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These hotcake-style pancakes were a serendipitous accident.  I was working on a crepe recipe (which I later posted here!) and my first attempt was not crepe-like at all. Instead, I got a light, fluffy and delicious (if maybe a little too thin) pancake.  Once my crepe recipe was perfected, my next priority was taking a step backward to see if I could thicken up the first batter variation to make an even better pancake.  The results were more marvelous than I could have hoped for.  These pancakes are awesome!

One of the biggest complaints about paleo pancakes is that they are difficult to flip.  Because almond flour batters don’t hold together very well, you have to make small 2-3” diameter pancakes that also take an eternity to cook.  Coconut-flour pancakes hold together marginally better, but many people (myself included) don’t like either the texture or the flavor, and they still take 15-20 minutes to cook over low heat so they don’t burn on the outside before cooking on the inside.  Paleo pancakes also tend to be very dense.  I have tried 7 or 8 different paleo pancake recipes from other blogs, looking for one that works or was at least close enough to use as a base to experiment with.  I never found one I liked… until now!

These plantain-based pancakes are not dense; instead they are so light and fluffy.  They cook quickly (about 6 minutes total, which is comparable to traditional pancakes).  They are so easy to flip that you can make them as big as your pan (I made mine 5-6” in diameter) or as small and dainty as you like.  They also happen to be nut-free, and you can sub any fat you want for the coconut oil to make them coconut free.  See my recipe for plantain crackers for tips on picking and storing green plantains.

What can you top these with?  My kids love maple syrup and butter (total shocker, right?), but berries, sliced peaches, sliced bananas, or pretty much any sliced fruit would be delicious.  Nuts or a dust of cinnamon would be good additions too!  You could throw some coconut cream on top to be extra decadent. You can buy coconut cream in a box or you can take the thick fatty top part of a can of full fat coconut milk that has been sitting in a cool pantry or refrigerator overnight.  However you choose to dress these pancakes, I hope you enjoy them!

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 10-20 minutes (depending on the size of your skillet)
Servings:  6 large 5-6″ diameter pancakes


  1. Peel plantains (I find it easier to quarter them before I peel them) and place pieces in your blender (preferred) or food processor (okay) with the eggs.  Blend to form a smooth batter (if your blender has a smoothie function, that works well here).
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the blender or food processor and process on high for an additional minute (or 2-3 with a food processor to get a really good smooth batter).
  3. Heat 1 Tbsp of coconut oil in a frying pan or on a griddle over medium-high heat.  Pour batter into the frying pan until your pancake is the desired size.
  4. Let cook 4-5 minutes on the first side, until the top looks fairly dry with little bubbles in it (just like regular pancakes!).
  5. Flip!  And cook on the second side for 1½-2minutes.
  6. Repeat with remaining batter, adding a little more coconut oil to your pan as needed.

Watch this video from my YouTube Channel to learn more about green plantains:


I am in the process of researching Paleo for our family, and my youngest is allergic to eggs, peanuts and almonds. My husband has auto immune troubles, which led me to this site. So I am also interested in egg-free nut-free recipes!

With all the health issues your family has, you would ALL greatly benefit from the GAPS diet. It saved our family and cured ALL our problems. (Weston Price Foundation)

Generally you can replace eggs with flax meal. I am doing that with half of the eggs in this recipe. Not sure if that is paleo or not but it is a good source of Omega 3’s

soaked chia seeds are a GREAT replacement for eggs and subbing for some of the flax. they puff up muffins just like eggs.

I replaced the eggs with ground flax meal : 1 tbsp + 3 tbsp water for each eggs so 4 tbsp of flax 12 tbsp of water. It had more if a crepe like consistency. Also for those wanting Creoles- thin the batter down with water. Easy peasy!

I tried this way with the flax/water..and,sadly, it didn’t turn out so well:( Not enough liquid to blend in the blender and batter was really thick! So I added just a bit of coconut milk and another tbs or 2 water it turned out just like a crepe! I added strawberries and agave to mine and it was like a dessert, bet it would have tasted even better with cream or ice cream:)
My boyfriend wasn’t as crazy about this version as he was with the last time I made them (with eggs) so i added 2 eggs to the remaining batter and whipped up his batch. Not bad, bot not as good either.
I think I will just stick to the original recipe next time, or until someone invents an amazing egg substitute! 🙂

agave nectar is not recommended on paleo, because its a lot of fructose… supposedly honey is a better option.

I read that you can add some ground flax seed meal and a little water to replace the egg. Can’t you also use applesauce?

Would green bananas work or something else? I’ve never seen plantains anywhere in our area. Might just try it and see cause these look great!

Coming to this late but I have to say, I doubt green bananas will work, their consistency is totally different, and they don’t cook up anything like plantains. Love the idea of this recipe, though, can’t wait to try it.

I’ve found this recipe to work with just about everything. It’s definitely our favorite gluten free pancake recipe. Ever.

all plantains
half plantains/half rice flour (maybe I added a little water when I did this?)
half sweet potato/half rice flour (water again?)
all sweet potato
all regular white potato (maybe added a little water)

I always add 1/2 tsp vinegar as it reacts with the baking soda and eliminates any baking soda taste (which I can taste otherwise). And no vinegar taste remains either.

I made them with a banana and it worked! I haven’t tried it with plantains, so I don’t know how different the result was, but I liked it.

I used one medium ripe banana, one egg, vanilla, salt, a pat of melted butter, and some baking soda.

I cooked it as one large 6″ pancake in a cast iron pan with a lid to help firm it up. It was a little tricky to flip, but I did’t care if it looked pretty after I did it!

The result was fluffy, moist, sweet, and probably the best paleo pancake I’ve had.

Great recipe!

I want to create an AIP-friendly pancake recipe. Still in the “hmm I wonder if this would work” phase. If you can handle seeds, these might work with flax or chia as egg substitutes.

Thank you. I can’t wait to try this. I had my son go gluten free about 6 months ago, and we are working towards grain free. Unfortunately, his school is not only nut free, it is coconut and date free as well! This has made it nearly impossible to find grain free breads or snacks to pack him. He loves when I make him little sandwiches out of pancakes, so I’ll pick up some plantains this week to try these.

As for the eggs, we thought he was intolerant, but I have started baking with soy-free eggs and so far he seems to be doing ok with them. He won’t eat them plain though, so either he just doesn’t like them or his gut is telling his body not to over do it. I’ve learned to listen to him.

Why on earth is a school date free? Also you should talk to them about coconut. Many people just assume it’s a nut but it’s obviously not. And by informing the school of this piece of information many have since allowed coconuts.

some people with nut allergies are also allergic to coconut. My s-i-l is severely allergic to both, so please don’t assume they are not aware of a difference. It could mean life or death for people with nut allergies!

I am allergic to all tree nut, seeds, and peanuts, as well as many legumes, soy being the worst. In 2006, the FDA classified coconuts as tree nuts. It is a very big allergy for many people. It is very hard to keep to a strict Paleo diet, with this.

Allergists separate coconut since the majority of people with tree nuts allergies don’t have an issue with it (it has very different proteins in it because coconut palms are not actually trees, compared to all other tree nuts). I follow a strict paleo diet without nuts or coconut (or even eggs). It is definitely doable.

These were amazing! The texture was unbelievable. I added 20 drops of liquid vanilla stevia & a little more salt & served with cooked apples. Realllly easy to put together & extremely filling. Thx

You are incredible! I was just telling the hubs this morning that I really wanted pancakes for my birthday breakfast tomorrow – now I can! Thanks so much!

I also tried to use bananas…mine didn’t look like Beth’s but were flat and “greasy” night, made them again using plantains and they are now my NEW favorites!! even my husband, an extreme critic, loved them!! thanks for the recipe!!!!!!

I used two bananas and they were pretty ripe lol. I had no idea what I was doing 😀 I’ve actually made them twice since the disaster (with green plantains!) and they were PERFECT. Yum! I topped with crunchy almond butter, blueberries, cinnamon, and a smidge of maple syrup! Mmm….

Wow! These were unbelievably delicious! My father is a new Paleo eater (due to cancer) and has missed food like this. Everyone who ate them, paleo and non-paleo eaters alike, raved about them. Thank you for this recipe. It will be on heavy rotation.

I eat the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which identifies that plantains are not SCD legal due to too much starch. That surprised me since SCD is very similar to Paleo, GAPS, Primal. My SCD pancake recipes separate the egg whites and whip them until stiff peaks form. These are gently folded in last and the resultant pancakes are more “normal”. This processing modification may help in your pancake recipe tweaking.

This recipe was very easy to make, and we loved the results! I had just that day started looking for a Paleo pancake recipe. I’m definitely going to be sharing this with my gluten-sensitive friends.

We tried them, but my boys rejected the plantain flavor (they prefer almond flour pancakes) though they did eat what they were served. I, however, thought they were quite good. They cooked wonderfully and were easy to make. I also don’t care for coconut flour pancakes so if there is a nut allergy, this would definitely be the way to go.

Made these this morning and my toddlers loved them. First time I have used plantains. These are much better than the almond/coconut flour pancakes.

Hi, I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! You are amazing.
I am on 3rd time of healing my gut after taking strong meds (this time steroids), while also going through a stressful time (double-wammy!). Stomach burning, early satiety, and heartburn these days but Mastic Gum and DGL seems to knock out the symptoms. My naturopath has me on a strict grain-gluten-dairy-sugar free diet (Basically candida diet) while my gut heals – which I have done before, but really getting bored with my options.

Would you suggest the recipes on your page, like this one and others for someone in my condition (ie are plaintains ok to eat as I was told no bananas?) Would be great if you could highlight some of your faves or items you think would help me get through the next 2-3 months!

Thanks and keep up the great work!


Are you eating starchy vegetables? Green plantains would be somewhere between winter squash and sweet potato as a complex carb load. They are excluded on GAPS and SCD, which are very similar to what you’re doing. My favorite recipes of mine are hidden liver meatloaf, salmon with herb butter (you can use coconut oil), bacon braised brussel sprouts, stuffed artichoke, herb crusted pork and slow roasted lamb (I love meat, so they’re all good). Also the pad Thai and stir fries. I also have some great soups. Curry carrot is my favorite. For treats’ you can try some frozen fruit if there are any low sugar fruits that are okay. Also if you take the top half of a can of full fat coconut milk and mix it with a little honey, you have an awesome topping for fruit or a pudding to eat straight! 🙂

Just seeing this comment. Thanks so much for the tips! I made the pancakes last weekend and my boyfriend is already asking for more! They were so yum! But I see people are making them when they are actually still green – we waited for them to be very very ripe. How do you open when they are green? We had a mess just from opening when they were ripe haha.
As for this coconut milk fat….please do tell more! Sounds delish:)

Just made these tonight. Served them as desert with a side of local honey. The hubs and college freshman son loved them. Son even asked if there was enough left over for his breakfast in the morning. He offered to go to the store if I needed more plantains! There are plenty left, will see how they taste reheated in the morning.

I just tried these. They are AMAZING, and so simple to make!!! I sprinkled shredded coconut on then when the first side was cooking. My 7yr old daughter declared them ‘awfully tasty’ and asked for me to make them for her birthday breakfast.

Just made these; yummy! Never thought I’d be making pancakes without flour! Btw, the printer-friendly version of this recipe seems to be missing the ingredient list.

I didn’t have vanilla or coconut oil, so I used maple syrop and melted butter instead. These pancakes are so amazing. I made pancakes yesterday and they burned on the outside and were mushy in the middle. These ones cook up perfect! The texture of these plantain pancakes are amazing. I love that I can make them as big as I want! The kids loved them too, so thank you do much for making my weekends easier!

I’ve been waiting for a week for my plantains to ripen so I could try this recipe and finally made a 1/2 batch tonight. Kids were lukewarm but didn’t totally reject them so I sprinkled a very few Enjoy Life chocolate chips on them (maybe 3 or 4 mini chips per pancake). They were fighting over them after that. I think these would be lovely with homemade nutella or some berries but I’m doing the whole 30 right now so will have to wait to try that myself 🙂 I did try one plain pancake to see what it would do to my blood sugars (seem OK) and found it had a lovely hint of banana taste, not overpowering. I’m going to try adding some ground chia or flax next time to see if the batter can be a bit thicker. I had to keep a close eye on them while cooking as they go from nice light brown to near burnt in a second, even on very low heat.

These are amazing! Probably the best grain-free pancake yet. Sometimes I get sick of coconut flour and I’m allergic to almonds. I added a few shavings of very dark chocolate to the batter. Delish. Thank you. I’ve passed these on!

Hi Sarah! I’ve been Paleo for a while and I’m devouring Paleo recipes for my kids. I really appreciate all the recipes you post! I made your pancakes last week and I thought they were great. The consistency was really nice – I used plantains that were pretty ripe (yellow and black) because they didn’t have any green ones. What is the difference between using the green vs. ripe ones?

Wonderful! Plantains are cheap here too. Kids loved them topped fruit. Success and a recipe to add to the paleo box!!! 😉

Loved Them! First Paleo pancakes that my kids have even finished and they also asked for more! I am freezing the extra for school mornings. You and The Paleo Parents are teaching me so much! Almond meal based recipes leave my stomach feeling sick afterward so I am grateful for the nut-free recipes. I have never noticed a problem with hazlenuts – have you ever used Hazlenut meal? I know it is available through Bob’s Red Mill.

I don’t do well with large quantities of any nuts, so I haven’t branched out much into other nut flours (although I do experiment with homemade nut meal and chopped nuts for recipes).

Made these delectable pancakes for the first time this morning. They were a huge hit! Thank you so much for posting this recipe. You rock!

I commented on these on my FB page they are really crazy good & the texture is incredible! But this is why I’m writing. I use stewed apples w/cinnamon as my topping. I had some leftover cakes & threw them in the fridge without parchment paper in between so the next day looking for something good to eat quick..i spied them but they came apart in bits & pieces. Lightbulb! I layered the pieces with leftover stewed apples Heated in the nuker til very warm then poured a little almond milk in wahlah a hot cereal like dish VERY satisfying & kept me very full for hours.:)

I just made a similar recipe … but i used bananas as i couldn’t get hold of plantain (i liked that bananas made them sweet) and they turned out amazing … what i did was mash 2 large ripe bananas … i added cream cheese and three eggs … a pinch of cinnamon … baking powder and that’s it … i buttered the pan and cooked them kind of slowly and that made them really easy to flip … they were so delicious …

I made these as waffles for my kids and my 5 year old declared them “the best waffles I’ve ever tasted” and asked me to make them for his school lunches.


We just made them last night for dinner and then today for lunch. We used coconut oil to cook them the first time then used organic full fat butter the second time. Both times were great, but we really liked cooking the pancakes in butter!!! These by far are the best pancakes ever!! Thank YOU!

Just made these this morning. Girlfriend…these are awesome!
I’m new to eating like a cave women (8 days grain and dairy free!!) and in my family, Sunday is pancake party breakfast day.
I was the guinea pig today for this recipe, but next week I will introduce them to the gang.

Thanks for such a wonderful site full of so much information!!!


I’ve adapted the recipe as follows: 1 ripe plantain, 1/2 c. pumpkin puree or apple sauce (or once I just threw in a peeled apple), fall spices, salt, vanilla, baking soda, 2 T. arrowroot (the ripe plantain batter doesn’t seem to hold together as well as the green plantain), melted coconut oil. Then I eat them all myself!

I made these last night without telling my boys what we were having for supper. They devoured them! I loved them, also. My mom makes Swedish pancakes for my boys everytime they stay there and they are close to that consistency. Thank you!

So good!!! I think they are better then the “real” thing!! So quick and easy, too!! I also added some cinnamon to the batter and drizzled with maple syrup!

Wow these are amazing…my girls goobled them faster than I could make em. Thanks for an awesome recipe. Imgonna trying freezing them.for a quick breakfast during the week.

I made these for the first time over the weekend and then went right out and bought more plantains for more batches. They are amazing!! I happy been less than satisfied with recipes for pancakes with almond or coconut flour but these are perfect!!! I substituted 2 of the eggs with “flax eggs” (I TBS ground flax meal to 3 TBS water for each eggs substituted.) I like the nutty flavor the flax adds. Having some now warmed up for my breakfast.

These were really good. The texture was great. The taste could have gone either sweet or savory. They’re wonderful. And no “once-in-awhile-only” ingredients! This recipe is a keeper for sure. I feel brave enough for Mafongo next!

Mine turned black instead of that lovely golden like yours. My plantains had a little yellow on them, could that be why? They still seemed very firm and unripe, though.

Sorry, forgot to mention that I already tried lowering the temp. They don’t seem to taste burnt, either. They just turn black by the time they’re cooked enough to flip.

I was skeptical at first after trying the almond flour versions, but FINALLY, a paleo pancacke that actually looks and tastes like a pancacke. Well done.

Besides halving the recipe, the only change I made was leaving out the vanilla (I ran out), and they didn’t come out quite right. The flavor of the unripe plantain came through and the batter needed to be thinned out quite a bit. Maybe I should have let the green plantain become a little less green? I’ll try again sometime and let you know how it goes. These look too yummy to not give it another shot.

This is the most amazing recipe! I love the pancakes as is, but also, I can make excellent waffles just by adding 2 extra eggs and a tad bit more of the other ingredients. (Still 2 plantains.) Thanks to my 10-year-old daughter, I now know that you can put the “waffle” batter in a mini donut maker and in 4 minutes have fluffy and lovely little donuts that you can dust with cinnamon and sugar. Tastes a lot like yeasted donuts. Mmmmm. My favorite way to eat eggs and plantains, by far. Thank you, and Happy New Year!!

Just made these today for lunch! So good! I am the only one eating them, so I have some left over, I am going to put them in the fridge for a snack later or tomorrow for breakfast! Thanks for such a great recipe and awesome blog!!

have you tried to seperate the egg whites and beat them seperately to make the pancakes lighter and fluffier? when i would make traditional homemade pancakes that is what i would do and works well. im new to the whole paleo thing;) just starting!

I made these over the weekend. I made them with yellow plantains, added cinnamon into the mix and it was very good. They go really well with adding banana on top. I have a feeling that other tropical fruits like pineapple would also go really well with it. Unfortunately blueberries not so much, changes the hold of the batter drastically, fruit should be added AFTER the pancake is made, wheat pancakes you can get away with adding the blueberries in while they cook, these not so much. But they where very good.

I’m trying to find a Paleo pancake that goes well with blueberries.

Try them again with green plantains. We make them with blueberries all the time and they are terrific! Let the batter cook a half minute in the pan and then sprinkle in blueberries – we use frozen. They stick in the pancake and do not conflict with the flavor of the plantain. Green plantains ones are practicaly flavorless like a potatoe

Can you tell from my recent influx of comments that I’ve discovered (and am loving) your blog and recipes? Haha. Anyway, I’ve made many paleo pancake recipes–almond flour, coconut flour, arrowroot/tapioca flour, combinations, etc. I’m not a big pancake eater, but my husband likes them on occasion for breakfast. He has hated pretty much any version I’ve attempted, so we resorted to a gluten free pancake mix on the days we wanted pancakes. I finally found plantains at the grocery store, and I attempted this recipe tonight, cutting it in half. The first pancake tasted good, but it was very flat and dense (my batter was very thick). My husband declared the taste ok, but he thought they needed to be “fluffier” (picky man–ha!). I added an egg yolk and a tablespoon of milk to the batter then whipped the egg white and folded it in. The resulting pancakes had the lift the first was missing, and we ate them with a bit of maple syrup. Very very tasty. Thank you so much for providing such great, tasty recipes and ideas that are flexible and adaptable!

Thank you so much for the multitude of recipes! My son loves pancakes and that was one thing I was afraid of when switching…these are so delicious and I can make a huge amount and freeze them. Thank you so much!

We were starving and, just starting out on the paleo diet, having a hard time finding something to eat that would be satisfying and in that old way! These were amazing and fun – my son loved how they turned green/blue after cooking!

I made these tonight – my first attempt at cooking with plantains! We loved the flavour but they were very runny and so difficult to cook. The plantains were quite ripe (as I said – my first time using them so I assumed they were to be yellow and ripe) and I blended the batter in my VitaMix. Any ideas on why they were so runny? I would love to perfect this recipe so that I can send them in school lunches. My kids’ school is also nut and coconut free so I am limited about the paleo baking that I can send in. Thank you – I love your blog 🙂

These are amazing exactly as written. We’ve been a GF household for over 3 years due to Celiac disease and my husband declared these the best GF pancakes I’ve ever made. Hooray! Tomorrow is Saturday, which means pancakes for breakfast!

Made these this morning and they were a big hit! I’ve tried several different paleo pancake recipes and these may be my new “go to” recipe. Not only because they tasted so good and worked so well, but because the ingredients list is cheap! I used ripe (almost black) plantains and a blender. Except for using ripe plantains, I followed the recipe to a T and they turned out perfect.

Made these this morning; I was skeptical but they were awesome!!! Agree that they were difficult to flip but well worth the effort of taking the time!!! Thank you for sharing.

These are really good! I couldn’t get the plantains to puree in my blender, so I added everything but baking soda and then pureed it all. Added baking soda at the end of the pureeing process. Yum!

Made these today. Amazing! Thanks for the amazingly easy recipe. I’m following the Wahls Protocol pretty strictly so I don’t really eat eggs but this is a nice treat.

Have you ever tried baking your pancake batter in a cookie sheet? It is awesome and so time/effort saving! Set your oven to 350 f, use melted butter or coconut oil to grease the bottom of the cookie sheet, and then pour your pancake batter in and bake for about 15 minutes (longer if you think it’s not cooked through yet). No need to flip, both sides get cooked in the oven! Then just use a pizza cutter to cut into squares. (or cookie cutters for fun)

Thank you so much! I can’t have grain, soy, potatoes, sweet potatoes, or coconut, and can only consume beans and legumes in small amounts. I was having trouble getting the complex carbs I needed and feeling low on energy. Then I discovered cooking with plantains. These are a staple at my house now. Make them without vanilla, and they make excellent Gyro-style sandwiches. I hadn’t eaten a sandwich in months, and I used one of these with vegetables and hummus. It was great.

I made these today and wasn’t that impressed. I’ve tried several paleo recipes also and I think its because there is no added sweetner. Which is fine, I just prefer sweeter pancakes I guess. The consitency turned out good though a little dense. Even with maple syrup on top they just didn’t fit the bill. Thanks for the recipe, I will try tweaking it a little in the future.

Not totally egg free but I tried a half batch today with 2 egg yolks & 1 “flax egg” (1T ground flax, 2T hot water, mix & let gel) & it worked. They were not as light & fluffy as the original recipe but if you need to avoid egg white they are decent. I imagine you could try all flax seed, but you might need to increase the fat and/or baking soda.

Holy amazing pancakes! Warning, peeling plantains is super tedious. There’s got to be a better way…
However, its totally worth it for the end result. I’ve found some pretty good almond flour and coconut flour pancake recipes, but this one trumps by far. This is sure to win over the hubs. Perfect texture, flavor, super easy to flip. And awesome with homemade coconut syrup. My life is now complete.

This is far and away the very best paleo pancakes going. We have tried many! Kids love them with chocolate chips!

I’m excited to try this this weekend since my hubs thinks my paleo attempt is going to ruin his life. He’s die hard for good pancakes/waffles. Does this have a particularly coconut-y or banana-y flavor? both of us hate the flavor of coconut (big problem with paleo it seems) and I dislike anything banana flavored (while liking actual bananas). Combined with the fact that I also can’t stomach the flavor of breakfast meats and breakfast on paleo has been pretty tough as I’ve started off, I’m already on egg overload 🙁

No, it doesn’t. If you’re really worried about a coconut-y flavor, you could use a refined (expeller-pressed) coconut oil. But I use extra virgin coconut oil and wouldn’t say there’s a coconut flavor at all. The greener the plantains, the more flavor neutral they are.

awesome! thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I’m going to mess around with this this weekend (the suggestion to bake it as one sheet as well as my griddle) and see if me and the mister have found new weekend brunch. so thrilled

last comment before I set out on my own on this…any chance you’ve had success altering this into a waffle recipe? i know you have the eat like a dinosaur ones that every paleo site mentions, but wondered if you’d tried out this gem in a waffle iron with the egg whites whipped perhaps?

I’ve made waffles from them – they make fewer waffles because you need more batter, so I would double the recipe. Also, they are done well before the waffle maker thinks they are!

Confused…..can you answer a question? Paleo likes to push away the starch foods, but I see Plantains are a starch? Am I missing something? Please explain. Thanks!!!

Paleo doesn’t push away from starches. In fact, many people are recommending the consumption of a large amount of starchy roots and tubers. It’s one of those aspect of paleo where opinions vary dramatically and individual experiences vary dramatically.

My 4 year old (super picky eater) loves these pancakes right off the griddle. She doesn’t like them reheated the next day – I think the plantain flavor gets stronger the second day) so I always halve the recipe! Thanks 🙂

We used this recipe in the Belgian waffle maker and they’re wonderful! I think they would freeze well to go in the toaster but they don’t last long enough to find out! The recipe also makes a nice batter for muffins (just add in some other yummy/healthy stuff like grated carrot, chopped nuts, honey, and raisins then bake!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

I want to thank you for being such a “recipe pioneer”!! I never was much of a pancake person, but here lately I’ve been wanting pancakes for some reason. So, I searched for a good paleo pancake recipe. Tried a few that either were ok or not that great (but I certainly didn’t throw any away) and then I found your recipe. HOLY COW!! These are absolutely delicious!! I’ve been making them almost every morning now. I’ve discovered that making them with a ripe plantain (I cut the recipe in half) makes for a thinner batter and you have to watch more closely for burning, but the taste is fantastic! I lick that batter right up, too… I dream of eating these things! 🙂

I am so glad I found this recipe. I’ve made it three or four times now. My daughter loves them so I try to make a large batch and then save some in the fridge for a quick breakfast. (Tip: for storage, helps to separate them with wax or parchment paper or you may find they break apart). I love the fact that these require such healthy and inexpensive ingredients. The paleo pancake recipes I’ve found that have nut flours and coconut flour don’t hold a candle to these!

Wow these were so yummy, and so simple to make (other than I had a hard time puréeing the plantains…need to get myself a magic bullet!)
I will definitely make this again, thanks for the recipe 🙂

This recipe came at a time when I was about to give up on paleo pancakes. I used the blank attachment of my omega juice extractor to puree the plantains, and I substituted the ground flax for eggs as I had no eggs. This resulted in a nuttier pancake that tasted oh so good. I especially liked that the texture was just like regular pancakes.
Thanks for sharing.

I just tried your recipe and I really liked it. Great alternative. I found that the batter cooked faster and more evenly in the waffle machine but in the griddle it almost burned in order to get it cooked. So while I will use it in the future as a waffle batter I am still on the lookout for a great pancake batter. Anyone any suggestions?

I’m late to the game here, but I had a spare plantain and no coconut flour so I finally gave this recipe a try. Hands down they are my new favorite pancakes!!

I love these so much. I get tired of trying to “replace” items from my previous diet. This is like a whole new dish, not a wheat pancake replica. I never used plantain before, and am so excited to have this recipe! Thanks!

These pancakes are absolutely amazing. They also work EXTREMELY well as waffles. My step father started the paleo diet for cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation reasons and these have been a godsend for him. Thank you so much!!!!

Thank you for this recipe! I make a double batch of these at least twice a month. They freeze well and make a quick, tasty breakfast that my 7yo loves to prepare for herself. I blogged about them so all my readers can enjoy them, too!

These were AMAZING. I cooked mine up with some blueberries and topped them with a little honey. So So good. Thank you!! I’ve tried a recipe for pumpkin pancakes with coconut flour and while the taste was great, the texture was not my favorite. I still ate them, but thought that was as good as it got with paleo pancakes. I’m so glad I found your recipe! so easy and delicious!

Love it! I just made these with one very ripe plantain and half the recipe it was amazing. I couldn’t stop licking the batter off my Vitamix. This will definitely be a Saturday morning staple. THANK YOU!!!

This is a great substitute for coconut flour pancakes…unfortunately I have histamine issues and stay away from plantains and bananas…do you have any ideas of another starch I could substitute?

Holy Crap! I added blueberries to the mix and WOWY!!!! No need for syrup. Will make a batch of these and put them in the freezer. Thank you very much!

Hello Sarah–I recently discovered your podcast and have been catching up on back episodes on my daily commute. Thanks for keeping me sane despite the monotony of the drive! Since I just listened to the one where you discussed the difference between baking soda and baking powder, I’m surprised to see you use baking soda with no apparent acid for it to react with. Is there possibly some acid from the plantains? I see one commenter mentioned adding vinegar. Just wondering what your thoughts/reasoning were on this. I’m looking forward to exploring your website and trying some of your recipes…and really looking forward to your book!! Thanks for all your great work.

Thanks, Sarah. I just finished my first batch, and the texture is just amazing considering there is no flour of any kind! After checking three different grocery stores last night, the only plantains I could find were pretty ripe. It was nice to see in the comments that it would still work. And since I like banana pancakes, the change in flavor isn’t an issue for me…although I’m eager to try again with some green ones to see what they’re meant to taste like. I’m also eager to try butter (Kerrygold!!!) in place of the coconut oil.

At two months grain free, I don’t really miss bread or pasta, but for some reason pancakes have felt like a sacrifice even though I don’t have them very often. Good to know there’s still a way to get my occasional fix!

Just tried these this morning and was amazed at how easy and delicious they are. No trouble flipping them, they didn’t burn, no sweetener and mixed up super fast in my food processor. Wow, I don’t think I’ll ever miss flour pancakes again. Thank you!!

these pancakes are great!!!! on your post about paleo treats you mentioned that you make these and freeze them? do you cook the pancakes and then freeze? how do you reheat?

Yes, I cook up a whole batch (well, usually a double or triple batch) and put them on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer. Once they are frozen, I put them in a freezer bag (if you try and freeze them in the bag first, they stick together). I reheat in the microwave, but a toaster would work too.

I cant have plantains or bananas. They are both migraine triggers for me. Any substitute for plantains? I saw someone mention sweet potato. Would you just bake it first? What about pumpkin puree? Thanks.

Fantastic recipe!

Instead of the baking soda, we reserved 3 egg whites, added a pinch of salt and whisked to soft peaks, then folded the plantains/etc mixture into the egg whites. Makes a very light pancake, a little like a cruller.

these were really delicious but when i tried cooking them in a skillet they smoked like crazy. not sure if maybe the heat was up too high or what the reason was but then i switched to a waffle maker and had no issues.

I must say that I was skeptical as to how these would turn out. First of all, the only plantains I could find were yellow with brown spots. I bought them anyway, anxious to try this recipe. I can eat egg yolks, not the whites so I added 6 yolks. They were truly amazing! Both my husband and I were delighted. I have tried different grain free pancakes and haven’t found one that really works. I have now! Thank you so much. I stumbled onto your sight, not even sure how and I am thankful I have. I’ve been pinning away! Looking forward to following you.

OMG! I can have pancakes again. Thanks for the perfect recipe. These are so-o-o-o tasty. I just spread a bit of homemade coconut butter on top. Can I confess to eating the entire batch (I made 1/2 the recipe, but still…)? :o)

These are flippin AWESOME – we call them plantain cakes in our house, and they are required on the weekends! As an fyi – definitely use green plantains. Ripe (yellow) ones work, but not nearly so well. I can actually flip these with ease, unlike my attempts with traditional wheat cakes – bonus points!

This is my go to Paleo pancake recipe! I have fooled many a non-Paleo eater with these little guys. I think the baking powder is key to the texture, which many other recipes I’ve found tend to leave out. Thanks!

Loved these. I would love them more if my kids didn’t eat them all out before I could get more than a taste. As a side note I grew up in the Caribbean where plantains are a big part of the cuisine and never thought to make pancakes etc with plantain. Thanks for this

My Pancake and Waffle loving Hubby loved these.. They make a good waffle too. i added a bit of Coconut Crystals and Nutmeg, Cinnamon..etc [apple pie spices]

Absolutely love this recipe and use this all the time- today I just added some pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice… AWESOME, thank you again- one of my favorite repeated recipes in the house for when I need something “bready” Best.

Now all you need is some actual flour (instead of high oxalate and high omega 6 almond flour) and a nice pitcher of maple syrup or honey, and you’re all good to go! 🙂

Just made these- I love them- Ate them with a little drizzle of raw honey! Just had to be careful because they burn easy- lower temps and cook a bit longer to make sure the inside is done. Thank you sooooo much <3

Plantains aren’t always available near me so I purchased some plantain flour. I’d love to hear from anyone who knows how to substitute the flour for green plantain.

I made a double batch of these today :). I got about 7 really, really big/fat pancakes and I think they are going to work for me. I plan on spreading sunflower seed butter on them. Next batch I am going to try waffles. How do these freeze, anyone know? Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!

I make a dbl batch every time and freeze what we don’t eat. I haven’t tried reheating in the toaster, but put them in a baking dish, cover and reheat at 350. They’re heated through by the time the bacon is done which I also cook in the oven. We have these every weekend!!

This recipe is AMAZING!!! My husband and I are brand new to Paleo and I’ve been looking for comforting recipes to ease us into our new lifestyle–I swear if I didn’t know better, I would think they were regular pancakes! Thanks for the recipe!

I left a comment on one of your FB posts about subbing fresh garlic for the vanilla and cooking in a waffle iron. Just reheated this in the toaster, slathered in Kerrygold and sprinkled with garlic sea salt. So yummy you have to try it-and if you approve-share it!!!! Tastes like I remember garlic bread to taste!!! Love, love, love your site!!!
Lynn Johnson

I added 1/3 cup of cocoa powder and about 3T of maple syrup and made chocolate pancakes. I make the regular ones all the time but my almost 5 year old declared this batch the best pale pancakes ever! Thanks for all your hard work.

I am dangerously obsessed with these pancakes! Reintroduced pastured eggs on AIP just so I could try this recipe. So far, so good (unless eating these for breakfast two weeks in a row is a bad thing)!

I have a new Blendtec (YAY!!!), and wondered what number or preset option you use when blending them. I mixed mine on number 7 for about a minute and got called away for a few minutes to help my kids. When I came back the batter was like gelatin. I was able to make them after reblending, although they were almost too fluffy in that it was hard to get the center done. Looking forward to mastering this recipe. And even more excited that your book will be here soon!!!!

These are awesome! We add a few chocolate chips. They work well as pancakes or in the waffle iron. Is there a way to turn this into a banana bread or other bread recipe? Thanks for all your hard work!:)

By far the best paleo pancake i have ever had! i even added a few mini chocolate chips to the batter… oh so good! Thanks!!!

Thank you for the explanation why use the green plantains.
When would we use the very ripe, black plantains? Just curious as sometimes I see them ripe in stores.
Thank you.
Great website and recipes!

I came across your recipe randomly while searching for something else the other day. I always wondered what one did with those giant plantains next to the bananas in the grocery store. I’m glad my curiosity got the best of me, because I picked few up yesterday and decided to give your recipe a go this morning. I must admit I was very skeptical, but boy was I wrong! Fluffy, beautiful and yummy is all I can say. This one is going in my GoTo Recipe file. Thank you.

I have been meaning to try this recipe for some time and I finally did! First, I must say my kids have not been impressed with the grain free pancakes I have tried up to this point, so I was not expecting them to like these. I’m not a fan of the texture of pancakes made with coconut flour and almond flour is way too energy dense for me. So when I saw the green plantains at the store last week, I bought some putting them in the fridge (as per your video/instructions) for later use. I CANNOT believe the texture, just like the flour ones I used to eat as a kid, seriously my kids loved them! The only thing I did differently was fry them in ghee and they were wonderful! Thank you for all of your recipes and all of your scientific explanations!

Just made these and they were delish! Everyone at the table was asking for seconds…next time I’ll double the batch. You are a culinary genius-especially using green plantains! Hooray for not having to wait til they are ripe 😉

I’m totally impressed (and in love).

I have been poking around on your site and learning a lot. I have been on the AI diet for almost a month. I just added eggs back into my diet, and so far, so good.

I have looked at this recipe probably 10 times this month, and each time, I thought, “These probably aren’t any good.” I had a lot of bad experiences with ‘Bread Substitutes’ when I was on the Low Carb craze years ago. Then I found Paleo and decided to chuck them completely. Then…I started the AI diet. As restrictive as this diet is, I have been looking for other recipes and this one kept on calling to me.

I can’t believe how close in taste this is to a whole wheat pancake! I also can’t believe how well they hold together, and how easy they are to flip! The texture is GREAT!

Thank you for the recipe, and thank you for your website. I have alleviated several of my most horrible symptoms with this diet.

Might not have done it properly, but my first batch of batter was really thick. I could barely pout it into a normal pancake shape. Might try a little more fluids next time.Taste wise they are awesome though!

Just made these with 3 medium bananas, added about 3 tbsp of coconut flour to thicken it a bit, came out fantastic! Flipping was a tad difficult, but they were so delicious! Next time I’ll grab plantains to try

I have been doing the AIP diet for 3 weeks and I really needed something like this. I am not a cook-at all- and it’s been rough. I decided to treat myself with these this morning and I LOVE them. I will continue with the AIP today. Hopefully the eggs won’t hurt me.

Glad you enjoyed the pancakes! Sarah has an AIP pancake recipe here (not the toppings, just the pancakes): (please read the recipe introduction for AIP modifications). You may also want to join our new The Paleo Approach Community group on Facebook, there are lots of great discussions on various AIP/Paleo topics. The group has over 4,000 members, you can request to join here: — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

Maybe it was already mentioned above (there’s a lot of comments) but you can substitute ground flax meal and water for eggs – works really well if you whirr them first in the food processor. But the plantains – we don’t have them here. Can you use bananas (green bananas?)? Thanks

Sarah has not prepared this recipe using green bananas. However, I did see comment where someone notated they used two more bananas (for a total of four, since the recipe calls for two plantains) and that it worked well. If you do use green bananas, please leave a comment and let us know how they turn out. — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

I was able to spend some time reading through the comments and see the flax was already addressed and the varying answers RE the banana – will just have to try. Thanks!

I made these tonight and we all loved them! The kids gobbled them up just as they would have with my usual gluten free pancakes but I felt so much better about it knowing they weren’t full of flour! I’m looking forward to trying more recipes from this site

I tried you pancake recipe but it was very dense and the taste of plantain was very strong. I must have done something wrong. Help

Could be that the plantains were too ripe? You can read through the many comments on this recipe to read other’s experiences with this recipe. — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

If it helps anyone, I actually find that I get opposite results of what people usually suggest for plantain recipes. The unripened green ones gave me thick, mealy like batter and very dense, plantain flavored pancakes. Riper yellow or black ones give me a batter that is much smoother and exactly like traditional pancake batter with a milder slightly sweeter fluffy pancake. I’ve had the same result with other plantain recipes too- maybe it’s the variety I get, but could be worth a try for people not getting an amazing pancake out of this recipe!! We LOVE it, thanks!!!

Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!! I have been looking for a non-grain pancake for so long now. I was skeptical and almost gave up during the making of this pancake, however, glad I stuck it out. Yes, pealing the plantain was time consuming and my blender wouldn’t blend at first, but in the end it all worked and actually made a very good pancake!! Yeah!! I’ll definitely be making it again. 🙂 Thank you.

Sarah has not used plantain flour in this recipe. I don’t know how much plantain flour equals to one plantain. But if you do try, please leave another comment and let us know how it turns out. Thank you! — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

Num num num num num! Thank you so much! These were soooo yummy!
AND the best part…guilt and stomach upset free!
My plantains were large, my eggs were small…I used 5 eggs but otherwise stuck to the recipe. Fantastic taste, texture and my kitchen smells wonderful!

I get about 8 – 10 good sized ones from one batch.

Also, I have discovered that if you have a large round skillet, you can bake these in the oven at around 350 and they come out awesome! I have time issues so standing and flipping cakes is not always convenient. Baking one big plantaincake has been my savior. We cut it up like a pie 🙂

Just Me,
How long do you bake your plantain pancakes for? It’s not so much a time issue for me, I just don’t care to stand and flip… would love to put in the oven, walk away ’till they’re done. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Debbie,
If its just a single batch I bake them for 15 minutes. If its a double batch, 25 minutes. I use a rather large stainless steel skillet so if yours is a bit smaller it may take slightly longer, but 15 minutes is my “check time”.
Have a great day!

Thank you for replying! I appreciate it! So much easier to put in the oven, can also put bacon in the oven and walk away, awaiting an awesome breakfast. Have a good day also! 🙂

I was skeptical about these pancakes, but decided to try them. My husband, who is verrrry picky about his pancakes thought they were wonderful and asked for seconds!. I served them with fresh sliced banana and pure maple syrup. Awesome!

I am so glad someone mentioned baking it in the oven. I decided I would try it even though I probably didn’t have the right size pan- it was my only pan that would go in the oven and I’m tired of setting off the fire alarm. So, I made a go of it and wow – it was amazing!!! Thicker than usual, more like a bread or cake and incredibly moist. I might also mention that I didn’t have coconut oil this morning so I used organic butter. I also add 2 TB of maple syrup to the batter as well as a pinch of baking powder. That was by accident one time – the baking powder – but it worked well for me. Kept things together. Oh, and my plantains were way passed green – perhaps overripe – but worked great!! So grateful for this recipe.

These pancakes have become a staple in my house!!! They are so delicious and the texture is perfect. In fact, on a whim, I decided to try them in my old cast iron waffle iron and they were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I’ve served them to friends and they couldn’t believe they were flour free. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing recipe. I would like to ask permission to share it on my blog as waffles, but would not print the recipe, I would just take pics of the waffles and link up to your recipe here.

Take care –

PS – SO thankful for The Paleo Approach book!

Yes, that is fine. As you stated, please have your post link to the recipe here. Thank you! —- Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

I L-O-V-E you for this recipe. It is amazing. The texture is just like the real thing. Some butter and maple syrup and you don’t even taste plantains. Seriously, you are soooo awesome. You are my base for all paleo recipes. Love you so much!!! If you can share more dessert recipes and sweets that would be great. I have a very strong sweet tooth. My kids don’t even miss the “regular pancakes”. Keep up the amazing work. Oh, and I never leave reviews (I had to for you cause you are so cool!). Do you think you can use bananas instead of plantains?

So glad you liked it. You can view all of Sarah’s baked goods recipes here: Regarding the banana, in this comment someone discussed using bananas: Sarah herself has not prepared this recipe using bananas. If you do, please leave another comment and let us know how they turn out. — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for such a delicious pancake recipe!! I made these this morning and was so excited to see that they turned out so beautiful and yummy!!
I have a question though… Mine made 10 pancakes. How many days will these last in the fridge? Would I be able to freeze them? If you have time and could let me know today, that would be great!! That way I can figure out how to store this batch that I made this morning.
Thank you again!!

I believe these will last a a couple of days in the refrigerator. Regarding storage in the freezer: Sarah puts them on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer. Once they are frozen, she puts them in a freezer bag (if you try and freeze them in the bag first, they stick together). She reheats in the microwave, but a toaster would work too. — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

Thank you!! I just wanted to make sure I was able to save them and not have them go to waste. I could easily eat all of them at one sitting, BUT…. I probably shouldn’t do that 🙂

When I make these, I make a double batch and freeze like Tamar says to do. I reheat in the oven, just put in a glass dish, cover with foil and they take about 30 min. at 350. Delicious!

Thank you Debbie!! I will make a double batch for sure next time!! These were the best Paleo pancakes I have had!!

I can’t hardly wait to try these this weekend. I am going to make the recipe and use my waffle maker. A paleo friend told me about them a while ago but I’m just hitting my paleo cooking phase.

These are great! I’ve tried a ton of paleo pancake recipes and these are by far the best. I love the subtle banana flavor the plantain brings. I like to add cinnamon to the batter and mix in walnuts or pecans and some Enjoy Life chocolate chips. It’s become a Sunday morning ritual for me.

Thanks for these. I honestly don’t miss “real” pancakes anymore.

[…] Nu hadden wat lezers wat moeite met de Engelse tekst en vroegen om een vertaling. Dat wil ik best doen, kost mij niet veel moeite. Natuurlijk heb ik Sarah, The Paleo Mom herself, wel eerst om toestemming gevraagd en gelukkig heb ik die gekregen. Bij deze dan de Nederlandse vertaling van de Perfect Pancakes van The Paleo Mom (ik heb het recept niet helemaal letterlijk vertaald, dat leek me niet nodig), die zo goed zijn dat ik ze jullie niet wilde onthouden. Het originele recept vindt je trouwens hier. […]

I LOVE these pancakes! Thank you so much for this recipe, it will surely be a weekend staple and I love that I can freeze them for weekday breakfasts as well. I’m curious if anyone else has noticed that they cook to a perfect honey golden brown but turn a much darker brown when plated? I’m cooking w green plantains, cocnut oil in a stainless steel pan as well. Either way still yummy but made me wonder….

If using “real” vanilla, is the alcohol burned off during the frying of the pancake batter? If, not, is that little amount anything to worry about?

this willl be our go to pancake recipe! thanks so much. Closest thing to regular pancakes that I have made. Love the podcast and blog too!

I made these for breakfast today – and they were so delicious! They didn’t even need any sort of cream or syrup with them, they were delicious on their own. My favorite paleo breakfast so far! I wonder if I froze them, how they’d do as a toaster or microwave breakfast-on-the-go….

Glad I stumbled on this recipe this morning– I had a plantain and NO idea what to do with it! I made these into waffles and plan to use them for almond butter & jam sandwiches! Yum- thanks!

I have served these as a side at dinner with coconut cream and maple syrup optional. Tonight we are having them along side crispy oven baked chicken leg quarters! Yum!

Hmm. Did you measure the plantain puree at two cups, or did you just use two plantains? There may not have been enough if your plantains were smaller. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

I tried that and the batter was very thick the next morning, but all I had to do was add some milk (any kind) until I got the right consistency. Flavor was still great.

I’ve just tried this recipe with one green plantain I got from the market.
This recipe is simply awesome and so easy!!!
I tried to make a few pancakes and they were delicious and crispy, then I added some raw milk to have a more liquid texture, still yummy 🙂
We ate them with salty raw butter…
Thanks !

I cut the recipe in half has it is just me and my husband and he is very picky. He didn’t care for the color but he did like them. I thought they were great! Will definitely be making these again. I served them with homemade pan sausage, and fruit. Thank you for another great recipe.

These were great! I used what I had on hand – 3 ripe and 1 green plantains. Obviously doubled the recipe. I did what I normally do to make cooking faster, two skillets on the stovetop side-by-side. I made them small to make flipping easier. Blended it all up in my blendtec which made pouring into the skillet a breeze. Even easier than “real” pancakes. My 2-yr-old and husband loved them!

My 5-yr-old decided he wanted to make pancakes today and chose this recipe based on the photo. He was a pureeing machine, I tell you, but I am happy to report that this was our first successful “bread-esque” paleo creation! They were so good that he declared I was to make no other pancakes ever again :o) We added cinnamon to half the batch, but we discovered we really have to add a lot more cinnamon for the flavor to be as pronounced as my son likes it. Regardless, we are planning other flavor explorations now that we have such a great base pancake recipe to follow. Thank you!

Oh. My. Goodness! These are AMAZING! Sooooo good! Thank you!!! And I was so afraid of using plantains! Whaaaaat?! Yum! Looking forward to trying more plantain recipes

This may be a silly question, but I am eager to try these and all I have are regular bananas, do you think they will work?

Out of curiosity, how sweet are the plantains compared to bananas? Bananas have a lot of sugar and I try to avoid them while dieting… you happen to know the carb count?

It depends on how ripe the plantain is. Green plantains are extremely starchy, more like a potato, while plantains that are mostly black are very like bananas in taste and texture. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

Made for the first time today! Delicious. I only had a very ripe (black) plantain so I halved the recipe. The ripe plantain was perfect for me. I don’t know if I would like a green plantain. Wish I had made a full batch, but to the store I go for more plantains!

YUMMY! My pancakes turned out fluffy and light, absolutely delicious, will definitely be making these again… Thank You for your wonderful recipes.

My kids didn’t like them, but we just started Paleo this week, so I’m thinking they’ll change their minds after a couple of months with no bread or anything. 😉 I’m happy to have found a pancake recipe that doesn’t involve almonds! Thanks- I really love your site and can’t wait for your recipe book!

I’m not a lover of pancakes. Sometimes have used it as a tortilla for scrambled eggs simply because it was there when I cooked for my husband and/or grandchildren. Thank you for the video because I would have treated it as a banana. How far in advance can I make these and do they freeze well after made? Taking grand kids on vacation and would love to have these on hand.

3 words…best pancakes ever! Only sorry I didn’t buy more plantains at the weekend market. Can’t believe these starchy bananas can produce such a fantastic result. The texture of these pancakes is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. Now we can start back our family tradition of pancake Sunday

My entire family loves these, so much so that I make a big batch every week and freeze them. But now I found out my little guys can’t have coconut – is there a decent oil I can substitute?

These were the best! I loved them. I did use plantains that were black and the batter was smooth. These will definitely be added to my recipe book


Sorry if this question has already been asked (a lot of questions to read through!), but can I use green bananas instead of plantains?

God bless,

Finally made these today! They were awesome!!! I was a little worried because I bought my plantains weeks ago and put them in the fridge til I had a chance to try these. They had started turning black on the outside, but were still tough on the inside, so I went ahead with the recipe. So glad I did! I’ve been trying to cut down my nut consumption and these pancakes are perfect!!!

Thank you!!!!

This sounds amazing but do you know if I could make the batter the night before? Would it turn brown overnight?

Perfect Paleo Pancakes indeed!!! Tried these for the second time tonight. Used 2 tablespoons avocado oil instead of the 3 coconut oil, and added a teaspoon of cinnamon. My family loves them, and am so happy to have pancakes again! 🙂 Thanks for the amazing recipes!

I did these pancakes today and they tasted nicer than regular wheat flour pancakes. The vanilla helps to add some nice tones of sweetness.

Thanks for the recipe! I made individual pancakes the first time I made the recipe (my kids liked them with chocolate chips). However, now I use it to make a big pancake in a glass pan (lined with parchment paper) in the oven (350 for about 20-25 minutes). It’s much less time at the stove flipping 🙂 I mostly use them for almond butter and jelly sandwiches. I cut the big pancake into pieces and then slice a piece to make it thinner. The pieces freeze and reheat well too.

How long did he cook the waffles? I’ve made this as pancakes and love the recipe, so I want to try the batter for waffles.

I have used this recipe for waffles. Takes four minutes in my waffle iron, which was super cheap. I need to buy a nice one. Hope this helps!!

I wonder if you’ve tried using Plaintain flour at all? They sell it at our local store and it’s called fufu flour. I’ve been consider buying some to play around with it but haven’t jumped to do so yet…this gives me some encouragement.

You can usually use plantain flour mixed with water or some other liquid to the consistency of mashed plantain instead of fresh plantain in recipes like this, but Sarah doesn’t currently have any recipes using plantain flour. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

These are a staple in our home! We are heading out for a long camping trip soon…and definitely not bringing the food processor. 🙂 Do you happen to know whether the batter would keep alright for a few days? Thanks!

Hi! Should the plantains be pureed first to ensure that it’s two cups worth or with the eggs added does it make much of a difference? Thanks!

I’m asking the same question Jana did – has anyone pre-made the batter and either refrigerated it or frozen it? Thank you.

I love these. Only figure out today that I need to make them smaller so I can get them flipped in one piece.

My plantains were too ripe. I made a few pancakes but they were too soft. I have leftover batter, what can I do/make with it?

I am very new to eating Paleo and recently came across your website. I was intrigued with the idea of using plantains instead of a nut flour for the batter. Oh, my! These pancakes are fantastic! The texture is so smooooth and the taste is so, well, NORMAL. My husband said these are some of the best pancakes he has ever had. Thank you so much for sharing what you’ve learned and for helping others who are walking a similar path in life. This is truly a blessing.

yes ma’m..i understand that pseudo grains are not paleo..but what im asking is “what is a pseudograin”? and what are the other pseudograins that are not paleo? thankss o much! i take it pseudo grains should not be eaten unless one has a healthy gut right?
and i suppose pseudograins are not considered paleo either right?
thanks so much for thehelp!

and upon reading the paleo approach not sure…are beans..sugar snap peas all legumes? if so..they wouldnt be paleo right? and if they arent legumes..then are they paleo? is tapioca paleo? is it ok for one w/o a healthy gut?

We are just starting (ie easing into) a more paleo way of eating and I am so happy I found this recipe! I had put it off for awhile, but they were worth the wait! Delicious, easy to make and the perfect texture!!! I watched your plantain video after I made them, so mine weren’t perfectly green, and I can’t wait to try them – and all your other plantain recipes! – with the right ripeness. I am buying your book this very second!

I have probably a dumb question. In your recipes with plantains, you mention you puree them ahead of time and store in freezer. How exactly are you doing that? They are too starchy without a liquid, and I’m not sure what liquid to use so I wont mess up recipes. Thanks!

Hi – I have bought your book and I am reading it. I am trying to lose weight and have PCOS, along with one side of my thyroid enlarged with a few very small benign nodules. . I think I have leaky gut too becuase of the thyroid issue right? I have had my thyroid levels(including antibodies and T3, t4 uptake and free T3 or T4 and was told my thyroid function was normal. so I am wondering if I am considered to have an autoimmune disease? I am not sure if I need to follow the AIP protocol. Thanks so much! i take it pseudo grains should not be eaten unless one has a healthy gut right?
and i suppose pseudograins are not considered paleo either right?
thanks so much for thehelp!
and upon reading the paleo approach not sure…are beans..sugar snap peas all legumes? if so..they wouldnt be paleo right? and if they arent legumes..then are they paleo? is tapioca paleo? is it ok for one w/o a healthy gut?

I just made these, (as waffles) and they are hands down the best out of all the pancake/waffle recipes I’ve tried. You’re a genius! Thank you so much for saving me from the texture/ flavor of coconut flour (blech!) I’m never going back! i take it pseudo grains should not be eaten unless one has a healthy gut right?
and i suppose pseudograins are not considered paleo either right?
thanks so much for thehelp!
and upon reading the paleo approach not sure…are beans..sugar snap peas all legumes? if so..they wouldnt be paleo right? and if they arent legumes..then are they paleo? is tapioca paleo? is it ok for one w/o a healthy gut?
thank u so much!


Oh wow I have made this kind of pancake before with both cream cheese and then with bananas but it did not come out like these. I will have to try to find plantains and make them.

Very good! I added a little cinnamon to the batter. Next time I’d like to add blueberries. Nice change from almond flour pancakes. Do they freeze well? It made a lot!

Hey Sarah or Christina, I am assuming you have tried this already so what happens when you use ripe plantains instead of the green plantains for your pancake recipe? It seems to me having eaten quite a bit of both that the ripe plantain might make for a “sweeter” batter (although the green plantains work well), so there must be some reason as to why your recipe doesn’t call for them…

My batter got very thick after the first round of pancakes I made (this recipe makes a lot of batter! I think I had to do 4 rounds with my skillet!). The first round poured beautifully, but after that I had to scoop it out and make it spread out into a pancake shape with a spoon, or it would’ve just been a glob. Is this normal or did I do something wrong? I have a BlendTec blender and blended plantains alone till pureed, and then with the eggs & other ingredients for 60 seconds. I measured exactly 2 C of plantains. Trying to figure out what I did wrong as the first batch looked great, and after that they all were lumpy due to the batter thickening so much. Thanks!

These are fantastic. I baked the batter at 350 for 22 minutes at the suggestion of another commenter. We are new to Paleo eating and my kids really miss sandwiches intheir lunch Box. I added 2 Tbsp of raw sugar to the batter. Cut into sandwich sized squares and this is perfect with just almond butter. Thanks Paleo Mom!

Can you explain how you did this? I can’t find the original commenter who baked this recipe.
Type and size of pan? Did you butter/oil the pan, or did you use parchment?

Thanks so much, I am excited to give this recipe a try! It has me thinking about potato pancakes though. Can you explain why white potatoes are not considered paleo? That’s one food omission I can’t wrap my head around.Thanks!

Elizabeth, I don’t buy the nightshade reason either; nightshades are often more of an AIP-specific exclusion. One of the differences between strict paleo and other versions of paleo or primal/ancestral is the view of white potatoes and rice (there are others, like dark chocolate, full fat grass-fed raw dairy, types of sweeteners, etc). For more about the benefits and arguments for using white rice and white potatoes, along with a few other “safe starches” see Chris Kresser’s website for articles, podcasts, etc or his book. Another ancestral diet website where you’ll find more information is Perfect Health Diet by Drs. Jaminet.
In a nutshell, they believe that when cooked thoroughly but gently, then ideally refrigerated overnight to maximize the resistant starch, then either consumed cold or warmed and consumed with healthy fat and acid (lemon, vinegar, etc) that these starches provide vital nutritional benefits including providing necessary building blocks for a good gut biome, stabilizing blood sugar (it has improved many diabetics), correcting dry eye syndrome, providing necessary carbs for immune function, and many other reasons. Even a broader range of folks, like Dr. Mercola, who once considered white rice and white potato to have a negative effect on blood sugar regulation, are changing their opinions and agreeing with folks like the Jaminets. This is all based on well researched science and clinical evidence and their own personal and readers’ experiences.
I follow the Jaminet’s general PHD diet and supplement recommendations (which is moderate carb), so I eat ~ 1 lb of starch daily, and I don’t feel well or satisfied if I don’t. BTW, that includes plantain, yam, sweet potato, taro, etc, and white rice and white potatoes. I eat potatoes daily and adore them. They are very similar to ancestral tubers. I eat white rice too, but more infrequently, partly because of comparative health benefits and personal taste preference.
BTW, even these thought leaders agree that for certain conditions (neurological, etc) low-carb diets can beneficial, but that for the majority of people a low carb diet will be detrimental to overall health.
All of our bodies are unique with slightly different needs for optimal health, thus strict paleo (or any other strict diet regime) may or may not address one persons specific needs.
And of course Jeremy is correct that white potatoes are one of many nightshade plants, and most of them are considered paleo.

When you freeze, do you just cook them all up and put on cookie sheet to freeze and then once frozen put in container in the freezer?

We don’t get plantains over here in Australia (well, Ive never seen them over here!)…..can I substitute bananas instead? I presume I can.

I live in Aus too and i don’t think we get them here either. I wish someone who new would answer this question! I would assume that it would need to be very green bananas and the pancakes would be sweeter and the texture may be different as bananas have less starch, but thats just a guess 😛

Delicious, big, fluffy, flip-able pancakes that both kids and parents love!!!!! So happy that you stumbled accross this, and we can enjoy the reward!!!

When you put the coconut oil in the blender is it in solid form or melted form — and if in melted form then I’m assuming you let cool before pouring?

Thanks one more: I’m new to coconut oil… when I make these they are not very thick and so very hard to flip – they also turn out a very dark brown but they are not burned – any thoughts?

Tried these this morning! By far the best Paleo pancake recipe I’ve tried!
I decided to add some cinnamon and clove for fall, but what about pumpkin? Has anyone tried adding pumpkin puree? I’m missing my fall flavors and trying to get them anyway I can!

Just to be sure, you’re saying to blend green plantains in the blender? I wouldn’t have thought it to be possible, they’re really hard until they’re ripe. Thanks for the recipe!

I found this recipe from a link on Chris Kresser’s site about plantains. Not only had I never eaten plantains before but pancakes are something I’ve really wanted to find a decent substitute for. I’ve found some great waffle recipes and even some brownies but pancakes have been elusive. (Coconut and almost flour just haven’t cut it.)

These turned out great. I was shocked with how “battery” (hur hur) the batter was before I even tried cooking it. And sure enough, they cooked up and were eaten up like normal pancakes. Green plantains have a really nice neutral flavor.

I’m looking forward to messing with these in a few other ways. I’d love to make some kind of sandwich rolls with plantains. (This probably sounds awful, but I’m trying to craft a paleo McRib. Haha.)

Just made these this morning, and they turned out AWESOME!! My husband who is not paleo said he couldn’t even tell they were paleo pancakes. Thank you so much for posting this recipe!

Finally I find a pancake recipe that taste like well…pancakes. I was just about to give up on this paleo pancake thing. To me coconuts that have been dehydrated, defatted and ground into flour are not real food nor the basis for a good pancake. These are amazing. Thanks for restoring my faith.

I have (ahem) subjected my boys (ages 6 and 4, the 1 year-old isn’t as yet into pancakes) to many SCD and Paleo versions of “pancakes” over the years, and these were the first I’ve seen that were used as more than just a vehicle for maple syrup. They ate everything I gave them. I’m fact, they called them “perfectly fluffy.” I admit at first I was concerned because of the somewhat odd color, but the boys didn’t seem to mind. In contrast, the Trader Joe’s gluten-free pumpkin pancakes I made the other day were left behind on the plate after the maple syrup been licked clean. I consider this a major victory. So few ingredients, such a simple recipe, and it works.

Hi! LOVE these pancakes, and make them regularly. Sometimes, though, the batter is way too thick. What’s the best way you’ve found to thin it out a bit? I found water or milk make it so the inside of the pancakes are too wet. Should I just add more eggs?

Great recipe! I tried it today and the batter was REALLY thick. My blender wasn’t powerful enough to blend it all and I had mix it by hand towards the end of the blending. How do I keep this from happening? Do I need a more powerful blender or should I add water? Also, what are the macros (nutrition facts) for these? Thanks!

I had the same issue this time around in the blender. I added a bit of water to get it to all blend together but it definitely affected the final texture.. I’m guessing now that an additional egg would have been better. Also, my green plantains had been frozen first (as per the video suggestion) thinking that might have made it a lot thicker. Still a great recipe!

Sarah, these pancakes were PERFECT! My sister’s hungry children gobbled them up as if they were regular, grain-ful sweet pancakes. There was luckily enough batter left over (after doubling the recipe) for the adults to have some too. As a Celiac, I can’t tell you the last time I had pancakes. Home run, truly. I can’t thank you enough!

I know I’m two years late on this, but these are wonderful. Great pancake texture and I hardly miss flour (for the record, I do eat wheat). Nice work!

A little tip if using coconut oil in a clad or stainless pan: keep the heat on low and use a lid for the last couple minutes of cooking side one. It makes them MUCH easier to flip, and the risk of burning is lower with the heat down.

I’ve been living mostly grain free for 2 years and have enjoyed coconut flour pancakes but you have to use so much starch to make them light enough that they’re not very healthy. Gave this recipe a try today and they turned out great! Keep the heat low enough so they don’t burn and be patient is all that is required. Our Costco had plantains this week so very affordable too. I’m sure green bananas would work (I use them in ‘breads’), but food diversity is important. Thank you for this great recipe and for inspiring so many of us to better healthier lives!

These are a wonderful snack, but Twice I have felt TERRIBLE the day after eating them, and handling them, even when leaving out the ingredients I am sensitive to. I have loss of chemical tolerance (multiple chemical sentitivity) and am wondering about the pesticide content of plantains. Apparently bananas are heavily sprayed and plantains seem to be as well. If others have a similar experience with a flare of symptoms, it could be from pesticides.

It is so sad to hear of your chemical sensitivity. Of course, we are all here because of some sensitivity, hmmm? But I wanted to point you into the direction of homeopathy to help you get some resolution from the tyranny of the pollution our food supply etc. There are answers in that modality to some of the difficulties we have found ourselves in .
Happy New Year all!

I love looking at the pancake recipes in Paleo-world but have never had to cook one for more then 2-3 minutes including the coconut flour ones!

Made these tonight and they are the best paleo pancakes!!! Can’t wait to try your other recipes with plantains and turn these into waffles, yummmm. Thanks for sharing your recipes!!!

Hi Sarah,

I really like this recipe. I made it several times after discovering it in December. I made them with Blueberries, turned out great.

For people in Germany who are looking for plantains: You can find them in Asian Grocery Stores (Asia-Läden). In the Asian Stores in Bonn and Euskirchen they have green ones if you ask. On display are the yellow-black ripe ones.

My 2 year old son likes these pancakes, too.
Greetings from Germany,

[…] I travel about a week a month, sometimes more. I find it hard to eat well in the morning.  At home, I’ll have a bulletproof coffee, sometimes I’ll add raw eggs and/or whey protein powder to it. And on weekends I’ll eat these amazing plantain pancakes. […]

It appears that you need a high-power blender for these to come out right, because they ended up dense, salty, and generally nasty (especially the ones at the bottom of the batter bowl) when I made them in my 14 C Cuisinart — yes, I processed them for 4 minutes initially and during the second run.


I buy plantains and freeze them. After defrosting, by running cold water on them or putting them in the fridge, they are soft and easy to blend.

You could try that. Take care.

Dr. Sarah, Excellent recipe. I’ve made these a few times with mixed success, but this time I followed the recipe more carefully — and voila, it produced 10 perfect pancakes. I ate 3 and saved 7 for leftovers, but my non-paleo gluten-glutton husband ate all 7 in about 10 minutes exclaiming that they were delicious.

Cooking notes:
-Consistency is perfect in a Vitamix.
-On my high-BTU gas range top and All Clad D5 stainless pans, these cooked best started at low-medium, then reduced to low-low-med after the first batch of 3 (I made in batches of 3-3-3-1).
-Used < 1 T of coconut oil for all 10 pancakes, starting with all of it in the pan for the first batch, but I poured off the excess into a glass bowl and used a little of the leftover for each remaining batch.

Question for Dr. Sarah/anyone who's tried these:
-Ignoring dietary restrictions, any opinion on how alternative fats for the batter would work in terms of consistency and cooking quality? I usually love coconut, but found these to have a dominant coconut taste.
-Would they turn out OK with softened grass-fed butter in the batter, rather than coconut oil? Seems like this could produce a consistency similar to solid coconut oil, yes?
-I also use Nature's Way liquid coconut oil (has much less coconut taste but still high MCT), but since already liquid not sure how it would affect batter/cooking.
Thoughts? Many thanks in advance!

There are coconut oils that do not have coconut flavor. I use an expeller-pressed coconut oil whenever I don’t want coconut flavor.

We use melted butter with great success!
We make these a couple times a month and sometimes a batch for kid snacks during the week.

Extra virgin & virgin coconut oil have the coconut taste. Refined (expeller-pressed) coconut oit is tasteless and odorless. I have tried them with refined coconut oil and lately I have substituted with lard, in both the batter and the skillet. Taste and consistency are good. However, I do find them a little dry. I have been wondering how to make them moister. Any ideas?

[…] Perfect Paleo Pancakes – The Paleo Mom These are THE best paleo pancakes I've ever tried. They depend on you having green plantains, though. Ripe plantains can be used but the pancakes will be sweeter and banana flavored. If you have green, you'd swear they're regular wheat pancakes. Out of context quote for the day: Clearly Gorbag is so awesome he should be cloned, reproducing in the normal manner would only dilute his awesomeness. – Urban Forager Reply With Quote […]

These are awesome, but wondering how thick the batter is supposed to be? Mine comes out not pourable, needs to be scooped and spread in the pan, is this correct? If not, what’s the best way to thin it? Would coconut milk work? Thanks!

I’m wondering the same thing…but was thinking about chia eggs. I will probably try it tonight since I have a few plantains in the freezer right now.

YES!! Finally the perfect paleo pancake! I’ve tried so many versions…. this is the ONE!! and the kids agree! Threw all the ingredients into the nutri-bullet, and poured right into the pan,… thick but just spoon out the last bit…. I’m even more excited to have discovered the versatility of plantains for more batters/breads, instead of Omega-6 loaded Almond flour…. Thank You!!

I made them with just the yolks, (half recipe = 3 yolks) and they were GOOD! I didn’t have any vanilla, and they were still great.

I made these this morning and they were delicious! I’m not great in the kitchen and was able to make them very easily. I have a vitamix that I blened them in. I wasn’t sure how good they would taste and was very surprised how good they were. My husband even said they were good and he is not one to like alternative ways of making food items. I will be making these again and again. Thanks for the recipe!

The first time I made these I didn’t have a great turnout on them. I think my plantains were too small. The second time they were very good. I added lemon oil rather than vanilla and fresh blueberries to the batter. The blueberries got a little well done with the amount of time it took to cook them through but still tasted great.

We make Belgium Waffles with this recipe every weekend and we use the greenest plantains we can find. Makes perfect waffles that way. We have used ripe plantains with the peel turning yellow and the waffles were too soft and floppy. Now we put the green plantains in the refrigerator if we can’t use them all that day which keeps them in the firm state much longer.

Green plantains are not the same as yellow plantains. Yellow plantains are often used when they are mostly- or completely black for maduros/amarillos (sweet side food) and are sweeter in flavor. Green plantains are used to make tostones (savory side food), are not sweet in flavor, and are used when completely green, or only a very small amount of black is showing on the peel. Green plantains will hold up better than yellow ones when used as a substitute for flour.

We have these in Belgium Waffle form every weekend. My husband mixes the ingredients in the Vitamix and they make perfect waffles. We use a Waring Pro Double Belgium Waffle maker and he brushes the waffle maker plates with a little melted coconut oil and they come out easily that way. Using the Double waffle maker let’s us eat together too! He also folds in thawed frozen blueberries with a spatula AFTER mixing the other ingredients in the Vitamix so they’re not completely pulverized. Thank you for such an awesome recipe that makes us very happy! 🙂

If you live near a Mexican restaurant…. there is always plenty!! Tapatillo, Cardenas, or any fresh Mexican Market sells them. Mexicans buy them ripe and then fry them long thin strips, we will put sour cream and cinnamon with a touch of vanilla bean syrup. soooo good!!! We make them for breakfast!

My son is allergic to eggs. Is there an egg substitute for the recipe. I was reading online that adding 1T of oil per egg maybe a good option. Please let me know when you get a chance. Thanks!

Great recipe! Just tried these out and topped them with butter and fresh berries.. some of the best grainless pancakes I’ve made! Thanks 🙂

We make these a lot and really enjoy them. One of the best things about them is that unlike regular pancakes they down give you that blood sugar drop later.

If you ever consider making them with ripe plantains (Yellow) STOP. They are impossible to flip without a mess and horribly sweet.

Everybody loves your recipe here! A friend told me recently she does these pancakes every weekend, it has become a staple recipe for her 🙂
I made them for a brunch and nobody believed me when I told them they were grain-free. One of my friend is married to a guy with celiac disease, she’s glad to finally find something that is gluten-free and delicious 🙂
Thanks for sharing!

Wow wow wow!!! These are amazing and so close to the real pancake texture than any other recipe I have tried. If your batter ended up lumpy it just needs to be processed longer. Be patient and make sure you continually scrape down the sides of the machine you’re using. Paleo Mom, you’re a pancake recipe superstar! I can’t decide if these or your perfect pumpkin pancakes are my favorite!

Why am I just now finding this recipe??? Made it this morning for my kids and it was a huge hit! For years I’ve been doing the banana/egg recipe but I have to give them like 5 or 6 each because they’re so thin. These are at least 3x the size of those! Now I have leftovers for another meal! Thanks for these awesome pancakes!

These are SO FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for the recipe.
The batter seems to work with slightly yellowed plantain too, and sometimes I’ll put in a “chia egg” to substitute out one of the eggs.
When the batter is thick, I used to spread it around to make it thinner, but no need! Leave it thick and fluffy, it will cook through.

So happy!

[…] Plantain Pancakes by the Paleo Mom (gluten free, nut free and dairy free): I just adore these pancakes. They are SO super easy to make. You just blend everything up in the blender. They cook perfectly and come out super light and fluffy. Eggs provide protein, the plantains are a great source of healthy carbs, and the coconut oil is a super duper healthy fat. If you don’t prefer a slight coconut flavor, you can always use grass-fed butter instead. These are how mine turn out every time. […]

[…] and quickly blend it in the morning with a little ice and milk for a super-fast breakfast. – Plantain Pancakes – If you’re looking for a gluten-free/ grain-free alternative to traditional pancakes, […]

[…] and I react to tapioca, two ingredients I often find in baked goods recipes. Since I had cooked Perfect Paleo Pancakes using green plantains, I decided to try baking with them. My husband loved the trial run of these […]

I have made these successfully with yellow plantains! Green plantains are hard to come by in my area, but I can always find yellow-ripe ones .

Thanks for posting this! I took it as encouragement to try the recipe with very ripe plantains (more black than yellow.) and they came out great! Thanks to both you and Sarah!

When I make these with ripe (yellow) plantains they always stick horribly to the griddle. What is the trick to making them with yellow plantains???

I have used this recipe to make Aebliskiver grain and nut free. I had tried several. Different ways to make Paleo Aebliskiver and this is the best way I’ve found so far- taste and texture. Thanks!!

Really? I have searched for an paleo aebliskiver recipe and didn’t think of using one like this. Rejoice if this works. No changes to the recipe to make it work?

I have never heard of Aebliskiver before your post, but I googled it and within 2 days had bought a pan for them. 🙂 I’m still tweaking the recipe, but i liked my first batch (and my husband LOVED it) and I’m looking forward to playing with this recipe. I’m not sure what its supposed to taste like, but I’m planning to try adding a tbsp or two of honey to the batter to get something a little more doughnut like. Thanks!

Do you have a problem using equal amounts of coconut flour and tapioca to make pancakes? I used 1/2 cup each with baking soda and baking powder, honey, vanilla, a pinch of sea salt and cinnamon. They were light, fluffy, and delicious. I am new to this paleo diet. My dentist is suspicious that I may have an autoimmune disease. I do not want to be using something not good for that.

Anyone try these with an egg substitute? A few of us can have the yolks but no whites. I’ve had so many egg substitute flops. Curious if anyone has had success with one with these.

I’ve been making these for a while now. The only addition I make is 2 Tbsp sweetener (I use honey) for a full batch. I found that the flavor was too bland if you use good green plantains. The sweetener gives it just a touch of sweet which caramelizes when cooked. II also wanted to note that the recipe scales down very well. One plantain, two eggs, 1 Tbsp sweetener, 1 Tbsp Vanilla, 1 1/2 Tbsp Coconut Oil, 1/4 tsp baking soda, pinch of salt. that will make 4 good-sized pancakes, which is more than enough for 2 people. They also work very well as savory pancakes by substituting spices for sweetener (I’ve used Cardamom, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Nutmeg, etc).

[…] In eerste instantie plaatste ik de link naar het recept op Facebook, maar een aantal lezers hadden wat moeite met de Engelse tekst en vroegen om een vertaling. Dat wilde ik best doen, kost mij niet veel moeite, maar Sarah van The Paleo Mom, moest hier natuurlijk wel mee instemmen. Ik vroeg het haar en wel eerst om toestemming gevraagd en gelukkig heb ik die gekregen. Het originele recept vindt je trouwens hier. […]

Would there be a way to bake these in the oven on parchment paper instead? Flipping pancakes in the pan is always a nerve-wracking process!

I purchased green plantain flour.

Any recommendations on amounts of flour and water that would substitute for the real thing?

Anxious to try it!

The only thing I truly missed about being grain free was pancakes. So excited I found your recipe! I make them a few times a week for my family and they are such a hit, give us so much energy, and are so easy! Does anyone know if the recipe can be used to make waffles as well?

Thank you!

These are easily the best paleo pancakes I have tried. Yay, no more searching for recipes! Delicious. I added a little almond milk to get the batter a little thinner, but they turned out fantastic! Thank you!

Like the pancackes, and so do my kids. I’d like to know the nutritional value on them. How many Carbs/Proteins etc…

These are THE BEST paleo pancakes ever, and I have been searching high and low. Thank you for this recipe!!

YUM YUM YUM, thanks for the awesome recipe. I hadn’t even heard of plantains before reading your recipes and blogs. They are not common here in Australia. But the recipe and pancakes were great. They also flipped really easily, something i have struggled with other paleo pancakes!

[…] Plantain waffles/pancakes – I buy green plantains every week so I can make these on the weekend for breakfast. The recipe is so easy (plantain, eggs, baking soda, coconut oil, salt and vanilla extract in the blender) and works for either waffles or pancakes. I’ve even served it to my non-paleo family members and gotten the thumbs up! […]

I made these last night as breakfast-for-dinner — I’m so excited I’m going to make them again today! They came out BEAUTIFULLY. I love how light and fluffy (yet filling!) they are. Easily the best grain-free, nut-free pancake. I topped them with raw honey and grassfed butter. I was quite hungry, so I also had a side of two sunnyside-up pastured eggs and two grassfed beef sausage links, and some fresh-squeezed orange juice. Sooo good!

I have been making these for a few years, but I’ve recently been using duck eggs instead of chicken eggs (just one large one per plantain), and they are way fluffier than previously. Yum! Also, I’m wondering whether this batter can be made in large batches and frozen?

My family absolutely loves these! FYI, if you make a double batch in your vitamix and they need to be blended for longer, the eggs just might start to scramble and cook a bit. Do not fret, they will still cook up fine, and your family won’t notice at all. 😉

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