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Reviewers received their copies of The Paleo Approach this week, which means the feedback is starting to pour in. There’s something about being so close to a project for so long and then releasing it out into the world that is overwhelmingly nerve racking!  When I sent a PDF of the book to Robb Wolf so that he could write the forward, I asked him to “please don’t tell me my baby is ugly”.  He didn’t!  But now, I feel a little like I’m asking the world to do the same.

This moment, when reviewers and giveaway winners receive their books, and early next week when those who pre-ordered get their copies, this moment is the real test.  How will the world receive my book?  For most of the last week, it has felt like I’ve been holding my breath.  Waiting.

Now, I feel like I’m breathing about the biggest sigh of relief ever.  The reviews and first impressions have been glowing with enthusiasm and accolades.  I was nominated as an Editor’s Pick on Amazon this month and yesterday made the Hot New Releases List.  The second print run will start Sunday night because the first print run was barely enough to meet initial orders.   It makes the months and months (15 of them!) of hard work, the stress I put my body under to finish the book, all seem so worth it.

Here’s what people who have my book are saying:

acleanplate“The resources Sarah has made available saved my life when you get right down to it. I never doubted that her book would be the most important resource any autoimmune patient or practitioner could arm themselves with. Sarah will guide you gently but firmly and encourage you to become responsible for your own health. She is full of great advice that will ease your burdens if you heed it.” — Read A Clean Plate’s full review here’s full review here.
trescott“This is the most incredible gift from heaven you could ever wish for. It is the most thoroughly researched, detailed and comprehensive roadmap for recovery. This book is going to change thousands of lives, and that is no understatement! If you have an autoimmune disease, do yourself a favor and get this book. I am living a healthy and happy life today because these principles saved my life.” — Read Autoimmune Paleo’s full review here.
aipdiet“There is no other resource that I know of that is more complete in its scope about food, autoimmune disease, physiology and lifestyle recommendations specific for those with autoimmune disease. Sarah left no stone unturned. She covered everything related to food, spices, supplements, allergies, food reintroductions, physiology, medications, additives, sweeteners, macronutrients and micronutrients.” – Read AIP Lifestyle’s full review here.
TPABookCover Resized January 2014“Anyone reading my updates already has some idea that diet and lifestyle change can transform your disease. But all my friends on here are just a tiny, infinitesimal portion of the even the English speaking population. Flipping through The Paleo Approach makes me feel overwhelmed by the possibility that dealing with disease ‘this’ way might become par for the course, not just a boutique idea appealing to a small population. This book will make history.” – Nutrisclerosis
paleoparents“My bedtime buddies: be jealous. The Paleo Approach by The Paleo Mom is so much nicer in my hands than the great previews I got before today as PDFs! Sarah has put SO MUCH EFFORT into helping people REALLY understand how to heal themselves. Seriously, incredible.” – Paleo Parents
palateThis book is incredible!! I am so happy we got it to review! It’s like a Paleo textbook (in a good way). The Paleo Mom – you hit it out of the park with this book. Amazing.” – Primal Palate
paleoonthego“I’ve got a lot of great reading ahead of me and you should DEFINITELY purchase a copy for yourself! It is stunning, packed with easy to grasp scientific info, and will become one of your greatest resources!” – Paleo On The Go
cavemomlifestyle“The best way to describe this book…..O.M.G. It’s beautiful!!! Sarah really outdid herself with this one. I am so excited to dig into all of the information that’s behind this cover. Already looking forward to the companion cookbook coming out later this year.” – Cavemom Lifestyle
rubiesradishes“WOW WOW WOW! The Paleo Approach is incredible! I don’t have an autoimmune condition, but I’m a nutrition junkie! I can’t wait to dig in. This book should be required text for all nutrition and RD programs!” – Rubies and Radishes
allergies“This goes to #1 on the list of books I’ll be giving out to my nutritional therapy clients. Miss Katie (she’s 5) loves it too, so I know my nutrition nerds are gonna LOVE it!! “Mom, this just blows my mind!”” – 20 Something Allergies
katie“This book is AMAZING you guys! The most researched, comprehensive guide on paleo. I’m blown away by the science and graphics on this one! I can only imagine the amount of sweat that went into this project. ” – Katie DeLuca
amiphines“I can’t say enough how much I love The Paleo Approach! Even though I may not have autoimmune myself I know so many that do and knowing to how take better care of myself and teach it to my own babies is so very important! Thank you Sarah for such an amazing beautiful well written explanation!!!” – Ami Phines
hallieklecker“Whether you’re paleo or not, this book is an outstanding resource. I wish I’d had it when I went through nutrition school! Amazing work.” – Hallie Klecker
paleocomfort“He ditched the tractor and his farm animals so that he could check out The Paleo Mom’s fabulous new book! Now if only he’d sleep more so I’d have time to read/review it! Congrats Sarah! It’s beautiful!” – Paleo Comfort
homestead“Holy crap! The Paleo Approach is amazing! Can’t wait to dive into it!!” – Hollywood Homestead
kitchen“Look what I just got!!! The Paleo Approach! Thanks The Paleo Mom for all your hard work! Can’t wait to start reading it!!” – Health Starts in the Kitchen
bellpe“I am so excited!!! I got a little early birthday present in the mail from The Paleo Mom herself! I can’t wait to start reading and sharing all the information I learn from The Paleo Approach with y’all.” – Team Nemo Blog
cookinuplife“Yah!!! What a sweet surprise on my lunch break, the book (baby) is beautiful. Can’t wait to dive in!” – Cookin’ Up Life
kathryn“SCIENCE! This is the first paleo book in a long time to really teach me any. Morning lesson on gut health with The Paleo Mom from The Paleo Approach.” – Kathryn
domesticman“Quoth my mail lady, “These are heavy, hon. Be careful!” Congrats The Paleo Mom!!” – The Domestic Man
amazonThe book is even #55 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases!

Are you ready to reverse autoimmune disease and heal your body?

Update: You can order your copy here. The book is now available!


Your book looks to be a well-researched, informative and comprehensive resource that will be a meaningful contribution to understanding ancestral health and autoimmune conditions. I’m excited for you and to read my pre-ordered copy! Thank you for all of your hard work. BTW, it’s racing up that Amazon’s Hot New Releases list this morning since you posted that it’s at 55. About an hour ago it was already at #44 and just now (~10:30am PST) it’s at #31!

You have no idea how excited I am to receive my copy of this book – hopefully this next week (pre-ordered)! I have been researching your site like a crazy person. I feel like this is the absolute right fit for me and have started trying to switch to the AIP even before it gets here! This is going to be a lifesaver for me… Thank you so much for all your hard work, compassion, and the love I know must have gone into the research & writing of this book!

I am looking forward to this book as well! I wish there was a Kindle version as I am in Hong Kong and its prohibitive price wise to order from Amazon US.

Hopefully there will be a digital (environmentally friendly) version soon!

I bought the kindle version because i’m from Portugal, and don’t wanted to wait. But the nutrition tables’s images are so bad on Kindle version. I’m so sad about that 🙁
Could you please take a look? Thank You

Sarah is aware of this issue, and has passed on this feedback to the publisher. Whenever they update the e-versions, it should automatically update on your device. — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

OH! Sorry for the previous comment
I just saw the nutrient tables on the download section!!
Thank you !!!!

Congratulations, Sarah! I’m so grateful that you and I share a generation, and that you were able to write this book. I just got it yesterda – was so tired last night I only got through the first few pages — but I already don’t know what I would do without it — how I would continue to navigate my AI conditions without your support. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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