Homemade “Hungarian” Sausage

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After giving up eggs (let’s hope it’s only temporarily!), I needed to find a satisfying breakfast protein.  Even low sodium bacon and store-bought sausage contain way more salt than I like to consume on a daily basis (after you sift through all the sausage labels for one without fillers!).  This left me with two alternatives: experiment with breakfast shakes (hard to keep the carbohydrate content down) or make my own sausage.  I was inspired by a recipe in Paleo Comfort Foods to try the latter.  It’s actually really easy to mix some good seasonings with some ground pork, form it into a patty and fry it.  You could buy casings and stuff sausages if you want (then maybe freeze them?), but this way works really well for me.  This seasoning mix mimics Hungarian sausage.  Play around with it and see what you like!

A quick note on salt:  I haven’t included any salt in my recipe because I find pork to be a naturally salty meat.  I encourage you to try it without salt and see if you can get used to it.  Otherwise, go ahead and add a little bit.

Homemade Hungarian Sausage


1.    Mix herbs and ground pork in a small bowl.  I like to get my hands right in to really make sure the spices are well mixed in.  Form four patties.
2.    Heat a skillet (cast iron is great here) over medium-high heat.  Add cooking fat to skillet.  Add sausage patties to skillet.
3.    Cook on the first side for approximately 10 minutes, until you can see the meat cooking on the edges and the underneath looks a little browned.  Flip.
4.    Cook on the second side for 7-8 minutes, or until cooked through.  Enjoy!


Hi Sarah,
It looks really tasty. I like your recipes very much. We usually use, here in Hungary :), braised onion and chopped parsley too. Instead of garlic powder, I think the fresh garlic is more healthy and maybe the taste of the meat is more intensive.

The original receipe actually is a mix of pork and beef, ( half and half) and for an extra juicy saussage add some bone soup and a little baking soda ( 1/2 tea spoon)

Do you use the spicy or mild paprika in these? Just curious, I usually use a mix of both. Love your recipes and information, so glad I found your site!

Asafoetida or asafetida is a spice that tastes like garlic and onion. You should be able to use that. I used it to cook for a GAPS diet client of mine.

add some sage if you want a more “breakfast sausage” taste. Also for something different try the “smoked paprika” it’s so yummy! 🙂 PS I agree, fresh garlic makes it so much better. I am Hungarian from NE Ohio and there was a little shop in a town called Fairport Harbor that made the most scrumptious homemade Hungarian garlic sausage!!

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