Paleo Breads

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For those of you who have been missing toast, sandwiches, biscuits, and rolls…

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I have a biscuit/roll recipe which was gluten free that I tweaked to hopefully fit the paleo diet. May I send it to you and you can tell me if it meets the criteria? I’m new to this paleo diet. Thanks, Beverly

You are amazing! Had a question: have you had success with a loaf-style paleo bread with shredded veggies? I’m interested in limiting my almond consumption, so I made a “paleo” flat-bread the other day with almond flour and shredded turnip in a roughly 1:1 ratio (using flax seed as a binder as I was out of egg). I’ve so far not attempted to bake it as a loaf, however, and I’m wondering if anyone else has had success with this?

Surprisingly, the turnip was very moist and gave the bread a wonderfully savory taste… It was a total accident: I was going to make a recipe for almond flour and cauliflower pizza crust, but the store was out of cauliflower… 🙂

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