Curry Cream of Carrot Soup

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Sometimes being forced to improvise is a good thing.  In the case of this soup, it’s a great thing!  As I stared into my fridge hoping for inspiration, I could see that the only thing I really had ingredients for was a dinner salad.  That’s not normally such a bad thing.  I like salad, especially with meat or seafood in it.  But it was cold outside and I knew that a cold dinner was just not going to satisfy.  So I started to pursue ideas for soup.  I happened to have a couple bags of really nice crispy, sweet fresh baby carrots.  Aha!  Inspiration!  A simple soup (because I had so few ingredients in my fridge!) that is absolutely delightful!  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!  Serves 3-4

Curry Cream of Carrot Soup


1.     Bring chicken broth to a rolling simmer over medium high heat.  Add onion and carrots and let simmer until carrots are extremely soft, about 35-40 minutes.
2.    Add ginger and curry and let cook another 5 minutes.
3.    Blend soup with an immersion blender until it is a smooth puree (you could also use a countertop model, being careful not to burn yourself).
4.    Add creamed coconut (I find it easiest to slice through the package with a sharp knife, and then store any leftovers in my fridge).


You can use coconut milk instead of chicken broth. And add more ginger and carmelize your onions. That is what I do because I don’t like curry.
The other thing I do is use cummun instead of curry in the original recipe.

Can i suggest using the spice blend for one of the other AIP friendly curry recipes Sarah has done 🙂
They are SO versatile I make up a big jar of the spice mixture and use it liberally in heaps of things! 🙂

Thank you for explaining that coconut butter is creamed coconut. Smile, I can get creamed coconut or coconut milk here in Germany – but I haven’t found coconut butter, yet. That is if I want to buy at my local stores instead of the Internet. 😉

Wow, this is soup is fabulous. I used lanb bone broth instead and my five year old gobbled it up. Thank you! Trying the leak on today 🙂

Are coconut cream, creamed coconut, and coconut cream concentrate the same thing? I bought “coconut cream” but also found something online called “creamed coconut” which is what you specify in your recipe.

Coconut cream is like coconut milk, but with all the water removed. Creamed coconut is the same as coconut butter or coconut manna, which is when you blend dried coconut into a paste sort of like you’d make a nut butter. Sarah links to the products she uses in the recipe. Hopefully that helps clear it up. -Kiersten

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