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I can’t access some of your articles. I was particularly interested in the article “if I can’t always afford grass-fed beef, what should I buy?”, and the updates on your family in the About section. Thanks!

Good to know-can easily search from another browser.

Our son has lyme disease and we have gone Paleo. Really appreciate your insight. Blessings!

What are your thoughts on pork? All my life I’ve heard that pork is the most toxic meat to the body, so I’ve avoided it. Now, with the possibility of obtaining pastured pork products, I’m wondering if it can be a healthy part of a paleo/autoimmune diet?

I think pastured pork is very healthy and we eat a fair bit of it in our house. The meat that I eat the least now (which used to be my staple) is chicken. Even free range chicken has a fairly high omega-6 content.

Thanks for your speedy reply, Sarah! Wow, I had no idea chicken was high in Omega-6. It’s pretty well the only animal protein I’ve been eating forever. Guess it’s time to start opening my “meaty” horizons 😉 I sure will miss my yummy chicken bone broth, though…

And I’m eating as much of the fat as possible, as I need to gain weight and seem to be intolerant to oils (I get itchy from them). Do you happen to have a resource that lists the relative omega 3 and 6 levels in different animal protein sources? Would be good to have a guideline, but I haven’t had much luck Googling for that info. PS: I love love love your site and your podcast – every bit is immediately useful and helpful 🙂

I don’t think I’ve seen a thorough compilation of the omega 3 to 6 ratio is different types of meat (which I guess means that would be a good thing for me to do for a future post). Grass-fed meats are typically about 1:2. Fish is almost entirely omega-3, typically something like 10:1. Conventional meat ranges from 1:4 to 1:20 (lamb and veal are better, beef is okay, pork is worst). Conventional chicken is around 1:45 (not sure about free-range, probably better but not great).

Great, thanks…that’s a good big picture view to start me off. Seems like the ratio is the important part (I saw something about that in another article). Will look forward to more info if you do a future post on it 🙂

I’m loving your blog! Great information.
If I’m a regular exerciser, how many grams of protein should I be getting daily? I’m 29, 5’5 female, weigh approx 185lbs and trying to lose around 40 pounds, exercise approx 5 times a week (about 45 minutes including walking, jogging and weights). I appreciate any help. Thank you!


What do you do when you can’t eat meat?

I’m autoimmune and have found relief in the autoimmune paleo diet – thank you for an excellent blog! – but I can’t eat meat. When I try I get hives. I feel better since I stopped eating legumes, but there’s not very many protein sources left. Any suggestions on protein sources? Kind regards S

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