Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

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I had to create a paleo version of the Whole Foods peanut butter chocolate chip cookie for my daughters.  They love the chewy, soft texture, the sweetness, the nutty flavor, the chocolate chips, and the giant size.  It is fairly common for them to each consume a whole cookie (which are roughly the size of their heads) before I’m finished my shopping.  This is the recipe I have created, and while it isn’t particularly modest to say so, these cookies are perfect.  It is astounding to know that such a delightful food could have been created in my little kitchen.  You will never miss wheat or peanut butter again with these cookies.  Makes 15 large or 30 regular (texture is equally wonderful whichever you choose).

A note on chocolate chips:  You need to read the ingredients list.  Some brands of chocolate chips contain dairy and even wheat ingredients.  I generally don’t worry about a little soy lecithin (usually very small quantities).  I have found some very good chocolate chips at Whole Foods and at Trader Joe’s.

Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


1.    Preheat oven to 350F.
2.    Pulse walnuts in a food processor until the texture of coarse sand.
3.    Combine coconut oil, almond butter, sugar, egg, and walnuts in a medium bowl.  Mix well.
4.    In a separate small bowl, combine almond flour, salt, baking soda and cream of tartar.  Add to wet ingredients and stir to combine.
5.    Add chocolate chips and stir to combine.  Let dough cool in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes (or more, don’t skip this step!).
6.    For regular sized cookies, make 1” balls of dough and place on cookie sheet.  Flatten slightly and bake for 8-9 minutes.
7.    For extra-large cookies (roughly the size of your child’s head), make 2” diameter balls of dough and place on cookie sheet, spaced well apart.  Flatten slightly and bake for 12-13 minutes.
8.    Let cool on the baking sheet for a few minutes before removing to a cooling rack.  Store in a plastic container at room temperature.

Do you need help finding any ingredients?  Check out  Important Pantry Items for the Paleo Baker.


I made these today and they are delicious! I used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar and added 1 TBSP of honey and 1 TBSP of maple syrup to make up for the sweetness. I also used homemade almond butter. These are the perfect blend of crispy and chewy. Thanks for sharing!

6-17-2012, I just made these! Awesome!! Is all I can say. The substitutions I made were, I had crunchy almond butter, and I used finely ground almonds instead of walnuts. I used the sugar even though I am trying to be low carb but I wasn’t sure if a sub would be the same. So glad I did. They are perfect. Once cooled they are just right. I am so excited to have a gluten free treat. I used Bob,s red mill gluten free all purpose flour too in the same amount as your almond flour, I will buy almond flour next time, I am sure the flavor is 10 times better. Thanks for the recipe, I made sure they were cold before making into little balls and they stayed nice and chunky but soft. Yum!

Thanks for the quick reply and terrific recipe. I made these with help from my 2 and 4 year old for my paleo friend and they’ve become an instant hit for us “non paleos”. ; )

These were excellent! Some of my hard-core paleo pals would not eat them because of the brown sugar, but those who did raved about them! They look & taste like “real” cookies. Even my non-paleo momis a huge fan. Thanks for a great recipe!

These are great! My family loved them…I made them at Christmas and no one could believe they were grain free. Several asked for the recipe! I only added some shredded coconut. I actually thought they were a bit sweet and might reduce the sugar next time.

We love these, thank you for a great recipe! I was wondering if you think it’s alright to freeze half the batch after they’ve been cooked?

I’m new to Paleo and wondered what the nutritional value is for this batch of cookies? And how I go about working this out. Apologies for naivity!

My family absolutely loves these cookies! I live overseas and almond butter is impossible to find and difficult to make in my little food processer. I’ve started subbing sesame paste (tahin) and they come out GREAT! Thanks for the recipe.

Judging by the comments, I’m the only one with this problem.. But mine came out totally flat, like crisps! I obviously didn’t get the leavening right or something… Any ideas? It was my first attempt at paleo baking, and the flavor alone is enough to make me try again. I’m just hoping the next batch will be thicker!

If I don’t chill my dough, I get a crisp edge, but it may have to do with the temperature of your kitchen. I remember reading that if butter is too warm when you make cookie dough, you get flatter cookies… Maybe it’s the same chemistry here? Another possibility is that your flour is a lot less dense than mine, so you could try adding another few Tbsp of almond flour and see if that helps.

Speechless. These cookies have given me hope that I CAN stick with Paleo and have the occasional treat. I’ve been reading this website thoroughly in my free time (I have a 2 year old and 3 month old) and I’m amazed by your work and info. It has been SO HELPFUL. I can’t wait to make everything! I’ve been paleo since 5/13/13 and this was the first baking recipe I’ve ever tried. Thank you SO MUCH! Oh and my son and I made them together, it was so fun! Now we are eating them and he loves them.

You do not exaggerate when you claim that this recipe is perfect. I have not tried many other paleo cookie recipes because I cannot stop making this one! The texture is possibly the best aspect of this recipe, as they are perfectly crispy/chewy, exactly as a cookie should be. I put a little extra sea salt in a batch this week, which for me made them dangerously addictive. My non-paleo family and friends gobble them up with amazing speed, too.

Thank you for a GREAT recipe! I only had almond meal for flour and used cashew butter instead of almond butter, but they still turned out so scrummy that I caught my paleo-skeptic husband with his hands in the cookie jar the other night!

This recipe sounds absolutely delicious and I want to make them tonight as soon as I get off work!! However, I do not have any type of nuts around the house to substitute for the walnuts. If I leave them out, will it drastically change the cookie?? I also have coconut flour as opposed to almond flour and no cream of tartar. Do you have any suggestions for substitutes?? I have only been Paleo since June 6th and I haven’t quite mastered baking with the plethora of new ingredients yet!!

You could use another nut in place of the walnuts, but given that you also don’t have almond flour and cream of tartar, it might be better to try a different recipe and save this one for another day.

These little babies are cooling on the bench and I cannot wait to pop one in my gob! Didn’t believe they’d get as big as you said… Point to you! Thanks for sharing recipe. Katrina.
P.s. Just curious, what kind of food processor do you use?

Hi and thank you very much for this recipe. It looks so good and I really want to make it, like asap! 🙂 However I am very new to the Paleo diet and from everything I’ve read so far, which probably isn’t much, it seems to say that no sugar of any kind is allowed. (I have read that small-moderate amounts of pure honey, pure maple syrup and Stevia are allowed.) So that’s not the case after all? Brown sugar/sucanat is Paleo? I’m assuming it is or it wouldn’t be in your recipe, and if it is then I’ll sure feel a little less overwhelmed now that we’re just starting to do our best to switch to and stick to a Paleo diet. And do you know if coconut palm sugar is Paleo too?

me again 😀 — I just found your section on sugars and read it, so now I understand which ones work within the Paleo diet/way of eating and which don’t. So no need to respond back to my above post. This is such a helpful site. I’m learning lots. Thank you!

The idea is to not use added sugars on a daily basis and if you do use sugars for a special treat to use an unrefined sugar like honey, maple syrup, evaporated cane juice, muscovado sugar, or molasses. Individual tolerance for sugar varies, so it’s something to experiment with and work on reducing.

As a life long baker, my conversion to Paleo almost two years ago left me with a void of a hobby. I have altered my cooking skills and interests in so many ways, but had yet to find something so compelling that my interests in baking had dwindled. Well, thanks to this AMAZING recipe, I’m back!!! I am so glad to have found it and send you kudos and many, many thanks. It is one of the best baked items of any kind that I have ever tasted. Wow!

I’m out of cream of tartar (and due to a blizzard, I’m not able to go get any). Otherwise, I have all the ingredients. Will this change the thickness of the cookie drastically?

Thank you for this site. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to go Paleo. I appreciate your recipes so much.

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! My batter is currently setting in the fridge (hurry up!!) But I did sneak some batter and I can’t wait to eat these!! Yummo! I substituted the sugar for about 1/4 cup honey so will see how they go. 🙂

The chemistry of these cookies works really well with granulated sugar (but one with a little moisture like muscovado). I think you could probably use a liquid sweetener, but you might have to play with the dry ingredients a bit.

This recipe “saved” me last night. I’m easing into the AIP and, after a week and a half of doing well, I had a day where my sinuses acted up, I was fatigued and just not sure if I could do it anymore, and of course I judged myself for that. So I made this recipe and had 4 cookies. At first, I was “meh” they’re not as good as my old recipe and I notice/miss the flavor butter and vanilla brought to that old recipe. But as I had another one I noticed that I was satisfied with the taste, and especially the texture and the aroma. I only bake a few cookies at a time, and I freeze dough, so next time I feel the need for a sweet comfort-food, (and so far kabocha squash ain’t it!), I’ll bake some more. I make my own vanilla, so I’ll add that next time too. Oh, I just realized I didn’t drink any milk with these and I didn’t even miss it. Yay for me!

These are the best! Most almond flour cookies get soft and lose their crisp after sitting. But the texture on these are perfect! I followed the recipe exactly. Great results – this will definitely be my ‘go to’ Paleo cookie!

I realize this is an “old” recipe, but it’s new to me. I’ve been grain-free for three months and 30 pounds (yay!). I’ve been craving a chocolate chip cookie for days. Finally made these tonight. You are my new idol. They are SO good. Thanks so much for all that you do. I hope your new book is wildly successful!

I made these tonight and they are delicious! I just have one problem. When I try to pick one up they crumble to dust! I’ve double checked the recipe over and over and I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I have heard this is a characteristic of almond flour but I must have did something wrong! Please help!

Almond flour does require a little more egg or other binder than wheat flour, or else it crumbles. It may simply have been that your egg was a little too small, or, if you made any substitutions or tried to double (or halve) the recipe, that might explain it. If it’s a consistent problem, you could try adding another egg. — Christina, Sarah’s assistant

Katie, I had the same issue when I made these last night. Next time, I am going to add some ground flaxseed for additional binding. I might even skip the egg (I’m mildly intolerant to egg whites) and just use all flax, as it’s a common egg-replacer. Glad I am not the only one that had this issue. 🙂

Wanted to make these for my 30th birthday this Thursday! It’s my favorite treat! I have never made these and wanted to know if butter could be substituted for the oil. And Rapadura sugar. I can supplement with maple syrup if rapadura isn’t moist enough.

Happy birthday! I really don’t know of using those items will work. If you do use these substitutions, please leave another comment and let us know how it turns out. You can read more about Paleo sweeteners here (Sarah does not mention repadura sugar): and Paleo fats used in baking here: — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

I doubled the recipe and mine are just dripping with oil before I bake them…I didn’t have cream of tartar so I just left it out…is that why do you think?

I also had them in the fridge for a couple of hours before baking…my first batch hasn’t come out yet…they look fine in the oven!

Yes, that could be it. I recommend following the recipe exactly (without altering the amounts by doubling or halving, either) the first time for any baked good. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

Just made these but didn’t have succanat so I used palm sugar.The taste is great! In the middle they’re still a little chewy and the sides are crisp. For the first time a receipe that is even better than the non Paleo version.Thank you so much.

Just made these and they tasted delicious but they were really weird. We had to eat them with a fork because they did not hold together at all. I did use coconut sugar, so maybe that was the issue. It really seemed like there was too much coconut oil. When the first batch came out really spread out and oily I added a little bit of coconut flour and a bit more almond flour. That really seemed to help but they still don’t hold together very well. I’ll try again because they did have a really great flavor.

These taste amazing! However, my cookies were very crumbly. We ate them with spoons! What do you think my problem was?

I want to make these this weekend, but all I have is “no stir” almond butter. That’s all I buy because I hate having to stir the separated almond butter. Do I need to wait until payday to buy a jar of the regular almond butter, or would the “no stir” work? It has unrefined cane sugar and palm oil in it although it can’t be that much of either.

Hi, I just wanted to say that I have tried so many of these grain free recipes and they have all been a disaster until I tried these. Wow…they actually LOOK like a cookie and taste great too….many thanks for this recipe. I am finding lots of inspiration on your site so thanks again!!

I have made these numerous times, and they are awesome! Tonight, I tried to substitute Ener-G Egg Replacer for the egg, because I’m taking them to a party where there will be some vegans….and it was a disaster! Did not hold together at all. So, don’t try this, people!

I just tried these. They didn’t turn out. After I mixed all the ingredients, the dough seemed like it was the perfect consistency. Your recipe said do not skip the refrigeration part, so I refrigerated it for 30 minutes. At the end of the 30 minutes the oils had all seaped out of the dough so it was sitting in a puddle of liquid and it wasn’t a very good consistency to roll into balls. What happened?

[…] While I write this post I know that the mister will be home shortly, and I haven’t accomplished much at all. I mean, there is a banana on the floor. Actually, several bananas on the floor. And toys, everywhere. Also, I didn’t call the one person I was suppose to, as I’m a grade a procrastinator. I also have to go to the dry cleaners still, and make paleo cookies because for some reason(perhaps the extra fluffiness on my body?) I thought doing the paleo diet would be a good thing, however my other half is not going to make it much longer without something sweet to eat. Hopefully the much more put together paleo mom’s recipe for cookies will be a hit. If so, I may eat them all. paleo cookies […]

I just tried making these and followed the recipe to a T however I didn’t have almond flour do I used coconut flour. The dough was a crumbly mess and I tried adding another egg it was no help. I ended up throwing it all away! What a waste! Do you think it was the coconut flour? Thanks!

Following the recipe exactly, I was able to make about 20 cookies, and they were 9-10 carbs each. I’m posting this for anyone with T1 diabetes or who is carb counting. I used to calculate carbs. I find it more accurate than many sites, including google!

THANK YOU for posting that!! I have a 2 year old w diabetes. 🙁 I have to enter recipes into spark people to figure out the carbs.

I made these for the first time for a picnic without telling anyone they are paleo etc. One of the guys complimented me on the peanut butter cookies. He said they were SO GOOD! He was quite surprised that there is no peanut butter in them at all. This is a great recipe and it will be a go-to recipe in the future for our house-for sure!

Hi am I missing something here…..Almond Butter, choco chips etc….are all avoided on your protocol or on the AIP protocol. Do you now consume these even on occasion? LIttle confused here…

I made these a couple of days ago and absolutely LOVED them! I made the smaller cookies and got about 3 dozen. I will definitely make these again.

These were just beyond good! I used coconut sugar because I had a lot on hand, so not sure if that made a difference in flavor or not. Also used a mix of semi-sweet and dark chocolate chips since I had both. Next time (yes–there WILL be a next time, and a time after that, and a time after that…) I make these I will try sucanat sugar and ALL dark chocolate chips, just to see if there is much difference flavor wise.
Seriously tho–these are WONDERFUL. Thanks so much for sharing them!

Do you know of a good substitute for almond flour? My son can’t have nuts. I would sub sunflower butter for the almond butter but wonder if sunflower flour would work for the almond flour.

I would like to know how well these would hold up in the freezer to keep for on occasion. I would like to make a big batch to pull some out whenever I get a really bad craving…thanks

I just made these delicious cookies. I was able to make 20 nice size cookies. I used organic coconut palm sugar instead of brown sugar. And unsweetened Carob Chips. I was kind of worried while I was mixing it up. Seemed like the coconut oil was not being adsorbed into the mix. But went ahead and baked them anyway. Don’t think it made a difference. I also rolled them into balls first, then placed them in the refrigerator. All I can say is. Thank you!!!!! These are some of the best cookies I have ever eaten. Next will try the Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I just made these and they were delicious but very flat and crumbly and the batter was too funny to make ‘dough balls’ with – what did I do wrong?

I make these with cashew butter and never use walnuts since they don’t agree with me, usually sub blanched almonds or pecans. Super awesome cookies that the kids gobble up and usually only ask after the fact if they are gluten free!

I put the recipe into my LoseIt! app, including using my homemade sugar free chocolate chips. Making 30 cookies from my first batch, the app calculated 153 calories per cookie. And they are pretty small cookies, too. That is a lot of calories!

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