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Please note that I am an affiliate for the companies listed below.  This means that if you click on any of the links provided and make a purchase, I will earn a commission.  I only join affiliate accounts for companies whose products I use and love and who have sustainable and ethical operations.

Grass-Fed Meat


SGFMeat USWellness
GFTraditions   Tendergrass  


Pre-Packaged Paleo Foods


tt   PaleoontheGo  
amazon store link  


Recipes and E-books


PGDough 3pp


Skin and Hair Care


PLOMakeup PLOSkin
mm   Madeon  

Kitchen Tools


instapot vault
dehydrator mandolin
Blendtec skillet


Question. Have you use your Instapot to make yogurt? I have recently purchased one and love it, but in their instructions for making yogurt I am not sure to follow them for coconut yogurt or if they only work for cow’s milk. Any help would be appreciated.

Very timely question! My old Instapot was the 6-in-1 so it didn’t have a yogurt making function. It just died two days ago and I ordered the 7-in-1 that does do yogurt (it hasn’t arrived yet). So, while I haven’t tried with the Instapot, I can say that coconut milk yogurt is pretty much the same. Usually incubating for 8-12 hours makes a nice tasting yogurt. You need to add some gelatin or agar to thicken it (unless you want it kefir consistency for drinking and smoothies).

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