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I am so excited to be actually holding a copy of The Paleo Approach in my hands (well, I have to put it down to type, but it’s a real book and it’s right beside me!). Seeing it on a computer screen is nothing compared to actually holding a physical book, being able to thumb through it and see just what an accomplishment it is!    The Paleo Approach will be released on January 28th, 2014–just twelve days from today!  Woot!

I received my first copy Tuesday morning and filmed myself as I opened the box and got my first look at it. This was my reaction (and an excellent display of my lack of box opening skills).

The above video does give you a bit of a sneak peek inside the book, but I’d like to show you a more thorough preview of inside the book too. The video below walks you through the whole book (the book is so big, that this quick tour takes almost 13 minutes!).

Pretty awesome, right?  Every single person who has been able to preview this book has loved it.  And it will be out in the world in just twelve days!  Yay!

Order Your Copy Now!

Here are some individual pages from the book, so you can actually read bits and pieces and get a better view of some of the graphic elements.  Click on the images to see bigger versions.

The Paleo Approach TOC

Table of Contents


The Paleo Approach Forward by Robb Wolf-2

A glowing Forward by the incredible Robb Wolf, author of the New York Times Best Seller The Paleo Solution

The Paleo Approach Preview Pages 30 ad 31

A preview of pages 30&31 from Chapter 1, discussing the immune system.

The Paleo Approach Preview Pages 58 and 59

A preview of pages 58&59 from Chapter 1, discussing the mechanisms that cause a leaky gut. This includes my favorite illustration that I created for the book (yes, I drew that!).

The Paleo Approach Preview Page 202

A preview of page 202 from Chapter 5, showing some of the food lists, which are summarized at the end of Chapter 5 and repeated in the Appendices for easy reference.

The Paleo Approach Preview Page 250

A preview of pages 250 from Chapter 6, discussing some strategies for managing stress.

The Paleo Approach Preview Pages 302-303

A preview of pages 302&303 from Chapter 8, the trouble shooting chapter. These pages discuss the Gut-Brain Axis and the Gut-Brain-Skin Axis.


The rear cover of the book, showing the enthusiastic endorsements from Dr. William Davis, Diane Sanfilippo, Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Paul Jaminet, Dr. Datis Kharrazian, Mira & Jayson Calton, and Melissa Hartwig!!!

I’ll be sharing more previews for The Paleo Approach over the next few weeks, but hopefully this is enough for you to see how comprehensive a resource this book is!

I also want to point out that there is tons and tons of information in this book of interest to the paleo community as a whole, and not just specific for those with autoimmune disease.  Anyone interested in understanding the science behind how diet and lifestyle intersect with health will love this book.

Order Your Copy Now!

Update: The Paleo Approach is now available online and in major bookstores!

Why pre-order?  Most important, pre-ordering guarantees you get a copy.  The first print run is nearly sold out.  Once it sells out, the book will be on back order for 3-4 weeks while more are printed.  It also guarantees you pay the lowest price (online prices fluctuate constantly and you pay the lowest price between when you order and when the book ships).  Pre-ordering is also the best thing you can do to support me.  Book stores decide how many copies to stock based on pre-order sales (the more pre-orders, the more book stores stock, the more visible my book is, the more people see it…).  It’s a way of getting the word out about my book that doesn’t require the effort of writing a review on and (although I am so, so hoping that you will do that too!).

The Paleo Approach will also be sold in bookstores and through other  online retailers.  And, it will be available as an e-book on Kindle, iTunes, kobo, and nook platforms.  It will also be sold internationally (although I do know that there is a lag time between when in releases in North America and when it’s available internationally, and I don’t know which stores or online retailers will be carrying it in which countries).

And now, because boxes of books
will be arriving at my house early next week,
I want to give some away!


I’m giving away FIVE copies of The Paleo Approach
to FIVE lucky people!


And I’m going to sign them! 


And I’ll ship them internationally!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I normally do one-week long giveaways, but I’m cutting this one short so I can get the winners’ copies in the mail as quickly as possible!  Also note that this will be plenty of time to return a pre-ordered copy if you win.


I’m interested in reading about the science behind why food matters, what really happens to the food after ingestion, and how it really affects our health – especially excited that this is from a scientist, and mom crusader!

I’m really looking forward to the recipes! I’m new to the whole paleo concept, so I could use a little help in all areas: Nutritional info and recipes are the top two. :)

Hello Sarah,

I am proud to be one of the nineteen — yes I am one of the “nineteen” men who regularly listen to your podcast (which I love). I am looking forward to getting a copy of your book. I am especially interested in the sections where you speak about type-1 diabetes as an autoimmune condition. The illustrations on the sample you posted are great. Thank you for all the work you have put into this!!

I love the way you explain things scientifically. It leads me to trust you.
A hearty congratulations on the book. This is exciting.

I love your website and following you on Facebook. Congratulations on your new book! I’m sure it will be awesome to read once I win it! :-)

I’m most excited about the autoimmune section. Having Hashimotos and chronic skin issues I am extremely interested in what your book has to offer on the food connection.

Loved watching your expression as you opened your book! I’m sure you are so excited! Thank you for all you do for your followers as you help each of us as we journey and make changes for a healthier life style! Blessings to your new book, I’m sure over the last 15 months you have had a tuff battle but thankfully you kept at it and I can’t wait to read your newest book!

I have been changing my life over the past year and a few months. I lost 86lbs in 2013. I haven’t gone completely paleo but have been slowly changing over. I would love to win a copy!

Love reading up on all things new that I am doing! Thanks for being so thorough! Can’t wait to read some more of your work!

I saw your video of you opening the box and seeing the book for the first time. I was so happy for you that I got teary eyed. It was so cool for you to share that moment with us.

So fun to watch your reaction to your own book. Congratulations. Looking forward to the scientific information in the book (biochemist, here).

Just getting started due to chronic illness and would love a moms perspective to creating a healthy body for myself and my family

Really looking forward to reading this. My 17 years old daughter was just diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis and PCOS and has been miserable for years. Been doing GF for about 2 years. Ready for more changes to give her some relief!

Ah I don’t know you, but I got all teary watching you seeing your book for the first time. Thank you for sharing that!! Love your podcast with Stacy, I feel like I’m getting to know both of you. Best wishes for your book – I can’t wait to read it!!!

I was on Facebook that I was one of five that had won a copy of your new book and that your assistant would be contacting me by last week on Tuesday. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I knew that I was a winner and now I’m disappointed that I still have not been contacted. :(

Hi Norma. I emailed you twice (01/21 and 01/25) and did not receive a reply. I used the Hotmail address you provide when you comment on the blog. Please contact me at to discuss delivery of your book. Thank you! — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

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