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About a year ago, I started more seriously evaluating the products that I used on my skin, hair, and teeth.  As I struggled with the autoimmune protocol, going to such great lengths to heal my body with nutrition, it suddenly became very important to me that the products I use be as natural and healing as the food that I was eating.   One at a time, I tackled my beauty products.  First, I stopped using shampoos and conditioners, then I started oil cleansing my skin, then tossed my deodorant in favor of a mineral salt spray, and more recently, I’ve switched toothpastes.  To be fair however, I didn’t start this process with any sense of adventure.  I mostly just stopped using my old products and sortof lived with the results.  Only recently has my sense of vanity caught up with me and I’ve started to tweak my natural beauty products and expand my repertoire in search not only of products that are natural but also products that really work.

vintage-tradition-body-balmVintage Traditions makes a grass-fed tallow and olive oil based moisturizer, which they call Body Balm.  It is scented with essential oils and comes in three different scents:  mild manly scent, pretty girly scent, and almost unscented (there is a truly unscented version as well).   I first heard about how nourishing tallow is for your skin from Liz Wolfe’s Skintervention Guide, so I was excited to try it.  I have had the pleasure of trying out all three of these scents for the last month.  As I scraped the last bit of Body Balm from my last jar, I decided a) I don’t want to be all out of Body Balm so I had better order some more, and b) it was high time I actually write a review!

Prior to Body Balm, I was mostly using coconut oil as a moisturizer.  The problem with coconut oil is that it takes approximately forever to absorb.  and don’t you dare think of crawling into bed with coconut oil on your legs, lest you want to permanently stain your sheets!  Body Balm is such a completely different experience, it’s not a fair comparison.  The feeling of the cream is rich, smooth and luxurious.  A little goes a long way and it absorbs into my skin beautifully.  It also gives my skin a very smooth texture that I really like.  It’s been particularly wonderful on my feet, but I’ve actually started using it as a full body moisturizer.  I like it as a facial moisturizer in the evenings and find that it’s a little thick for using in the morning.

I also used it on my kids, who loved it (and who sometimes say coconut oil stings, so it was nice to find something that didn’t).  My oldest daughter was having some issues with dry skin after swimming a few weeks ago.  I literally applied Body Balm twice and the dry skin disappeared completely.

My favorite scent is the almost unscented.  It has a very subtle scent (it really suits the name).  My oldest daughter loves the pretty girly scent, which I also like.  Neither of us were big fans of the mildly manly scent.  Okay, my daughter said it smelled disgusting, but I think that’s a bit harsh.  It smells, well, er, mildly manly.  And the smell certainly didn’t stop me from using every itty bitty bit of it.  But, because my daughter is so fond of the pretty girly scent, I have to admit, that is what I just ordered (yes, a 9oz jar this time too… )

I think Vintage Traditions Body Balm would be especially useful for anyone dealing with dry skin or eczema.  I used it on my healing lichen planus lesions and I think it really helped restore barrier function to my skin.  But, it’s just a lovely rich moisturizer that would be great for anyone looking for chemical-free alternatives.  Vintage Traditions also offers 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, so you can literally try it for yourself and if you don’t like it, you can return it.



I’ve been using a balm I’ve made myself with tallow, evoo, and lavender. It is awesome. My heels aren’t all cracked anymore.

I always made my own recipes using various wax, butters and oils from places like mountain rose herbs. Also can make a great one out of beeswax (when I kept bees), oil and borax minerals. So simple. Thanks for the review, I’ll look into buying it.

I just ordered 4 jars using your link. Thanks for the reviews – so helpful for finding products without chemicals. Coconut oil takes a very long time to absorb, like you said, and I am looking forward to an alternative. On another skin care note, I recently figured out I am allergic to ginger and wanted to know if you have done any research on that spice family (zingiberaceae – which includes turmeric, galangal and cardamom). I get hives on my legs, usually behind my knees, for years and have never been able to figure out what caused it. Have tried eliminating all the spices in the AIP thinking that would help. I wanted to pass this discovery along to you as I know you have skin issues and thought you might be interested. I have been following your blog for about a year now and LOVE what you do and your recipes!

Thank you! Very interesting. Turmeric can actually work as an immune stimulator, but I don’t know if that translates to the whole family or not. I’ll look into it!

Since everyone in the whole foods movement is extolling the virtues of ginger and turmeric right now (for good reason) I am especially bummed to realize I have this issue! Glad to have finally figured it out – feel like a real dummy for not isolating the cause years ago . . . My research so far suggests it is not a common allergy and that’s why I wanted to pass it along for further discussion in case anyone else with skin issues might benefit. Keep up the great work. Making your pancakes this morning for MY Sarah who is home from college this weekend.

Ohhh Thank you for this review! Liz Wolfe showed it at a workshop and I’ve considered getting it. I currently moisturize my body with coconut oil (and have that problem you describe of it taking forever to absorb) and my face with Beauty Balm (from Green Pasture — is what you’re reviewing “BODY Balm” instead?). I’m interested in Tallow Balms like this. Thanks for sharing; I might give it a try!

I really adore the whole idea of the Paleolithic diet as it tends to work on a lot of people because it really composes of the best kinds of food groups there is out there. It’s most the basic ones that’s why it is easy to follow even for the inexperienced in the kitchen.

Been following a recipe book for a while now and it has made it so much easier for me to do because it is all listed in there.

I have been making the Vintage Traditions recipe for months for my daughters eczema and it awesome stuff! It works great and soaks in without feeling greasy or oily, doesn’t smell beefy…, and really is cheap to make after all the thousands of dollars I have spent over the years on skin creams, oils, lotions, ointments…..a little goes a long way and for around $10 can make enough using all organic ingredients that lasts over a month (and that is with her using it very frequently throughout the day). Anyone skeptical, give it a try!

What make-up do you use? And what about a face moisturizer? I have looked long and hard, which has been costly, but have been unable to find something safe that works.

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