Pastured Turkey Tenderloin Recipe — Guest Recipe by David of Tendergrass Farms

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David Maren is a husband, father, farmer, and co-founder of Tendergrass Farms. Tendergrass Farms is a cooperative-style online grass fed meats shop that exists as a bridge between the often geographically isolated family farmer and committed grass fed meats enthusiasts like yourself. The Tendergrass Farms vision is to sustain family farms through making it easy for you to purchase their meats by taking advantage of appropriate technology and ultra-efficient transportation models that enable their meats to be shipped to fans all around the USA.

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To make this recipe autoimmune protocol-friendly, simply omit the pepper, or replace the salt and pepper with truffle salt.


Perhaps the least appreciated part of the pastured turkey is his tenderloin.  Found in an entirely different location from its mammalian counterpart, the chateaubriand of the turkey is tucked deep inside the turkey’s breast next to his ribs. This elusive cut of tender white meat is versatile, lean, and delicious.

This recipe is easy enough for any 14-month-old to execute effortlessly. (Well, nearly…see below.)

 It requires only:

  • A few big pastured turkey tenderloins (about 12 ounces each)
  • Three slices of pastured pork bacon per tenderloin
  • Salt and Pepper

Optional ingredients:

Plan on starting this recipe about an hour before you want to have dinner. It’ll take about 15 minutes to prep and 45 minutes to bake. Each 12 oz. tenderloin should serve two regular people or one large caveman.


The hardest ingredient to find will no doubt be the pastured turkey tenderloins. However, unlike the authors of those recipes on the backs of brand name product labels who seem to imply that if you don’t use Kraft cream cheese or Great Value butter in the recipe it’ll never turn out right, I do hereby acknowledge that this recipe may be adapted to accommodate non-pasture raised turkey. (Okay, to be honest, no changes are actually necessary if you choose to use regular old store bought turkey for this recipe, but the pasture raised stuff is a million times better.)


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Okay, let’s get back to the good stuff.  Start by turning your oven on to 400 degrees F. The only real work involved with getting your pastured turkey tenderloins ready for the oven will be chopping the fresh garlic.

And yep, you guessed it! My wife (above) and I are expecting our second daughter any day now.


Once you’ve got your garlic nicely chopped, place your turkey tenderloins in a large cast iron skillet (or two). Carefully wrap each piece of bacon around the tenderloins, tucking the ends securely underneath. Sprinkle your garlic, rosemary, salt, and pepper on top. A touch of olive oil drizzled on top adds extra juiciness. Feel free to be as creative as you like with the seasonings.


That’s really all there is to it. Just stick them in the 400 degree F oven and set your timer for 35 minutes. In my old 1950’s electric oven they take a full 45 minutes to be sizzlingly browned to perfection but it might take less time in yours, especially of you have a convection oven. Just be sure to get the internal temperature up to about 160 F before serving.


You’ll notice that when it was finished my bacon had turned less red in color than it started out. That’s just because I used our uncured pastured pork belly. If you use regular cured bacon it’ll likely look a bit redder when it comes out of the oven.

I like to serve my roasted turkey tenderloin with a generous splash of good thick balsamic vinegar on top. The bacon works dreamily to offset any potential dryness that could result from over baking, leaving the tenderloin juicy and moist to the core.


This looks amazing but I just can’t afford turkey tenderloins that are so expensive. I’d spend $40 just on the turkey not to mention the uncured nitrate free organic bacon. Sounds delicious though….Sigh….

Debbie –

That’s why we did the giveaway! 😉 But no worries, if for budget reasons you need to buy the turkey tenderloins at the grocery store instead that’ll work, too.


I made this with chicken breast tenderloins (small ones) and wrapped each with 1 piece of bacon. My question is, even after the chicken was fully cooked, the bacon was still soggy. So I unwrapped them and just finished cooking the bacon on the stove. Is the bacon safe to eat like that, still soggy? The bottom of my pan had a layer of juices from the chicken, so it seems like the bacon kind of just boiled in the juices. I usually make my bacon completely crispy, so just wondering if this was ok. It sure made the chicken taste delicious and tender though!!! Yum!!!

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