Chocolate Frozen “Yogurt”

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One of our favorite pre-paleo treats was going to Pinkberry for frozen yogurt.  Although I always enjoyed their original flavor (like sweetened plain yogurt), my husband and kids always preferred chocolate.  One day when I seemed to have a surplus of homemade coconut milk kefir, and since I greatly enjoy experimenting with my Ice Cream Maker, I decided to try my hand at a paleo version of this frozen treat.  It was a resounding success.  Chocolaty, sweet, tangy, creamy, no refined sugars and lots of probiotics!  It’s even GAPS- and SCD- friendly (maintenance phase).

If you are not growing your own coconut milk kefir, I highly encourage you to give it a try.  All you need are milk kefir grains and coconut milk (I like to use my homemade coconut milk).  I have outlined instructions on growing kefir in this post.  The resulting kefir is a delicious addition to smoothies, tastes great poured over berries and can be used to make your own homemade yogurt.  It this seems a little too high maintenance for you, you can buy coconut milk kefir at some alternative grocery stores like Whole Foods (So Delicious brand, labeled “cultured coconut milk beverage”; it does contain some emulsifiers but no grain, dairy or soy products).  Yield 1 ½ quarts.

Another great option for this ice cream recipe is to just use plain full-fat coconut milk.  Then you’ll be making chocolate ice cream instead of frozen yogurt, but it will still be delicious!  This also makes a great pudding if you don’t have an ice cream maker yet.

Chocolate Frozen Yogurt


  • ½ cup Prunes (about 12 prunes)
  • 1 cup Medjool Dates, pitted (about 10-12 large dates)
  • 2 cups freshly boiled water
  • 3 cups coconut milk kefir
  • ¾ cups Cocoa Powder

1.    Reconstitute the prunes and dates by pouring 2 cups freshly boiled hot water over them and letting them sit until they have cooled to room temperature.
2.    Puree prunes and dates in the water they were reconstituted in in your Blender or Food Processor until a thick, completely smooth puree is made (if it’s too think for your blender, add a little kefir to it to help thin it out).
3.    Add cocoa powder to prune and date puree and blend until combined.  Add puree to remaining kefir, and stir until combined.
4.    Refrigerate mixture until cold.
5.    Place mixture in your Ice Cream Maker and follow the instructions.  Enjoy!


Thanks! I find it hard to keep up with the amount of kefir I create. This will be another great option. I bet it would also be yummy frozen into popsicles.

I think so. I would put it in a bowl in the freezer and then wisk with a metal wisk every 20-30 minutes until frozen. I think it would take about 3 hours. Let me know if you try it and how it works!

put the mixture in a zip lock baggie, put baggie in coffee can, put ice and salt into coffe can, tape coffe can closed and have kids kick the can for half hour or so.

Am I missing the link to the Coconut Milk Kefir recipe? Do you know if you can use grains that are currently in regular commercial milk? My friend offered her surplus grains to me.

It’s under Fermented Foods. Yes, you can use regular milk kefir grains. I let them go 5-6 times in coconut milk then 1-2 times in goat milk (my daughter is very allergic to cow’s milk), then back in coconut milk (I rinse them off in between).

Would this still be good without the cocoa to make it AIP friendly? I haven’t made it to adding back in any foods yet- but cocoa is high on the list when the time comes.

Unsweetened. But it could be that different brands have varying tastes. The cup of dates should have added some sweetness to the frozen yogurt. — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

[…] Chocolate Frozen “Yogurt” » The Paleo Mom – One of our favorite pre-paleo treats was going to Pinkberry for frozen yogurt. Although I always enjoyed their original flavor (like sweetened plain yogurt), my husband and kids always preferred chocolate. […]

It looks incredibly yummy! Unfortunately I have discovered I have a reaction to Coconut. I love it, but my throat becomes inflamed and sore. Do you have any suggestions for something that can give that same creamy texture and taste?

My son is very allergic to coconut. I see coconut milk and flour in a whole lot of paleo recipes. What can I use instead so we don’t hurt him?

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