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I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve put a link to your site on my blog “Hashimoto’s Mum”. I’ve only just started it, but it is going to be our journey looking after a child with Hashi. Our 8yo daughter was just diagnosed last week so I am madly trying to get my head around it all. Love your site!
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This is great. Ive been on the atkins for a while and noticed after several weeks not only had i dropped 20 lbs but i felt amazing, I am interested in the paleo diet because i have psoriasis, no energy, my hair falls out, i am anxiety so bad its holding me back at work and in life, And i love the idea of putting the kids on it, my stepson needs to lose some weight and since he mimics everything i do he will love the idea of going on the same diet as me, Your story and your photos are truly a huge inspiration, I didnt gain any of my weight until after my 3rd son was born, i was always the tall leggy blonde who could eat anything,,,,then baby # 3 changed it all, I got deathly ill after he was born and developed really bad and lazy habbits after that, he is 15 now and i cant use the excuse i just had a baby anymore, lol,,,,,anyway thanks so much for sharing your inspiration

So glad I found your website. I am the mom of 8 children and we live on one modest income. I have a very modest food budget. My husband is type 1 diabetic and he has diabetic retinopathy. Medical bills have been adding up, so when we found out my 13 yr old hadn’t grown or gained weight in 18 months and that his celiac blood test came back abnormal and we now have to see a pediatric GI specialist I wanted to cry. In Dec I had started my hubs on the Paleo”ish” lifestyle change and it has been amazing with just the small part we have done for him. We are not super strict but really limit the gluten and have essentially cut out most starches for him due to his diabetes. Now as I am facing the thought of having to cook strict gluten free for one of my children I am panicking! I had no idea how much stuff gluten was in! I am still praying its not celiac, but if it is websites like yours will make it easier for moms like me to help our kids. Thankfully we already get our beef from buying 3/4 of a steer a yr. Chicken and pork I get from the store. Can’t really afford things like bacon, lol I have been experimenting a lot with coconut. We will know more in April and then go from there. So expect me to be hanging around a lot.

I need advice and when I Googled ‘Paleo for Kids’ your site came up so here I am! My family and I changed our eating to Paleo this past January 1st. One of the things that has changed with that, is that I no longer cook 3 meals a day. My husband and I just graze when we are hungry throughout the day and then I cook a balanced meal for dinner. My kids, especially now that they are out of school, are struggling with this and think that I should cook them ‘meals’ whenever they are hungry. How do I get them used to grazing during the day and just having one main meal a day? Or am I the only one that thinks grazing is okay? Thanks for any advice you may have!

I would love together this on a channel I can watch in Canada. My son is lactose intolerant and gluten sensitive, with a hyper thyroid. A spitting image of his mommy complete with ADHD and some sensory issues. It would be great to be on a MEAL PLAN that would help remove those obstacles, and allow me to dictate what his eating includes.

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