) instead of foil (which leaches aluminium into your food at a certain heat). Great recipe 🙂

I just made this tonight for dinner and it was DELICIOUS. After I put the chicken in the oven, I added 1/4 cup of chicken broth to the leftover marinade and simmered it for ~45 minutes while I got the rest of dinner together. The result was some very, very delicious barbecue sauce. I never thought I’d get BBQ with paleo!

I have an Actifry that does a nice job cooking up nice crispy pub-like wings. Can I make the sauce and then toss the cooked wings in this or does this work better just as a marinade that needs to cook?

These were delicious and the whole family enjoyed them. I never made wings before, believe it or not, but will more often now. lol! Thanks!

Just curious…are the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar added just for flavor, or do they serve another purpose in the recipe?

Marinated the chicken wings last night and left them in the crock pot this morning…oh my, deliciousness! My husband said they fell from heaven! Thank you!

cooking @ 400 for an hour is crazy long. Check at 20 mins and they’ll probably be done, certainly by 30. This is what I did.

From what I’ve read it seems to be OK , but you can’t eat it in large amounts like other vegetables. If you are following a Paleo Diet for weight loss purposes solely, however, it is best to stay away from them.

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