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Please note that I am an affiliate for the companies listed below.  This means that if you click on any of the links provided and make a purchase, I will earn a commission.  I only join affiliate accounts for companies whose products I use and love and who have sustainable and ethical operations.

Grass-Fed Meat


SGFMeat USWellness
GFTraditions Tendergrass


Pre-Packaged Paleo Foods


spg tt
PaleoontheGo amazon store link
paleotreats coffeeblocks
vp ProductsILove


Recipes and E-books


PGDough 3pp
ProductsILove ProductsILove
ProductsILove ProductsILove
ReintroLove ptg
ProductsILove ProductsILove

Skin and Hair Care


PLOMakeup PLOSkin
mm Madeon

Kitchen Tools


instapot vault
dehydrator mandolin
Blendtec skillet
food processor ice cream
spiralizer waffle iron


Question. Have you use your Instapot to make yogurt? I have recently purchased one and love it, but in their instructions for making yogurt I am not sure to follow them for coconut yogurt or if they only work for cow’s milk. Any help would be appreciated.

Very timely question! My old Instapot was the 6-in-1 so it didn’t have a yogurt making function. It just died two days ago and I ordered the 7-in-1 that does do yogurt (it hasn’t arrived yet). So, while I haven’t tried with the Instapot, I can say that coconut milk yogurt is pretty much the same. Usually incubating for 8-12 hours makes a nice tasting yogurt. You need to add some gelatin or agar to thicken it (unless you want it kefir consistency for drinking and smoothies).

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