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It’s important to me to highlight the amazing companies within the Paleo community doing great work to create unique, high-quality products that cater to the diverse needs within our homes.  Supporting these companies with your patronage is a great way to not only enjoy their amazing products, but also to demonstrate just how valued these quality-focused and innovative companies are within our community.   When you make a purchase, you’re giving these companies a virtual pat-on-the-back and saying “keep up the good work”.

Every company and product featured on this page is one that I use and love for myself or for my family.  You’ll find new features and coupons here every month, so check back for more great deals and new companies and products in the spotlight!

It’s Vital June!!!!

Get 20% OFF Vital Proteins thru June 30th with coupon code VITALJUNE20 !!!
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Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin
Good ol’ fashioned gelatin but sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed bovine hides to ensure a natural, high quality product. Gelatin is pure collagen protein, a necessary nutrient for maintaining healthy joints, hair, nails, skin, tendon and bone.  Like the gelatin you’re used to, this gelatin sets/thickens once dissolved into liquid and chilled. This is what I use to make “jello”, desserts, or even as a thickening agent in baking. It’s super versatile and gives the same great benefits as collagen!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
Long collagen proteins are broken up into short amino acid chains called peptides for this product, which provides the same nutrition as Beef Gelatin but in a powder that dissolves easily into hot and cold liquids (and every temperature in between!).  Collagen Peptides don’t set or thicken, so instead of being an agent for baking, aspics, and terrines, it’s more of a supplement.  Collagen Peptides make a great addition to iced herbal tea, smoothies, and even your morning coffee!  This is absolutely my favorite and most used product from Vital Proteins!

Vital Proteins Beef Liver Capsules
If I had a dollar for everyone that told me “I just can’t eat organ meat”… Well here is a great solution! Liver is absolutely something you NEED in a healthy diet, and now you can just pop a few pills every day to get all those great vitamins, minerals, and amino acids! Even I take these because the convenience just can’t be beat!

Vital Proteins Marine Collagen
This is collagen derived from fish – wild-caught snapper to be exact. It’s always best to get our nutrients from a variety of sources, so rotating between a bovine sourced collagen and a marine collagen is an excellent idea. The amino acid profiles differ slightly, with Marine Collagen containing a substantially higher fraction of glycine.  And the best part is, there’s really no taste to either of the collagen powders so you can mix with just about anything!

Vital June Banner

Why Vital June? Vital Proteins‘ mission is to provide whole food-based nutrition to support overall health, fitness and wellbeing. Vital Proteins believes that using the whole animals, as our ancestors did, is critical to our healthy lifestyle.  And collagen is one big missing piece in our modern diets.  Collagen is an essential building block to maintaining healthy joints, bones, skin, hair nails, and more! Vital Proteins‘ collagen is sourced from pastured animals who’ve lived a great life in the open air grazing on lush grasslands in Brazil. These cattle are never given hormones, steroids or antibiotics.  Vital Proteins‘ products represent the ultimate in convenience and great nutrition, so I’m featuring this amazing company ALL MONTH LONG!

Get 20% OFF thru June 30th with coupon code VITALJUNE20 !!!  Includes FREE Shipping on all U.S. orders!!!!! Shop here.



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Please note that I am an affiliate for at least some of the companies listed above. This means that if you click on the links provided and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. I only join affiliate accounts for companies whose products I use and love and who have sustainable and ethical operations.


Question. Have you use your Instapot to make yogurt? I have recently purchased one and love it, but in their instructions for making yogurt I am not sure to follow them for coconut yogurt or if they only work for cow’s milk. Any help would be appreciated.

Very timely question! My old Instapot was the 6-in-1 so it didn’t have a yogurt making function. It just died two days ago and I ordered the 7-in-1 that does do yogurt (it hasn’t arrived yet). So, while I haven’t tried with the Instapot, I can say that coconut milk yogurt is pretty much the same. Usually incubating for 8-12 hours makes a nice tasting yogurt. You need to add some gelatin or agar to thicken it (unless you want it kefir consistency for drinking and smoothies).

I a writing from a hospital bed – this is my 5th admission to the hospital since October. I am pan-hypopituitary, have Adddison’s and Hashimotos, severe osteoporosis (I’m only 42), Ehler-Danlos syndrome (genetics) and arthritis. I followed the SCD/GAPS protocol religiously for two years. Prior to that, we ate no junk food and have been gluten/casein free. My children and I only got worse. Obviously, under normal circumstances, we would benefit from the autoimmune diet. However, we have some unusual genetics – not only are we positive for MTHFR, we have Glycogen Strorage Disease. this is an inborn error of metabolosm and can’t be changed – believe me I’ve tried. You can do a quick search if you have never heard of this rare genetic disorder. Basically, if we don’t eat regulary and/or take cornstarch, our blood sugar levels drop swiftly, dramatically, and can lead to comas and seizures. One apple or even a few berries will cause a swift drop in blood sugar. We also have the slow-running version of the MAO gene, which means we feel like we are on an MAOi all the time. Bacon is wonderful stuff, but it’s not worth a three day migraine from the amines. Two of us are allergic to eggs. I would appreciate any advice you could offer. My initial thought is to continue what we are doing, but with lesser amounts of sprouted grains and adding more complex carb veggies. My children take corn starch before bed – without it, their blood sugar drops to the 40’s Eliminating it is not an option – The best I can think of at this point is to eliminate the few “bad” food like legumes and increase root veggies. Not sure how that will go over, but we’ll try.

Hi, I’ve looked through a couple of your books and did a search on your website – I am looking for your thoughts/opinion on Maca Powder supplementation. Thank you!

This is just what we need ! Hope this is picked up by more than cable channel I love your email s and books !

Hi Sarah,
I have both your books and your cookbook on AIP. My 53 year old husband came down a year ago with some type of (what the Rhuematologist thinks is RA but his blood work says not. His initial symptoms were swelling and fluid behind his knees. We have been on a restricted diet for the past year with only the past 4 months leaving out the eggs, nuts etc. Before that it was just all grains. He is on Prednisone, Methatrexate, Sulfa something and one other drug. His biggest problem of late has been pain in the bottom pads of his feet and BRAIN Fog which really seems to restrict his thinking and memory sometimes. Do you have an answer for what that Brain Fog is? No one seems to know. How do we know when to wean him off of these nasty drugs and how do we know what he really is sensitive to when he is on them? We are working with a functional Dr. but he does not know to much about the AIP diet even though he sells your book to his clients. We are so Thankful to this doctor as we would be so lost without him. WE are up here in Canada on Vancouver Island. At this point we are looking into Lymes disease. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your book it is one of the most comprehensive books I have read and I am a Health Coach from Institute of Intergrative Nutrition.

Those are the exact symptoms I first presented with when diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis or as it’s called now, GPA. My brain fog was overwhelming. At the time I was a middle school teacher and I needed a clear brain. :) Your husband is on the same drugs I was…prednisone caused some of the brain fog. I went on a strict version of paleo eating and was able to get better. It’s improved over the years.

I have scoured your website and book and cookbook…. I loved the recommendation for Prescript assist probiotics. How about digestive enzymes? I am using Standard Process bile salts since I don’t have a gall bladder and I am happy with those. But, I am not happy with the digestive enzymes I’m using. Any suggestions?

I am going to try to do a weeks worth of prep in one day, but don’t have the glass casserole dishes with lids for freezing. I have searched your site and the Web. I can’t seem to find the type you are using in your video class. Would you please tell me the brand and where I might obtain them? Thank you

Snapware is great for meal prep and uses pyrex glass. You can find it at Costco and on Amazon. -Kiersten

I have a lot of Snapware already and I love it. What I’m looking for is the casserole type containers, which are larger, used on the last video of Batch Cook Meal Plan #1
Cooking Video Series step #9 at She talks about freezing some and putting the other in the fridge. Does anyone out there understand what I’m talking about. It’s so frustrating to see someone use a product that looks wonderful and not have any way to find it for your own use. Help, please. (c:

I’m trying to get the VITALJUNE20 Coupon code to work and it is telling me it is not valid. A little help?

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have yet to see what Vital Protiens Collagen can do for my joints, but I am so excited to get some and see how much it helps me!

I am relatively young, but I’ve had creaky joints since I was a pre-teen. I hope collagen can help strengthen them!

Our son has CIPD and it has gotten to the point that he cannot walk and he is receiving chemo and has little improvement. Suggestions with your food program? He is in his 40’s married with three children and has been in a wheelchair for over a year. Paulette

Hi there! I am trying to use your coupon code and it does not seem to be working even though the site says it is applied. Can you please help?? Thank you!

The coupon code should be working. If you’re having trouble, try contacting Vital Proteins directly. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Kiersten

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