Garlic Beef Sausage

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I have grown very fond of experimenting with different sausage seasonings lately.  Because I am on the Autoimmune Protocol and can’t eat eggs, sausage has become my “go to” breakfast.  I achieve variety by changing up the seasonings and the fruits and veggies I eat on the side.  I also have been experimenting more with seasonings for beef sausage because the fats in grass-fed beef are better than the fats in pastured pork (which are typically supplemented with some grain) and because it’s easier to find on sale than pastured pork.  This is my current favorite sausage.  Note that some people on the Autoimmune Protocol can’t handle any seeds at all.  I’m okay with small amounts of seed-based spices, like what’s in this recipe.  So far, I just form sausage into patties when I make homemade sausage.  I would love someday to make a big batch to stuff into Sausage Casings and keep in my freezer though!  This is also a great way to make sausage for an egg scramble, frittata, or hash.  I’ve also started baking sausage instead of frying.  It turns out just as moist and delicious as frying but is decidedly easier. 


1.    If using whole caraway seed and/or coriander seed, grind  in a Spice Grinder or Magic Bullet
2.    Combine spices with beef and mix well (I like to use my hands for this step).
3.    Form sausage into patties (I typically make 3 or 4 patties per pound).  Alternatively, you could buy Sausage Casingsand stuff with the Sausage Stuffer attachment of your Meat Grinder.
4.    Heat tallow in a skillet over medium-high heat. 
5.    Cook sausage patties for 8-10 minutes on the first side.  Flip and cook for another 7-8 minute on the second side, until fully cooked.
6.    Alternatively, place sausage patties on a cookie sheet and bake at 400F for 18-20 minutes (no need to flip mid baking).


I’m always looking for a nice way to spice meatloaf and this sounds wonderful. I may even use the baked pattie method because that would cook way faster than a whole meatloaf.

Is there are reason that the caraway and coriander seeds are okay? And the mace? I’m totally lost on the “no seed based spices” thing. 🙁 Don’t know why no pepper, but we can have this stuff. ugh. Please help.

These beef sausages are AMAZING! This is the second time I’ve made them…I do 3lbs of local, grassfed beef at a time on a rimmed cookie sheet. The broth leftover on the cookie sheet is the MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER. It would be a waste to throw it away! I’m enjoying it for breakfast right now along with lemon cucumber noodles, fresh cranberries (for iodine!), and a tiny piece of Elana’s Pantry cinnamon apple cake. Great breakfast before work!

My mom needs to do the AIP because of her psoriatic arthritis, but she was VERY resistant to trying AIP. So my sister’s family, my sister-in-law, and I are all going to do AIP with her. Solidarity! Anyway, I guess I’m wondering how obvious it will be that there is/isn’t a sensitivity? Do the symptoms tend to “come back with a vengeance”, or will it be more subtle than that?

Usually it’s VERY obvious, but sometimes the symptoms can sneak up on you. When you get to reintroductions, I suggest keeping a journal and only reintroducing a new food every 5-7 days. And how awesome is that that you are your family are supporting your mother like this! Everybody should be so lucky as to have family like that!!!!

I know this is old, but hows your mom? My husband has psoriasis arthritis and trying to get him to go AIP……

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