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Steve’s PaleoGoods have been around for about as long as paleo has been mainstream…  well, since 2007, which predates my entry into the paleosphere by four years. Certainly, for as long as I’ve been paleo, Steve’s PaleoKits have been on my To Do list to try.  I first heard about them during my first month of paleo, but actually only tried them for the first time last month.  Why didn’t I get around to it sooner?  I guess I thought “jerky, nuts, dried fruit… I can do that”.  Well, I was missing out!

GF-PK-2TSteve’s PaleoKits are a simple concept.  Jerky (grass-fed or conventional depending on your budget), dried fruit, nuts, and/or coconut in a vacuum-sealed bag.  They have a tremendous shelf life and are the definition of portable food.  They could easily live in your glove compartment, your purse, or the bottom of the diaper bag or your gym bag.  Portable protein (that doesn’t contain gluten) is one of the biggest challenges for those of us following a paleo diet, and Steve’s PaleoKits has us covered.  There are also a number of options.  You can get just jerky, jerky with just nuts, jerky with just fruit (berries), jerky with nuts and fruit (apple or berries), or jerky with coconut and fruit (strawberries or pineapple).   You can choose a tight vacuum seal if you want the fruit juices infused with the jerky or choose a loose vacuum seal if you prefer the less juicy version (the difference is noticeable).  They come in two sizes (and one kit comes in an extra large additional size too).  Oh yeah, and my husband who taste tested every version loved them (for anyone following the autoimmune protocol, all of  the Steve’s PaleoGoods jerky contains nightshades).

Bar-Orig-1But, I really have to emphasize that Steve’s PaleoGoods have expanded far beyond just PaleoKits.  They now sell jerky (beef and chicken), meat sticks, dried fruit,  marinades and dressings (including paleo ketchup!), and my absolute favorite:  PaleoKrunch cereal and bars.  I should say, my kids’ favorite too.  They absolutely ADORE the cereal, which is essentially a paleo-friendly granola, and the bars, which are essentially paleo-friendly granola bars.  In fact, the bribe at supper tonight was “finish your chard and broccoli and then you can have some granola for dessert”.  And, ever since my kids tried Steve’s PaleoKrunch Cereal, they won’t eat my homemade granola any more.  And, I even indulged (er, overindulged) in Steve’s PaleoKrunch Cereal and Bars and I have to say, they are really, really good.  Ohmigosh, you have to try the Bacon PaleoKrunch Bar.  Drool.  The ingredients are super simple, nothing dodgy, they are sweetened with honey, and they are delicious. They are sweet enough that my kids inhale them (even my oldest who usually doesn’t like anything that doesn’t have chocolate in it), the texture is great (sort of a crunch then chew texture, which rocks), but they’re also not so sweet that I feel like they need to be reserved for occasional treats.  Steve’s PaleoGoods struck just the right balance.  Oh, and the PaleoKrunch Bars are just as portable as any store-bought granola bar I’ve ever seen.

Steve’s PaleoGoods have three different flavors of PaleoKrunch Bars and five different flavors of PaleoKrunch Cereal (including one that is nut-free!).  In fact, for my upcoming trip to Canada with the girls, I placed a big order to stock up on both PaleoKruch Cereal and Bars (my kids’ favorite is original for both) so that I can have a paleo-friendly snack to keep with me at all times plus an easy breakfast add-on to scrambled eggs and fruit while traveling.  In fact, I have five PaleoKrunch Bars stashed in my “carry-on pile” because I can’t bring anything perishable across the border and I want to make sure my kids (and I) can get something to eat during the long trip.

As impressive as Steve’s PaleoGoods products are, their mission is even more so.  15% of proceeds from sales of Steve’s PaleoGoods go to Steve’s Club National Program, a non-profit organization that brings fitness, nutrition guidance and mentorship to at-risk youth.   In Steve’s Clubs (hosted in CrossFit boxes) throughout the country, teens choose to be involved in fitness and sports (rather than nefarious alternatives), fostering a sense of community in a supportive environment while working out alongside other members of their local communities.  In fact, the original PaleoKit wasn’t created to sell to those of us searching for paleo convenience foods, but instead was created to give the at-risk youth members of Steve’s Club a healthy alternative to school lunches to improve their nutrition.  Steve only started selling PaleoKits online as a fundraiser for Steve’s Club athletes.  Of course, they quickly became popular in the CrossFit community and then to the broader paleo community.  And now, finally, in my home!  Yay!  Also, if you aren’t interested in placing an order but are still interested in supporting Steve’s Club, you can also donate directly to Steve’s Club here.

So, you get delicious, convenient and portable paleo foods and your purchase supports at-risk youth.  Can it get any better?  Well, actually, yes it can!  Steve’s PaleoGoods has generously given my readers a coupon code!  Use the code “thepaleomom”  when you check out to receive 10% off your order, valid today thru Monday only! (expires midnight July 1st, 2013).





This stuff looks delicious, but all of the PaleoJerky has paprika in it 🙁 I would love to eat jerky as a snack (it would make life a lot easier) but I can never find one that is both nightshade and gluten free. Any suggestions on jerky that is AIP compliant?

I’ve been on the paleo autoimmune protocol for 6 months. In the last month and a bit I’ve started to feel really good and have started running again. I’m currently training for a half marathon in October and I’m starting to get up to +10km runs. I obviously don’t want sport drinks or gels but would prefer my own paleo autoimmune safe energy foods. One thing I’ve used is shredded carrots and dates with a bit of vanilla and cinnamon. I was wondering if you have other recipes/ideas for running fuel?

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