The Paleo Approach is Printing!!! (and I’m Taking Stock)

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TPA Final CoverThe Paleo Approach is PRINTING!  After 15 long months working on this project, and a very intense last couple of months filled with hectic days (trying to balance the needs of my kids and my needs to work more than full time) and very late nights, we finally sent the book to the printer two and a half weeks ago.   Proofs have been approved, and the book is now physically being printed!

Excuse me, while I do a happy dance.

The book is absolutely beautiful and it won’t be long now before you all get to see what I have dedicated my last 15 months to.  There quite simply is nothing else like this out there, not just within paleo resource books, but all diet and health books.

Every person who had a hand in the development of this book fell in love with it.  And every person who has been able to see a sneak peek has raved about it. The glowing forward by Robb Wolf and enthusiastic cover endorsements by Diane Sanfilippo, Dr. William Davis, Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Paul Jaminet, Dr. Jayson and Mira Calton, Dr. Datis Kharrazian, and Melissa Hartwig are all testimony to just how unique, comprehensive, beautifully visual, and well-written (and well edited!) The Paleo Approach is.  Want to see what lovely things these amazing leaders in the paleo and alternative health movements had to say about my book?  Here is the back cover!

The Paleo Approach Rear Cover

Yes, I squealed every time I was sent a cover endorsement to preview.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief with every new person reporting back that they loved the book. There were many happy dances.  I don’t think I can adequately explain the feeling of accomplishment and relief that comes with people whom I admire so much loving this book into which I have poured my heart, soul, and so many hours that my health has suffered.

I’m excited.  I’m excited for everyone to see this book.  I’m excited for the people this book can help.   I’m excited for the conversations this book will start, between friends, between family members, between patients and their healthcare providers.  And I’m not the only one who is excited… Victory Belt Publishing is doing one of their largest first print runs ever and it already looks like we’ll sell out before the second print run is done (even though scheduled to start immediately after the first print run ends–by the way, if you want to make sure you receive a copy, the best way to do this is to pre-order here).

Want to see another preview?
How about the Table of Contents!!!

The Paleo Approach TOC

There are many, many sub- and sub-sub-sections within the sections listed in the TOC. There will be more preview pages of The Paleo Approach shared on Facebook and here on the blog over the next few weeks, so watch for those!

Release Date Update

If you have pre-ordered The Paleo Approach (THANK YOU!), you have probably already received notice from Amazon that the release date has been moved to January 28th, 2014.  This is quite simply the absolute earliest that books can get to stores and online seller warehouses.  After all our efforts to get the book to the printer as quickly as humanly possible, we’re now faced with delays due to the upcoming statutory holidays.  But, the good news is that this is for sure it!  The ball is finally rolling…

As I have mentioned several times in the process of creating this book, every step in the production, from editing to design to final touches, took four, five, sometimes ten times longer than the average book.  As my first book, this has been a tremendous learning experience.  But even my publisher, who has published the majority of the paleo resource and cookbooks available, had never worked on a book like this before, in scope, in magnitude, in technicality, or in sheer number of visual elements.  Even the experts underestimated the time it would take to get this book into stores.  I’m not the first author who has seen the release date of their book pushed back more than once.  And believe me, I’ve been just as frustrated (probably much more so, actually) as the many people waiting in great anticipation to be able to read it. But I do feel good about the fact that, in my case, the delays are essentially because the book is so awesome.  And, I feel relieved that this is definitely, definitely, the last one!

I have apologized for these delays many times, and I offer one final apology.  The book will not be in your hands before Christmas as I have long hoped and for that, I am truly sorry.

But, I do have something for you.  If you have ordered my book as a Christmas present,  we have created a card for you to print off to give to your friend or family member to show how much you care.

Download The Paleo Approach Holiday Card.

(it’s a pdf file and can be opened with Adobe Reader, which is free)

Watch this video from my YouTube Channel for instructions on how to fold the card:

Interested in learning even more about The Paleo Approach? This video from my YouTube Channel is just a quick tour (the book is so big that giving you a broad overview takes 13 minutes!) but you get to see just how comprehensive and detailed this book is.

Taking Stock…

In the two and a half weeks since the book went to the printer, I’ll been forced to critically evaluate how my pace is affecting my health.  I became extremely ill during the final crunch to get the book sent off, and the stress and lack of sleep caused my autoimmune disease, which has been in remission for over a year to flare.  Yes, that would be irony.  I believe I had pneumonia (although I never had a chest X-ray to confirm).  I had to start taking inhaled steroids and only just barely managed to escape the need for antibiotics and systemic steroids.  Even now, I have a lingering cough and very low energy.

I quite simply can not continue at this pace.  So, I am slowing down.  I am prioritizing sleep, making sure my diet is clean, getting  as much activity as I have energy for (which is admittedly, not much), and giving myself time to fully recover.  It’s very important to me not to run my body into the ground in this way again, which brings me to my last bit of news…

The Paleo Approach Cookbook Update

I took great pride in the fact that the delays in release date for The Paleo Approach were never my fault.  I was meeting every deadline (rather, the delays were artefacts of just how big, technical, and visual the book is and the fact that every step in production took so much longer than other books for everyone working on it…).  Unfortunately, even with the printer pulling out all the stops to get this book into warehouses as quickly as possible, we’ve had to delay release until January 28th, 2014.

The Paleo Approach Cookbook is also being delayed, but this time, it’s my choice to delay the book so that I can slow down and look after myself.  I decided to swallow my pride and admit that I can not actually do it all and that a March release was just not feasible if I cared one ounce for my health, my sanity, and my family.  So, the new release date for The Paleo Approach Cookbook is August 26th, 2014.  On the bright side, this gives me the opportunity to rephotograph most of the book (I’m a much better photographer now than when I started this project), tinker with a few more recipes, and make sure that this book is every bit as awesome as The Paleo Approach.  Yes, I know…. that doesn’t sound like someone who is taking it easy.  Believe it or not, this is a vastly slower pace than I’ve been going.  And, I also have to admit, that I’m having fun…. and that’s a great thing!



Well done you, it will all be worth it. But absolutely, the time is overdue to pace yourself and anyone who understands anything about health should understand that…no matter how impatient us punters are to spread the word with the help of your books…hats off from the UK!

Can’t wait for this book. You’ve been such a help with reversing my autoimmunity with this site alone. Can’t wait to go more in-depth with the book! Seriously, All the information you provided has made major shifts (for the better) in my health. I mean MAJOR. Thanks for everything you do!

So great to see the Table of Contents!
I’ve been a faithful follower here since early Spring
Sarah, I’m so grateful for your website and for your patience in responding to the many questions. I’ve learned so much, and my health has improved so much, and I have you to thank for sharing so much of yourself here.
I am really excited to be getting my copy next month.
I have to admit I’ve not been feeling patient. But knowing what a toll it’s taken on your health, I’m glad you’ve decided to slow down and get more rest. Just don’t forget to have some fun, too.
I hope the holidays with your family are happy and restorative.

So glad to hear you’re looking after yourself! The books are important, but a few more weeks won’t kill anyone…except maybe you, if you don’t. 😉 Congratulations again on a wonderful achievement!

P.S. I just read the Table of Contents and it prompted me to pre-order! I’m not sure exactly what I was waiting for. I think I was subconsciously afraid the book would be overwhelming in its comprehensiveness and just sit on my shelf waiting for me to find the energy and mental ability to read and digest it–as other books have done. (My Hashimoto’s is much better but I’m still not myself.) But looking at your TOC gave me hope that it would be quite easy to read and to benefit from immediately. I should have known, but that’s just my honest feedback. =)

I’ll try to get around to reviewing it after I get and read it.

I am so excited to get this!! I pre-ordered back in April and pre-ordered the cookbook at the beginning of this month. I am in desperate need to get this and finally get on track! I know your book is going to help so many people that the gratitude will be flooding in for you! This past year has been so eye opening and healing and I truly owe it to you and Diane Sanfilippo. She brought me to paleo and in turn brought me to you and healing!

Thank you! The book is being published through Victory Belt Publishing, Inc. so there are not specific affiliate programs like there would be for a self-published book. But, you can definitely use an amazon affiliate account!

Hello, I have a question on the release date of the cookbook. I see here it says Aug 26, 2014 but I actually ordered it pre-release from which had it posted as April 28. I notice every few days since then, they just move my shipping date by another day or two. Is this a mistake on Amazon UK’s part or has the release date moved up? Looking forward to it! Thanks!

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