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It’s important to me to highlight the amazing companies within the Paleo community doing great work to create unique, high-quality products that cater to the diverse needs within our homes. Supporting these companies with your patronage is a great way to not only enjoy their amazing products, but also to demonstrate just how valued these quality-focused and innovative companies are within our community. When you make a purchase, you’re giving these companies a virtual pat-on-the-back and saying “keep up the good work”.

Every company and product featured on this page is one that I use and love for myself or for my family. You’ll find new features and coupons here every month, so check back for more great deals and new companies and products in the spotlight!

Featured Products


The-Paleo-Mom-RickaroonsRickaroons are, quite simply, nutty little balls of Paleo treat joy. Made from simple real-food ingredients, they’re the answer to all your sweet cravings in a size that won’t wreck your appetite or your derail your progress. I love that they’re simply sweetened with coconut palm nectar and contain healthful ingredients like coconut, almond butter, cacao nibs and espresso! Rickaroons come in four fantastic flavors: Megaroon, Chocolate Blonde, Mocha and Mint to Be!

So where can you take Rickaroons? Thanks to their convenient single-serve packaging, they’re perfect for your gym bag, lunch box or purse. I love to pop a few in the refrigerator or freezer for a cool treat after dinner, but they make fantastically convenient travel snacks for the airport or a road-trip, too! Rickaroons are Paleo sweets I can stand behind, and I can’t wait for you to find your favorite flavor!

Kettle-and-Fire-Bone-Broth-The-Paleo-MomLet's talk armpits for a second: We know that traditional aluminum-based deodorants are full of scary chemicals. At best they're irritating to our skin, and at worst they contribute to the buildup of toxins very close to our lymph nodes. Yuck! I've spent years hunting down a good natural deodorant that isn't toxic, wont irritate my skin, but still works, and with Zak, I think I've finally found the answer!

Zak Detox Deodorant is an aluminum-free, paraben-free, all-natural deodorant that really, seriously, not-kidding-around-here works! It lasts all day, goes on smooth (like deodorant you're used to, but never cakey or flakey) and smells really, really good! I love the aloe-based formula that doesn't contain baking soda, it's a perfect option for those with sensitive skin, like me, who still want a natural deodorant.

Exo-Protein-Bars-The-Paleo-MomDid you protein? Are you serious, Sarah? Yep, and it's seriously good! Exo Protein Bar has totally revolutionized the Paleo protein bar with the inclusion protein powder made from, you guessed it, crushed crickets! And they're totally Paleo!

So, what's the deal with bugs? They're actually a fantastic source of protein and, thanks to their exoskeletons (the name makes sense now, right) the only animal protein source that also includes fiber! Plus, cricket production is one of the most sustainable animal farming methods and uses far less water, for instance, than traditional cattle farming. So, you can feel great about downing some cricket protein! The Banana Bread flavor is nut-free, making it a perfect option for your kiddo's school lunch, but I also love the Apple Cinnamon, Cocoa Nut and Blueberry Vanilla Flavors. Try out a sample pack and experience all four Paleo flavors for yourself!

Kettle-and-Fire-Bone-Broth-The-Paleo-Mom-Best-Boxed-BrothI love Kettle and Fire Bone Broth because it's the only shelf-stable, high-quality boxed bone broth on the market! We all know that bone broth is one of the most nutrient-dense, healing foods in existence. In fact, I recommend that everyone work bone broth into their diet on a weekly, if not daily, basis. But for most people, there's one major issue: good bone broth takes time.

If you're not consuming broth regularly because you have a hard time setting aside the time, or because you can't source good-quality bones, Kettle and Fire is the answer! I've personally cooked, sipped and souped with this broth and can testify that it's seriously high-quality. That means it's gelatinous, full of nutrition and sourced from high-quality ingredients!

And I can't emphasize enough how important shelf-stability is to this product. While there are some other fantastic bone broths on the market, I have yet to find one that isn't frozen. For many people, that doesn't make it a feasible purchase. But with Kettle and Fire, you can subscribe for regular delivery and feel confident that if you don't use your last purchase right away, it will last until your family needs it next!


Following the Autoimmune Protocol doesn't have to mean losing your favorite convenience foods, and with my AIP Made Easy Box, you can rediscover delicious snacks like jerky, chips and dried fruit!

My AIP Pantry Box takes the guess work out of discovering your new AIP cooking staples with olive oil, coconut aminos, fish sauce, salt to season your dishes, and cassava flour for breading or baking, you'll be creating delicious AIP dishes in no time!

Use code: paleomom for 10% off your One Stop Paleo Shop order!!

One-Stop-Paleo-Shop-AIP-Survival-Pack (1)

This curated kit from Barefoot Provisions has everything you need to make nutrient-dense, on-the-go Autoimmune Protocol eating a reality!

Use code: BAREFOOTMOM10 for 10% off your Barefoot Provisions order!!


Pre-made Paleo (or AIP!) meals from Paleo On The Go are the ultimate time-saving hack for my family, and I love stocking up my freezer for hectic days. Plus, their new Paleo Tarts are TO DIE for!

Use code: PMLOVE for $15 OFF any Paleo On The Go online order!!!


Founded by a Registered Nurse and handmade when you order, Primal Life Organics incredible skincare, haircare and makeup is the ultimate in natural personal care. And even though the ingredient list is short, this stuff seriously works!

Limited Time offer from Primal Life Organics!! Only good until 09/06!!

Use code: PMOM0816 for 20% off the Coffee Bean Serum, C-ex Vitamin C Serum (made with Liz Wolfe) and Coffee And C-Ex Revival Package!


Meal planning is time-consuming, tough, and for those of us on the Autoimmune Protocol, sometimes completely necessary! Take the stress out of meal planning with completely customizable meal plans for your family from Real Plans.

Add all my recipes from my site to the mix for just $1 more a month!!


I've been using this completely natural, non-toxic, plant-and-clay-based shampoo for years now, and my hair has never had more body, shine and bounce!

Place an order with Morrocco Method and get 15% off with code: PaleoHair15!!


EPIC bars, bites, broth and animal oils are absolute essentials in my home, and I love that they're sourced from ethically-raised animals. With organ meat jerky and options for AIP-friendly snacks, EPIC is always innovating and constantly giving me new reasons to geek out over their fantastic products!

Check out my recipe for Epic Tostones, using EPIC duck fat and my Caramel-Bacon Double Chocolate Brownies, using EPIC Bacon Bites!!





When I want the gut-and-joint-healing benefits of collagen, the simplicity of liver pills or a punch of jiggly gelatin, Vital Proteins is my go-to company! I totally trust their sourcing, and my body absolutely loves supplementing with their products!



















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