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It’s important to me to highlight the amazing companies within the Paleo community doing great work to create unique, high-quality products that cater to the diverse needs within our homes. Supporting these companies with your patronage is a great way to not only enjoy their amazing products, but also to demonstrate just how valued these quality-focused and innovative companies are within our community. When you make a purchase, you’re giving these companies a virtual pat-on-the-back and saying “keep up the good work”.

Every company and product featured on this page is one that I use and love for myself or for my family. You’ll find new features and coupons here every month, so check back for more great deals and new companies and products in the spotlight!

Featured Products


I love supporting high-quality local producers, and Georgia Grinders‘ nut butters are one of my favorite finds from my own local farmer’s market! Owners Jaime and Harry Foster produce amazing, unsweetened almond butter from Jaime’s family recipe in a dedicated gluten-and-peanut-free facility, practically in my backyard!  I’ve been addicted to their nut butters for four years and it’s been a true pleasure to watch the scope of their operations grow (without ever sacrificing quality!).  Now, you can order Georgia Grinders‘ nut butters and have them delivered to your door!

Almond butter is pretty much a staple in Paleo cooking, and it’s become popular as a basis for everything from cookies and breads to dipping sauces, marinades, and smoothies! I love unsweetened nut butters as a small treat in the afternoon, especially when the sweetness from the nuts can take the edge off a sugar craving without added sugar!

Of course, if you’re looking for a more indulgent treat, Georgia Grinders also makes amazing Maple-Caramel Almond Butter and Honey Roasted Almond Butter!

Georgia Grinders also makes fabulous cashew, pecan and peanut butters (in a different facility), all with the same high-quality standards their family has been using for almond butter since the 1970’s. They’re all Non-GMO, and since I know the Fosters understand the importance of allergen-friendly cooking, I feel good knowing they’re totally gluten-free as well.

Use coupon code PALEOMOM to grab some Original Almond, Creamy Cashew, Pecan or any of their other fabulous nut butters for 15% off!

One of the biggest questions I'm regularly asked is where I find high-quality meat. If you don't have a local farmer's market packed with organic, responsibly and humanely-grown products (the ideal), high-quality delivery from Butcher Box is absolutely my best recommendation!

Butcher Box works with dedicated ranchers and farmers to source grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and heritage breed pork raised under the strictest health standards. You can feel good knowing that you're getting the best of all possible worlds, without compromise.

My favorite thing about Butcher Box is that it allows you to purchase carefully-selected cuts of meat on a regular schedule—no more peeking in your freezer to find it empty when you need to throw something together quickly! You can choose from All Beef, Beef and Chicken or Beef and Pork Boxes, or choose a Mixed Box. Purchasing this way allows you to cut your cost, so it averages out to about $6.50 per serving. Considering 1lb of grass-fed ground beef typically costs between $8 and $10 in the grocery store (and steak can be as much as $50 per pound!), that's a fantastic value for high-quality meat!

Right now, you can get 2 free Ribeye Steaks and $10 off when you sign up!

Bill and Haley of Primal Palate are some of the original masters of Paleo recipe creation. In fact, their cookbook Make It Paleo was one of the first Paleo cookbooks on the market! So, when Bill and Haley told me they were launching their own line of organic spices and blends, I knew I was going to fall in love. And I totally did!

Primal Palate Spices are centered on the idea that high-quality, organic, non-irradiated herbs and spices yield both incredible flavor and incredible health benefits. Right now, I'm totally loving both their Everyday AIP Blends and Sweet Pack.

Since I'm very sensitive to nightshades, I was absolutely thrilled when Bill and Haley announced their Super Gyro, Breakfast Blend and Garlic & Herb seasoning blends—all three are nightshade-free and totally AIP-friendly! They're perfect for keeping by your stove to season everything from breakfast sausage to roasts to roasted veggies. Once you try these seasonings, you're going to want to shake them onto everything. Seriously!

And with the approaching holidays (or what I like to refer to as Baking Seasoning) the Sweet Pack is just what you'll need to make all your Paleo baked goods sing! It includes Apple Pie Spice, Pumpkin Pie Spice and Gingersnap spice blends. I love putting these in my baked goods since they cut the measuring of each individual spice down quite a bit, but I also love mixing them into my morning butter coffee for a seasonal kick!

Right now, you can use code PaleoMom for 10% off these or any of Primal Palate's spice blends or individual spices. Stock up and get ready for all your holiday get-togethers!

Buttered coffee is a deliciously creamy and tasty way to begin your morning, but it's definitely more time-consuming to put together than standard black coffee! Instead of grinding, brewing, measuring, spooning and mixing, try dropping an innovative and tasty Coffee Blocks packet into some hot water for a buttered coffee on-the-go!

The geeky science nerd in me totally loves how Coffee Blocks managed to combine clarified butter, organic virgin coconut oil, organic egg yolk, organic vanilla and the best, purest coffee into a tiny packet that yields such a delicious cup of buttery bliss! Each individual packet is one cup of coffee, and the packets are small enough to drop in your purse, work bag or carry-on luggage, and take just about anywhere.

If you've ever relied on instant coffee, I'm here to tell you this is a much better option. For one thing, Coffee Blocks uses high-quality, mycotoxin-free coffee—meaning there's no funky mold, pesticide residue or other yucky stuff in the beans. That's more than we can say for most instant coffee packs! Plus, you'll get all the health benefits of grass-fed dairy, coconut oil and egg yolks—some of the most nutrient dense foods around!

Right now, you can get 20% off when you sign up for a Coffee Blocks subscription.


Following the Autoimmune Protocol doesn't have to mean losing your favorite convenience foods, and with my AIP Made Easy Box, you can rediscover delicious snacks like jerky, chips and dried fruit!

My AIP Pantry Box takes the guess work out of discovering your new AIP cooking staples with olive oil, coconut aminos, fish sauce, salt to season your dishes, and cassava flour for breading or baking, you'll be creating delicious AIP dishes in no time!

Use code: paleomom for 10% off your One Stop Paleo Shop order!!

From pumpkin seeds full of zinc to phytonutrient-rich seaweed, this specially curated Nutrient Nerd Kit is packed to the gills with essential vitamins and minerals—all in the form of convenient snacks you'll love!

 I picked my favorite on-the-go AIP snacks for my AIP Survival Kit  from Barefoot Provisions to make your AIP journey as smooth and seamless as possible, even when you're on the run!

Use code: BAREFOOTMOM10 for 10% off your Barefoot Provisions order!!

Let Paleo On The Go cook your Thanksgiving meal for you this year!!

They are offering both Paleo and AIP Holiday meals along with some great NEW holiday pies and treats!! 

Use code PMLOVE to get $15 off any order from Paleo On The Go!


Founded by a Registered Nurse and handmade when you order, Primal Life Organics incredible skincare, haircare and makeup is the ultimate in natural personal care. And even though the ingredient list is short, this stuff seriously works!

Limited time!! Use code BESTPM for 15% off your order of Primal Life Organics. Valid through the end of October. 


Meal planning is time-consuming, tough, and for those of us on the Autoimmune Protocol, sometimes completely necessary! Take the stress out of meal planning with completely customizable meal plans for your family from Real Plans.

Add all my recipes from my site to the mix for just $1 more a month!!


I've been using this completely natural, non-toxic, plant-and-clay-based shampoo for years now, and my hair has never had more body, shine and bounce!

Place an order with Morrocco Method and get 15% off with code: PaleoHair15!!


EPIC bars, bites, broth and animal oils are absolute essentials in my home, and I love that they're sourced from ethically-raised animals. With organ meat jerky and options for AIP-friendly snacks, EPIC is always innovating and constantly giving me new reasons to geek out over their fantastic products!

Check out my recipe for Epic Tostones, using EPIC duck fat and my Caramel-Bacon Double Chocolate Brownies, using EPIC Bacon Bites!!





When I want the gut-and-joint-healing benefits of collagen, the simplicity of liver pills or a punch of jiggly gelatin, Vital Proteins is my go-to company! I totally trust their sourcing, and my body absolutely loves supplementing with their products!





















Can you tell me if one is testing high intolerant to beef can you use the Vitals products?

Thank you,

Hi Sarah,

I’m wondering if there are any children’s vitamins you can recommend for those with the MTHFR mutation. My brother tested for it after I did, and his daughter is 5 years old. He is looking for a multivitamin that will have the correct B vitamins for her to take. I’ve looked into it myself and have had a hard time finding a good multivitamin. My sister-in-law is pretty health conscious, and feeds my niece a pretty clean, organic diet (although they are not paleo) but I can’t really speak to how much folate my niece is getting through foods. Seeking Health Optimal Multivitamin came up as an option but apparently there were some reviews complaining about the presence of heavy metals. The only other one I found was PhytoMulti for kids.

Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!! Love your site and podcasts.

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