Coconut Macadamia Banana Muffins

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Both my daughters love bananas, but eating half a banana is a common occurrence.  So, we tend to have alot of leftover bananas in our house.  I take all those half bananas, peel them, and toss them into a resealable plastic bag in my freezer.  When I have the equivalent of 3 bananas, I make paleo banana muffins.  Here is my favorite variation (yield: 12 muffins):

Coconut Macadamia Banana Muffins


1.    Preheat oven to 350F.
2.    Toast macadamia nuts and coconut flakes on a baking sheet in the oven until starting to brown, about 6-8 minutes, stirring every 2-3 minutes.
3.    In a medium bowl, combine almond flour, coconut flour, salt and baking soda.  In a separate bowl, whisk eggs, mashed banana, honey, coconut oil, lemon juice and vanilla.
4.    Pour wet mixture over dry mixture and stir to combine.  Add toasted macadamia nuts and coconut.
5.    Spoon batter into greased muffin tin and bake for 30 minutes.

Do you need help finding any ingredients?  Check out  Important Pantry Items for the Paleo Baker.


I made these muffins this weekend. I think they are now my favorite banana muffin and I’ve tried an assortment of almond, coconut, & rice flour banana muffin recipes. These are nicely sweet and moist and I love the added coconut flavor. I substituted the pecans I had on hand and used palm shortening instead of butter. They puffed up like a normal muffin and are a lovely golden color. Very yummy – thanks for sharing your recipes!

Hi! I love this recipe! Do you think I could substitute unsweetened applesauce for the bananas for someone who doesn’t like bananas. I tried the apple “oat” muffins but wasn’t a big fan of the texture. Thanks!

I absolutely love this recipe! My second batch is currently in the oven since these don’t last long with my paleo and non-paleo roommates. Thanks for sharing!

These are my husbands new FAVORITE Paleo muffin. Thank you! I love them, too.

I make a batch, wrap them individually in foil, and freeze them or they’d be gone in a day around here!

Were you the one submitting this on Tropical traditions website? That’s where I originally found the recipe! I made it and am going to blog about them, so I figured I could use the direct source 🙂

in baking there are many things you can successfully use in baking t replace eggs. check out some of the ideas at
To replace 1 egg use one of the following:
*1 tablespoon ground flax seed in 3 tbsp water – let sit 5 minutes.
*1 tbl chia see in 3 tbsp water – let sit till gelled like egg
*3 Tbs. or ¼ cup fruit or vegetable purée and add roughly ½ tsp. more baking powder to compensate for the egg’s leavening effect
*Combining an acidic substance, such a lemon juice (or vinegar), with baking soda, which is alkaline, produces leavening action in baked goods. For a cake or sweet bread, try 2 Tbs. lemon juice mixed in the liquid cake ingredients, and 1 tsp. baking soda mixed with the dry ingredients. When you whisk the liquid and dry ingredients together, mix quickly, and pop into the oven to get a baked good that rises without the eggs.

Delicious! We made these yesterday and they are so moist and delicious, I couldn’t wait to have one for breakfast. The texture is terrific and my kids like them!

Is it okay to substitute whole milk for the coconut milk if we are eating dairy? These look amazing, I’m always trying to come up with breakfast ideas for my husband who grabs and eats on his way to work.

This recipe calls for coconut oil, but not coconut milk, as far as I can see rereading it. I just made them and didn’t use any milk, otherwise this might be a fail! HA.

Thanks Amy Jo, I did read the oil as coconut milk and that would have been a big fail. I’m making them today with coconut oil and can’t wait to taste!

Sarah has not prepared this recipe with almonds instead of macadamia nuts, but you can certainly try. If you do, please leave another comment to let us know how they turned out. — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

Sarah has not made this specific recipe without nuts. However, she does have several other nut free recipes for baked goods. You can view them here: All AIP recipes are nut free, you can view them here: All of the recipes in The Paleo Approach Cookbook (available in May) will be nut free. You can learn more about teh cookbook here: — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

Sarah has not made this specific recipe without nuts. However, she does have several other nut free recipes for baked goods. You can view them here: All AIP recipes are nut free, you can view them here: All of the recipes in The Paleo Approach Cookbook (available in May) will be nut free. You can learn more about teh cookbook here: — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

How does this fit in with a paleolithic diet? I would not expect a caveman to have so many processed ingredients to bake in an oven. Respectfully submitted, just curious.

I think 30 mins is too long. Probably 20-25 mins. Mine took 25 mins and I made large size ones. Yielded on 9.

I have been baking gluten free and dairy free for 4 years. I have to say I shd hv tried a little harder back then to be on grain free. These muffins taste heavenly amd kids love them. Quite versatile too. I used cashew instead of macademia since I ran out.

Good Lord! People.. make these using the recipe provided and enjoy them! It’s only a muffin not a Rib Eye Steak!

These are delicious!!! Big hit with my not so paleo loving hubby and friends !!!
Thank you. I will always have a stash in my freezer from now on 🙂

I would love to make this, but I don’t do nuts or seeds. Nut flours, yes. I have diverticulosis. Could I make this and just eliminate the nuts? Or would the batter not be quite the right consistency? I have the same problem with things that have berries in them! Love nuts, seeds and berries, but can’t have them! 🙁 really limits me from a lot of recipes.

Theese look great, abd my family would love them! But unfortunately I am allergic to coconut :-(. Is there anything I can replace the coconut with?

How about using plantain instead of banana? Do you think that would mess up the flavor and texture? Thanks for the recipe!

These look absolutely delicious! Any chance you have a similar recipe that would be AIP friendly? I’m about to start the protocol next week (thanks to your wonderful book and site!)

Made these without the honey( I’m doing a sugar detox) and used green tipped bananas, sweet enough, my new favourite muffin, thanks sarah

These are amazing…just start Paleo and needed something for my husband who is having a hard time cutting back the carbs. He loved them and we are both progressing well. Thanks for all the posts and blog info.

I made these last night and have officially declared them as Best Paleo Muffin E.V.E.R! Seriously, they’re moist, sweet and have just the right amount of density. The toasted macadamias are genius and add such lovely crunch. Well done – lots of love from Australia!

i want to try making this recipe, but i’m wondering if it would be ok to use ONLY coconut flour instead of the coconut flour + blanched almond flour? if so, what amount of coconut flour would you recommend? i read your post on paleo flours, but don’t have much experience at all with flours of any sort, or baking, for that matter.

I inverted the measure between the coconut flour and almond flour because in Brazil almond flour is much more expensive. So 1 cup of coconut flour and ¼ cup of almond flour.
It worked very well and it’s VERY filling.
Great recipe! Thanks

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