The Paleo Approach Previews AND GIVEAWAYS!

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I am so excited to be actually holding a copy of The Paleo Approach in my hands (well, I have to put it down to type, but it’s a real book and it’s right beside me!). Seeing it on a computer screen is nothing compared to actually holding a physical book, being able to thumb through it and see just what an accomplishment it is!    The Paleo Approach will be released on January 28th, 2014–just twelve days from today!  Woot!

I received my first copy Tuesday morning and filmed myself as I opened the box and got my first look at it. This was my reaction (and an excellent display of my lack of box opening skills).

The above video does give you a bit of a sneak peek inside the book, but I’d like to show you a more thorough preview of inside the book too. The video below walks you through the whole book (the book is so big, that this quick tour takes almost 13 minutes!).

Pretty awesome, right?  Every single person who has been able to preview this book has loved it.  And it will be out in the world in just twelve days!  Yay!

Order Your Copy Now!

Here are some individual pages from the book, so you can actually read bits and pieces and get a better view of some of the graphic elements.  Click on the images to see bigger versions.

The Paleo Approach TOC

Table of Contents


The Paleo Approach Forward by Robb Wolf-2

A glowing Forward by the incredible Robb Wolf, author of the New York Times Best Seller The Paleo Solution

The Paleo Approach Preview Pages 30 ad 31

A preview of pages 30&31 from Chapter 1, discussing the immune system.

The Paleo Approach Preview Pages 58 and 59

A preview of pages 58&59 from Chapter 1, discussing the mechanisms that cause a leaky gut. This includes my favorite illustration that I created for the book (yes, I drew that!).

The Paleo Approach Preview Page 202

A preview of page 202 from Chapter 5, showing some of the food lists, which are summarized at the end of Chapter 5 and repeated in the Appendices for easy reference.

The Paleo Approach Preview Page 250

A preview of pages 250 from Chapter 6, discussing some strategies for managing stress.

The Paleo Approach Preview Pages 302-303

A preview of pages 302&303 from Chapter 8, the trouble shooting chapter. These pages discuss the Gut-Brain Axis and the Gut-Brain-Skin Axis.


The rear cover of the book, showing the enthusiastic endorsements from Dr. William Davis, Diane Sanfilippo, Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Paul Jaminet, Dr. Datis Kharrazian, Mira & Jayson Calton, and Melissa Hartwig!!!

I’ll be sharing more previews for The Paleo Approach over the next few weeks, but hopefully this is enough for you to see how comprehensive a resource this book is!

I also want to point out that there is tons and tons of information in this book of interest to the paleo community as a whole, and not just specific for those with autoimmune disease.  Anyone interested in understanding the science behind how diet and lifestyle intersect with health will love this book.

Order Your Copy Now!

Update: The Paleo Approach is now available online and in major bookstores!

Why pre-order?  Most important, pre-ordering guarantees you get a copy.  The first print run is nearly sold out.  Once it sells out, the book will be on back order for 3-4 weeks while more are printed.  It also guarantees you pay the lowest price (online prices fluctuate constantly and you pay the lowest price between when you order and when the book ships).  Pre-ordering is also the best thing you can do to support me.  Book stores decide how many copies to stock based on pre-order sales (the more pre-orders, the more book stores stock, the more visible my book is, the more people see it…).  It’s a way of getting the word out about my book that doesn’t require the effort of writing a review on and (although I am so, so hoping that you will do that too!).

The Paleo Approach will also be sold in bookstores and through other  online retailers.  And, it will be available as an e-book on Kindle, iTunes, kobo, and nook platforms.  It will also be sold internationally (although I do know that there is a lag time between when in releases in North America and when it’s available internationally, and I don’t know which stores or online retailers will be carrying it in which countries).

And now, because boxes of books
will be arriving at my house early next week,
I want to give some away!


I’m giving away FIVE copies of The Paleo Approach
to FIVE lucky people!


And I’m going to sign them! 


And I’ll ship them internationally!

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I normally do one-week long giveaways, but I’m cutting this one short so I can get the winners’ copies in the mail as quickly as possible!  Also note that this will be plenty of time to return a pre-ordered copy if you win.


Honestly, I am excited about the whole book, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it to learn about the science… understanding the why makes things so much easier 🙂

I am so looking forward to all the information behind they whys of this life style. I prefer books over online reading and like to write and highlight as I go. Would love a copy!

I am really looking forward to reading your book! I’m most excited about… erm…. well… ALL OF IT! I have been diagnosed with MS about 10 years ago and have only recently learned about Paleo. I love the way you communicate the essential information and the fun way you inform me about recipes. Please keep it going! xx

So excited about the book! Just started subscribing to your podcast too! Looking forward to learning more about Autoimmune, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease last year and looking for help!

The Paleo way has helped me to stay in remission of my SLE and given me opportunity to get off of 2/4 medications. I’m on my way to healing my body after 20+ years of illness. Help me by giv ing me a copy of your awesome book. Thanks 🙂

Do I have to pick one thing? I am a knowledge junkie. I want to know how everything works and why. Plus, I am a visual person, and I love seeing all the illustrations!
P.S. Pinterest would not allow me to pin the image. Any idea why?

Have earned the points I can today – can’t really say I’m on all forums available … would possibly be the first Swedish follower, so you may tick a box for that one!!

Keeping my fingers crossed and my knife and fork is ready for some more paleo (have already made the switch, due to auto immune issues in our family).

Good luck with your release!!

Can’t wait! My highlighter is ready to go! You have helped me soooooo much already and I know the book is going to be an even greater help 🙂

Would love a copy. I am gluten free do to celiac and just found out I have Hashimotos heard Paleo is what I should do but I have no clue what all I need to do for it. Your book sounds like a great guide for me

I would love to have your book to learn from… I have been making changes gradually and would love all the information your book looks to be full of! Thanks for the giveaway!

Congratulations on your new book! I am looking forward to reading it! I have MS and am trying to incorporate the Paleo way of eating into my life.

I preordered from a different source. I really hope I win. I suffer from Sjogrens, Lupus, and Vasculitis. My doctors have told me my disease process is very severe. I would love to win a signed copy so I can give my preordered copy to my mother who also is sick but they can’t figure out which disease she has. Rheumatoid arthritis is suspected. I know this book will help my family tremendously!

I am now educating myself on how diet and lifestyle impact our health. I would absolutely love to have a copy of your book. I cannot wait to get my hands on it and dig in 🙂

Just getting started with the concept of eating Paleo and this would be a HUGE help to me! Very interested in seeing the book and congratulations!

I’m excited to delve into what you have written about the science behind eating paleo. I believe we are at a turning point in nutrition as we are finding that inflammatory mechanisms seem to be the root of most disease.

As someone who currently uses paleo to manage my skin issues, I am most excited to read Chapter 1 about Autoimmune disease.

I would soooooo love to win this book, i’ve been waiting for it for ages!
I’m excited to learn more about my autoimmune problems and hopefully help my family understand too.

Your blog has given me some of the best answers to the whys and hows of a Paleo approach to eating and living that I (and others who ask me) have, and I know your book is going to continue to be a great source for such knowledge.

Pre-ordered your book yesterday but I would gladly take another to send to my in-laws. I have read a couple books about Paleo but am interested and excited to learn more about the science behind it.

I have just started providing Paleo meals for my family and your blog has been such an inspiration to me. Your book would be an excellent resource for my journey!

I love your style of writing and love getting the information on why I should continue to eat this way. It helps me stay on board! Thanks!

Congratulations on your new book! I can’t wait to get my hands on it and start learning even more about the paleo lifestyle!

i would love a copy of this book i should carry it around with so when i loose enoth weight for people to recognize i can explain what i have been doing

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I found you. I have been struggling for a while with autoimmune and I’m proud to say that since I’ve been following the paleo, for a month, I have lost 9 lbs. I would love a free copy to focus on the autoimmune parts and have been strapped from paying over 11,000 in medical bills. I would be appreciative to get a free copy. Thanks.. Reanna Hawk

I’m excited to learn more about the science behind everything! Plus, I’ve been waiting for this book SO long!!! FYI, Pinterest wouldn’t let me pin the image so I couldn’t claim that entry. Says image is invalid.

I’m very excited to learn more about the autoimmune protocol, both the how-to and the scientific background. I always find it much easier to follow guidelines when I know the reasons behind them, so that will be a great help.

Since I’m just starting out on this journey, I would absolutely love to have a signed copy of your book to get me going. I’m super excited about your recipes too!

I’m excited about the science of it all. I have been eating Paleo for over 3 years now, I have Celiac disease, and it is very important to me that my children eat well. Thank you for all that you do!

I have M.E. and while there is some debate over whether it might be an autoimmune disease I have found a Paleo diet to help some of my symptoms. I’m looking forward to reading all the science & those lovely diagrams in the Paleo Approach to help me understand whats going on in my body.

You inspire me everyday! I have struggled daily trying to choose a healthy life style and your post and news letters give me a straight forward guide!! So excited for your book, haveing a signed copy would be a bonus!

I would be thrilled to win your book! I’m new to Paleo so I need all the help I can get! I love all your posts and have tried a few of your recipes!

I am a breast cancer survivor of 2 years and am looking to make some changes in my life and my families with how we eat! Very excited to see your book!!

I very recently chose to go full AIP after following gluten-free/paleo for some time now. I found your website a few days ago, and was very curious about your book. Content and layout is very important to me, so this preview was very much appreciated. I look forward to all of it, but at this stage I look most forward to the food lists and details on how different foods affect the human body.

I’m looking forward to reading the entire book! I love the science aspect and I am looking forward to trying more of your recipes.

Thanks for all you do, Sarah! 🙂

I am really looking forward to reading about the benefits of the Paleo diet and how food impacts our entire body. I am really new to the Paleo Diet and want to soak up any and all information that I can!

I am doing your elimination diet. I am at a week and half, no cheats! I even gave up coffee. 🙁 I have a form of M.S., and have recently developed a bad case of what I believe is Eczema. That problem is what led me to your website. Your website has been an invaluable resource for me. I like it that you present the science to back up your claims.

The part of the book I am most looking forward to is how to implement the diet and meal planning. It has been very difficult getting some variety in my meals. I’m also looking forward to the part about reintroducing foods.

Suffering from a heart disease and at 32 am trying to find a more natural way, Paleo helps a lot, but don’t know where to go most of the time, a real book would give me something to read, understand, bookmark, and share with others. I would have pre-ordered if I had the funds to do so.

My husband has uncontrollable Systemic Lupus and I have tried to tell him the only thing that is going to work is changing his diet and going Paleo. He doesn’t NOT believe me. I have showed him stories about people with MS and Crohns that have recovered and his response is yes but that isn’t Lupus….Grrrrrr! I would love a copy of your book for myself and to hopefully get my husband on the band wagon. The man is only 30 has aged at least 10 years in the past 3 and at times has to use a cane to walk!

Congrats on such an exciting accomplishment! Thanks for doing the give-away. Whoever the winners are…they are going to be blessed by your resource and generosity!

Hello, I am saskia from Holland. I have MS, SIBO, allergies and so on… I follow an AIP diet, combined with ketosis, resistant starches, intermittent fasting and SIBO-stuff. I would love to read the Paleo Approach book, but I can’t… Due to an inflammation on my optical nerve and keratoconus I am not able to read… I let my computer read it for me, so I need a pdf-copy. Would that be possible? I think it will really support me and I am very very very excited about it!
I hope there will be a solution and I can ‘read’ your book!
My plan is to cure my MS and start walking again, it would be very cool if you could have a share in my healing!
(and if I win a real copy I will try to read it with my special magnifyer!)
PS this my dutch growing website with multiple bloggers:
-> gezonder means healthier an zonder means without

I am surprised and excited to have found your website. I pre-ordered your book.
My daughter told me about the Paleo diet just today. I have an autoimmune disease, psoriasis. The doctor now wants to start me on methotrexate. I had breast cancer less than2 years ago and I really would like to do something else.

I watched the video and it is hard for me to pick one section I am most excited about, but I would love to know the in and outs of autoimmunity and looks forward to the science behind all of that.

Currently reading The Paleo Solution and 30 Days to Paleo Cooking. Started Paleo on January 2 and I am down 10 pounds with NO additional exercise efforts. I really want this book… Hoping to treat myself my next pay period.

I so love your blog and receiving your very informative emails. I even made a board on pinterest about you to gather your recipes. I am looking forward to the book because you will have all the info you share in one place and recipes too! I like hard copy books and this will save me from having to turn on my computer all the time. Would love to win one! Thanks for sharing!

As someone who is just starting the paleo lifestyle your blog has been SOO helpfully wonderful! I can’t wait for your book!

I already pre-ordered weeks ago. From Amazon. So I can’t claim those five votes :-(. But I’d love to win another copy for my daughter.

I’ve been spreading the word about you and your book with friends interested in healing. Would love a copy of your book to show them!

Wow, so many things about this book that I’m looking forward to reading about: leaky gut syndrome, compromised immunity (adrenal, thyroid, allergies). I really appreciate your scientific background. And I’m also looking forward to the cookbook!

That was the neatest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I’m so glad you filmed yourself opening the box. I have to admit I got a bit teary. What a HUGE accomplishment. I can’t wait to get my copy (preordered on Amazon!) You are one of my favorite bloggers and one I absolutely hold with the utmost respect. Thanks for all you do.

OOPS! I forgot to mention what I’m looking forward to the most…I can’t say exactly. I am looking forward to learning more about eating REAL food and the effects it has on the body. My husband is always asking me questions from a scientific point of view, so I’m eager to have this as a resource.

This sounds like a book that everyone doing Paleo should have in their library! Looking forward to using this in my kitchen.

would be interested in any of it! I have multiply food allergies & intolerances and paleo fits best for what I can eat…..but I am still really learning an lot of what works & doesn’t work, and what will help/hinder me in healing.

After years and years of struggling with many autoimmune disorders, and children following in my footsteps, this looks like an answer to prayer! Would love a copy of this book!!!

I’m most excited about the part where you talk about repairing the gut, and pretty much everything else in the book 😉 I’m really hoping it’ll make me understand my own condition a little better.

You look so excited and happy and proud in the video, it is really great to watch.

I would love to get a signed copy, but if I’m not so lucky I will order one and wait patiently – the shipping time to Europe will be about 10 days says Amazon.

I can’t wait for this book! I can’t preorder no due to no funds but I’ve turned two friends into your site and they’ve ordered your book.

Congratulations.. Not sure if I am happy or sad. Been Paleo for awhile I will start AIP when the book arrives. Drinking lots of coffee, chocolate, and eggs til then! I am super happy for you!!!

Your website is my go to Paleo website and the one that convinced me that Paleo is the way to go… I would love a copy of your book to show hubby who remains unconvinced as he needs hard evidence in front of him 🙂

Congratulations on your book. Going thru this journey with you made be teary eyed also. It would be helpful to read about chronic sinisitis and arthritis. I do get reactions from some foods and I’d be interested to see if these are the causes of my maladies.

I cant wait to get my copy…..I would like to promote and raffle off a copy at my GIG group. Gluten free is jsut the tip of the ice berg….

Looking forward to reading what you have to say all in one place without clicking! I wish you great success with the publication of your first book. You’ve given away so much of your knowledge, experience and heart, it’s nice to see you adding this new source of support for your family!

I’m excited to read the science and the reasons behind why this way works. I didn’t find your blog until November, but there is just so much information it will be awesome to have it in print!

I have always found ‘normal cooking’ really challenging – even my kids won’t eat the food I cook. NOW that I am going Paleo I am left eating the same salad + a meat every day. My health has improved amazingly so I will keep going. Your book would open my Paleo Eating World 🙂

Already have this book preordered and cannot wait until it arrives! Going changing up our diets will help my boyfriend’s fibro. We’ll see 🙂 Amazing work with the blog, too!

Is it sad that I’m doing a happy dance. I liked cried for you when I saw the tears in your eyes. I know you have put so much love into this book, that’s clear to see, cause just from the sneak peaks alone it looks AMAZING. Congrats Sarah.

So excited for this book! I started a Paleo diet on November 5th, 2013 to help rule out some food allergies and try to help with my fibromyalgia. My symptoms were almost nonexistent after only a week. As an added bonus, as of this morning, I have lost 34 pounds. I have so much to learn and am anxious to read your book and share it with my family. People have obviously noticed a difference in me and have asked what I am doing. I am excited to learn from this book so I can better explain to them how and why eating this way really can change your life. Thank you for all of the information you have provided over the past few months. Looking forward to receiving my book.

I think I need to see a doctor about all this…lost my gallbladder after a gallbladder attack…but they found no stones…and I am definitely gluten-intolerant…gave that up a couple years ago…but now I wonder if I need to give up more food items…trying to eat according to THE GRAIN BRAIN diet since the end of Sept….but now I want to read more about this Paleo Approach to eating…Excited to read and learn.

I’m most excited about THE WHOLE BOOK!! I need some serious direction on going Paleo/AIP to heal up the severe inflammation I’m experiencing. With psoriasis, infertility, constant abnormal skin mole biopsies (and they grow back!), it’s clear that my immune system is on overdrive and therefore destroying my body. 🙁 I LOVE your blog, and have most every FB post (and subsequent follower discussion!) saved as bookmarks to refer back to. Your expertise is amazing, and just what I need to get back on track with my life,. If I don’t win, I’ll be buying a copy anyway, but I’d LOVE to have a signed copy. You inspire me!

Congratulations! So excited to read this! Hope I win because my daughter and I have autoimmune diseases that we need to address!

I am really excited about your book! I can’t wait to read everything about autoimmunity. I have 3 autoimmune diseases and could really use some help.

I am in England and still waiting for the book (was supposed to get it before Christmas 🙁
Also the page with the autoimmune protocol seems to have some broken links as it is not loading on my laptop (and ipad). Other than than, wonderful work!
Today I baked your paleo bread and it is lovely. I am very grateful for your site, information and waiting for the book.

The date on the amazon page in the UK is an error (their datafeed got corrupted and they patched with an old feed). The book has not been released anywhere yet. I’ll check the AIP page, but my suspicion is that it’s related to high traffic.

I am really excited to get a copy of your book! I really need to know the science behind what is going on in my body with inflammatory processes and food.

Congratulations! How exciting for you (and the rest of us who get to read your book!) I would love to have a signed copy but am pre-ordering one as well. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share. 🙂

Looking forward to reading a comprehensive book on Paleo and its health benefits. Find your blog and facebook postings to be very informative. Thanks!

I have been reading your blog for a few months and have really enjoyed all of your information and recipes. I really appreciate the Paleo Porridge…there are only so many days I can eat meat and eggs for breakfast!

I am really looking forward to learning as much as possible about Paleo, from the science behind it to the amazing recipes. After suffering from hives and other health issues, I started a gluten-free diet last March and went on to try the Paleo diet in December. I have lost about 30 pounds so far and feel great! I am constantly telling my friends and family about my new way of living, whether they want to hear it or not. The switch wasn’t easy at first, but it really has been worth it.

Thank you for sharing your story and knowledge with the world!

Congratulations, Sarah! I found your website in November, started the AIP immediately and am feeling awesome. I have been trying to put all this together on my own for 10+ years, but without success. Thank you for all your hard work!

I would love this book because I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have 5-6 bulging discs in my back, 3 of which cause pain and muscle spasms. After reading some of your FB posts, I decided to finally cut out flour and sugar. I had been gluten-sensitive for a while but rebellious. Eating more meat and produce has really been helpful. My body has been improving AND slimming down. 🙂 I still have a long road ahead of me… Hence your book would be a HUGE help!!

Congratulations! I’m so excited for you and so excited to read it! You’ve helped me so much in my journey to health and I know you’ve helped so many others. You deserve all the success that I’m sure is to come with your book.

I would love a signed copy of your book! You are my favorite paleo blogger and I am glad I follow you. I would like to read your book for all the science info in it. Thank you for all you do Sarah!

I’m a paleo newbie and I have a background in biochemistry. I’d love to read more about your take on paleo and the science!

Oh I will be EXCITED when my copy arrives!!!! If I win I will cherish my signed copy and give the one I preordered to a family member 🙂

I’m so excited to read your book! And I’ll be really excited if it’s signed! Pick me! Pick me! I’ll have to gift mine to someone I’ve recently converted to Paleo eating!

What a wonderful book!! I’m most interested in the workings of the immunity in regards to allergies and the effects of nutrition on neurological matters. Cheers 🙂

I need to lower my A1C and keep my blood glucose under control. I want to change my eating to a more healthy and natural way.

Congratulations! I’m pretty new to all of the paleo lifestyle and I have been trying to “learn” it all as fast as I can to heal myself-I am looking forward to every page!! Thank you for all the work you have done to put it into one beautifully printed book!!

Hello there from Scotland, Congrats on your book. It looks lovely and I can almost tell the texture of the pages are smooth. Love textures ! Am looking forward to reading the FAQ sections to most. Like most people out there I have many questions that need answering being a newbie. Good luck with your book and good luck to me am glad you are shipping internationally.

I’m excited to be able to read a science based book about the paleo diet, which so far, has made miracles for me…. (and when I say miracles, I’m not exaggerating)

I am soooo looking forward to this book. A doctor friend of ours keeps making snide comments about the Paleo diet (pseudo-science quackery, as he calls it), even though my husband is doing amazing going just gluten and dairy free (we are transitioning to Paleo). No more IBS, AI skin dsease stopped progressing, no need for the statins and blood pressure medications that same doctor wanted to put my husband on. All in just 4 months. Need a resource like this to have sound, legitimate, medical research to back up Paleo claims that I can understand (is readable for a non-healthcare person).

We are slowly going paleo. One of my sons is sensitive to gluten/dairy, my husband and I both have autoimmune diseases and I find if I’ve been away from wheat products then eat something with gluten, within an hour my joints start to hurt. I follow a lot of paleo sites online for recipes but I’d love to read this book to get more information about how eating this way is healing my body. I know it’s working but when skeptics start bombarding me with questions, I’d like to have more educated answers.

I’m super excited for all the scientific knowledge in it & charts! I’m a science major myself; and can’t wait to learn more about how the paleo diet helps people live better lives!! 🙂 I’m even more excited for the Cookbook to help transform my house and get new recipes to cook! That is always my problem, with Celiacs, we have a few staples that we keep repeating. :/ They get old after a while! We could really use some fresh ideas!! Two great books to have in my house for resources!

I find myself turning to your website to get the information I need presented in the most understandable way. I have sent several friends battling AI issues to your website and they all love it!

I wasn’t able to pin, because it’s not loading any image. Don’t know why. Will try again later! I would seriously like the book though, because we just started Paleo as a family and I want to know more!

THANK YOU for all of your previous book reviews, and for including great photos in your book. Sometimes it’s hard to think of anything to cook, but just the right photo can really spur one’s inner-Chef!

I’m excited for your book in many aspects because I am on the newer side of Paleo and have so much more to learn about it 🙂 I am especially excited to learn more about how & why certain food may affect your body.

I would love to win. I am just starting paleo and as a type 1 diabetic, I think the focus on AIP would be helpful since most books just glaze over it. I still don’t know if I should follow AIP or just paleo, even after reading 5 other paleo books.

I am most excited about the lifestyle element of the book. I have been on the AIP diet for almost 2 months and my disease is well on its way to being in remission, but I still have a long way to go before my gut damage is healed and my lifestyle is such that I can feel confident in avoiding future flares! I would be so grateful for a free copy of your book!

Congratulations. I have fallen off the pale wagon and am excited about your book to re-invigorate my enthusiasm. Your excitement is contagious.

I am most excited to read about the immune system and why eating Paleo will help heal my IBS and other health problems. I’ve been suffering for ten years and I believe this lifestyle is the answer to heal my body. Your book would be a fantastic resource for me to make my transition to Paleo easier.

You guys (the ones that write the books) are awesome. You definitely make a huge difference and make life easier. Thank you.

I am just starting to figure out how to do a Paleo diet…I have several friends that do it and want to give it a try as I don’t want to feed my girls junk food and put all those bad processed foods into their bodies. I would love to have your book to help me figure it all out! 😀

What a huge accomplishment, congratulations! I am most interested to read how I can rid my daughters ADHD symptoms through the a Paleo way of eating. I look forward. To your meal plan & how it will simplify my life (thank you!).

Hi, I’m very interested in learning about leaky gut. I have some digestive problems, I have seen a couple gastroenterologists and they cant decide whether I have Chron’s or Ulcerative colitis!! It’s frustrating.

Ordered a copy today. However, I leraned with the Mark Sisson books that I need a copy for myself and a ‘lending’ copy for folks who want to preview the books before buying. Hope we win a second copy, signed!

Tried to enter giveaway 3 times, but it kept freezing or knocking me out of the sign up box. It must be too big of a page for an iPad to handle. Bummer

I am excited to completely change my life! My husband and I are on our 5th day gluten free and we feel amazing! We have been having some issues with conceiving our second child, so instead of running to our doctor, we are changing our diet and learning about holistic approaches to life! Can’t wait to get your book!!!!!

I also have Hashimoto’s and am looking for as much help as possible to get these disease under control:) Thanks for the Giveaway!

Congratulations! i am hoping that your book will encourage me to go paleo like I need to so that I can get a handle on my Hashimoto’s without the use of medication.

I’m new to the Paleo experience. I am so excited to learn this information & I’m so hopeful that I will feel better one of these days – the autoimmune protocol is primarily my main interest.

Congrats on the new book! Im so excited about it finally being printed and will be in my hands soon through preorder or if i am lucky enough to win 🙂 With an autoimmune disease you have no idea how much I need and grateful for this book! Thank you so much!

Wasn’t able to pin the image, but so excited about this contest anyway! I have had UC over10 years so I am so excited to read this book and be healed by the Paleo lifestyle!

Congrats on the new book. I am really looking forward to reading it as well as using the recipes. Need tips on how to continue to make this an easy transition for my family. I am insulin resistant and looking into a glutin in

I’m hungry to learn more! I visited your website after realizing that the majority of FB recipes I tried and liked were from you. When I read of your background, I was sold. I appreciate your blog so I’m looking forward to seeing what you have written in your book!

I’m so excited to read this book! is the answer to my long research since I learned i had Hashimoto’s and then last November was diagnosticed of Fibromyalgia…something had to do with my eating…!!!

I am excited to learn more about the Paleo lifestyle and try it to see if it will help my fibro and Crohns disease!! Thank you for writing this book!

I am so happy that I came across your blog. I have recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, so the past few weeks have been tough. I am in the middle of a very big flare up, have been in the hospital a few times, and I am really struggling. This all came on so sudden and it is a hard pill to swallow. I have been doing lots of reading and researching about specific foods/diets/lifestyles out there that may be a huge benefit to me. That is how I found you! Thank you for sharing your story with all of us, and THANK YOU for the recipes! With Crohn’s, I am even a bit more restricted on what I can and can’t *have*, but I am finding that a lot of paleo lifestyle recipes are ok for me to have which is SO exciting. Very excited about your book. Thank you!!! 🙂

The book looks lovely and very informative. Definitely what my sciencey brain likes. It was great to see you viewing it for the first time.

I am looking forward to learning more about how diet affects health. I have found your blog posts fascinating, and want to learn more! (Also love your recipes.)

You are the first person I recommend following on FB to anyone interested in the Paleo lifestyle. Your recipes are amazing. Congratulations on your book, and I can’t wait to own it myself!

Congratulations! I can’t wait to get your book in the mail, I want to know EVERYTHING in it, especially the part about the AIP (which I’ve been doing for nearly 3 months now) and how to layer it with a FODMAP-free and GAPS diet, in order to heal my thyroid, adrenal and SIBO issues. I think you may have written the book of the century, this will be the start of a whole new way of eating and thinking about food. Thank you Sarah.

I’d love to be able to learn to eat naturally. I’ve just started Paleo research yesterday but think it may be happening in my near future! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the book!

I went to the Doctor two weeks ago and my cholesterol is over 300, my stress level is off the charts and my white blood cell count is way too high. I knew I had to do something. I have had the Paleo Book for years, but it just sat on the shelf with the rest of them. I came home from the Dr that day and looked up natural autoimmune and cholesterol solutions. Paleo popped up everywhere and it was then I made the decision to go full Paleo from that day forward. Where to begin….that is the hardest, especially with a family. I always tried to involve everyone from the beginning and that was my first mistake, so right now I am focusing on creating meals for me and making notes of things I like. Once it comes natural and I have all the supplies…I will incorporate it…I am not sure my husband or son will ever stop eating po’boys here in Louisiana. I made roux for Gumbo with Almond Flour and Arrowroot Starch and it came out amazing and no one knew It!!! If I win your book…I am interested in every single word you write, as this is now my life and I need all the advice I can get!

Congratulations!! I am so excited about your book and I know you are too. You are right- nothing like holding a book in your hands- I can’t imagine the excitement of it being your own book. I can;t wait to see the recipes you have included. I follow you on FB and use your recipes a lot. but that is not all I can’t wait for all of it. You are fabulous and I love how you explain everything. Even if I don’t win a copy of the book I want to Thank You for all you do, have done and are doing. Thank you Jennifer

Congrats! I feel like everyone has gone through the book journey with you who listens to the podcast. thanks for the giveaway you are doing an awesome job.

I really want to win this book. I’m so glad that you are willing to ship it internationally. Even if I don’t get it now I’m going to buy it as soon as it become available in Brazil. Cheers!

I’m excited for my mom to have something tangible she can read, use to explain what she’s experiencing, and learn more about how she can manage/reverse it.

I’m most excited about all the great drawings I’ve heard you talk about on The Paleo View! I love learning via pictures!

Looking forward to a comprehensive view of Paleo for AI disease, especially because it has been covered only briefly in other books. I am educating my fellow nutrition students about using ancestral diets therapeutically and it will be wonderful to have all the information and citations in one place!

Just found this blog from a friend who follows it, and am so excited to browse through as my family considers switching to a Paleo lifestyle!

Love your website. Looking forward to book. As a middle-aged adult learning new approaches to dietary habits, I still prefer old-fashioned books. Fingers crossed that I’m lucky enough to win a copy. Best of luck to you and yours this year.

Congratulations!! I have just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. I believe this will help me because at this time I cannot afford the treatment. Have a blessed weekend!

I’m so excited to get the book. I pre-ordered a while ago. I am most excited about the auto-immune protocol info. The information on your site has been invaluable for me and has made the most impact in my healing journey. I have healed things I never thought would be possible. Thanks to you. Thank you for what you do to help others. I wish you much success with your book and would love a signed copy.

I’m just new to the paleo diet — and so excited at the positive changes that I’ve noticed in my mood and energy levels. I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can and slowly migrating my family over as well.

I’ve noticed a number of minor health symptoms, which added together are quite the aggravation, that I want to try managing via the Autoimmune Protocol. I look forward to reading your book for more ideas on how to start and stick with AIP.

Can’t wait to receive my copy… Most interested to learn more on the scientific part. How does food influence my auto-immune conditions. Started my journey September 2012, still lots to learn.

I have leaky gut and am possibly on the verge of have already acquired an autoimmune disease. I am so excited to be able to use this book as a resource as I transition over to a paleo lifestyle!

I am most excited for a great resource to help with my beginner’s journey into paleo. The layout and information contained in this book looks like a great resource to learn more about paleo and to stick with it. Autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease, cancer is in my family and I hope with life changes I never have to experience those myself.

looking to understand my celiac and dairy intolerance and their effect on my body…have been waiting forever for this book! congratulations on such an amazing endeavour!

Thank you for this opportunity. I would also love to find out about the immune system and allergies and how to deal with them.

I am at least 60-75% paleo right now.I would like to be closer to 100%. I listen to your podcast, follow you on FB and get your newsletter. You seem very approachable and down to earth. You share knowledge in a easily understood way so I feel like reading your book would make it even easier for me to make the right decisions. Thanks for letting me have this opportunity to follow you on your journey and help me as I start mine.

Both my mom and I have autoimmune diseases. I have been eating paleo for a little while and feel much better, but would like this book especially for my mom who has yet to see the connection between certain foods and inflammation. I would also like a copy for my hubby and brother to help them understand the science behind it all as they think I am nuts for eating paleo.

I love everything! I love the fact you back up the findings in a scientific approach yet you provide easy to read charts and diagrams to fit let her our understanding. I would love to have this book amongst all my paleo cookbooks as a reference and guide to the paleo diet. So when someone asks me why, I can simply pull out your book and point out why.

I’m looking forward to learning more about leaky gut. I’ve been struggling with it for about 2 1/2 years and would love to find a solution that heals it once and for all.

I am so looking forward to more recipes!!! And the food lists, actually. 🙂
Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment!

This looks like a great book to share with my friends and family who look at me like I’m crazy when I try to explain what happens in the gut and why a clean food approach is better for us.

I’m excited learn why it works. I’ve been Paleo for six months and I know it works. My test results have proven it works, I want to know why and how my body is affected. I can not wait to get the book!!!

Despite 18+ months of being an avid paleo practitioner, I have yet to lose weight – I am hoping your book can give me some insight on where I am going wrong. I need help!

If I won a copy it’d be the first Paleo book I own! So excited, as a student I don’t have much money to spend on books that are not textbooks, hope I win! 🙂

Your book looks great. I so enjoyed the short video of you opening the box and seeing it in its finished final form for the first time. As smiled, and tears came to my eyes, as they came to yours and you exclaimed, “It’s so beautiful!” Even though we have not met, I was proud for you and found myself whispering, “Congratulations, Sarah!” Just wanted to put this in writing. I am struggling, with many things related to my health besides just a health condition. I hope one day I am able to scrape together enough pennies to buy your book. If God smiles on me, perhaps I might win a copy on a giveaway. But anyhoo…congrats to you on your hard work and on birthing this beautiful helpful “baby” into the world!

I’m so excited to read about the details of AIP. It’s something I’ve thought about trying out for some time now to help deal with issues that I can’t seem to shake off. I think this book would be a fantastic resource for me to have.

I Pre-Ordered The Paleo Approach 2 weeks ago and can’t wait to read it! I have Celiac, MS, Fibromyalgia, thyroid and multiple food allergies. I have been following AIP and looking forward to more information and assistance in my journey to better health.

Congratulations, Sarah! Your hard work is paying off! YAY! We are all very grateful for the work you’ve done. It will help so many people…Thank You!! And thank you also for the giveaways!

I would love to get a copy of your book. I want to learn more about a leaky gut and how it affect my condition. reading your blog is a every day help to get me through to full recovery.Thanks!

Recently ‘found’ you via the web…. so glad I did. Cannot wait to get my hands on your new book. Thank you for all you have done for others (like myself) and will continue to help.

I’m so happy that you filmed your first look at your creation. That was priceless! I would dearly love to win a copy. Please…please…please

I am excited to read the science-y parts (yeah, I am a nerd that way!), but also want a more in-depth understanding of reactions to foods. Especially since most of my problems were fairly mild , and now mostly gone.

Congratulations Sarah!!! Thank you for sharing your book opening!! It was beautiful to witness your passion and dream come into physical form for you!!! 😉 Loved it <3 I can't wait for my own copy to arrive. 🙂

I am so looking forward to how I can tweak my life style and diet more to improve my health (have an autoimmune disease). Congratulations on a beautiful book, can’t wait to get our copy. Winning another to share with others would be a big bonus.

I’m looking forward to the science sections that can help me understand more on the autoimmune diseases (MS in my case and allergies for my daughter)

I am most interested in learning the How & why, plus all of the scientific explanations! I am an information geek:) BTW, I cried when I watched your video of opening your box! SOOO happy for you! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world & the chance to WIN a copy….even though I pre-ordered already♥ I will gift it to my Mom who needs it badly if I win! Spreading the word!!

I’m excited to get started! I turn 35 this week. My husband and I are overweight but not to the obese point. My husband has ridiculous allergies and I’m trying to convince him to try paleo. I’m hoping that if I start that my habits will rub off on him but I could really use a partner. We also have 3 kiddos that I would love to get to eating just paleo. No more artificial foods. I am lucky that they love their fruits and veggies. My hubby only likes carrots. Although we are putting a garden in this year and he has made the commitment to try all the veggies we grow. 🙂

I’m interested in learning more about the AIP. Also, the video of you looking through your book for the first time was adorable 🙂

Just wanted to let you know that when I was 1st learning about the Paleo diet, your blog is one of the main reasons why I trusted it. I really appreciate all of the time and effort you took to find out the scientific reasons why this diet can help us heal.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world so that we can be happy healthier people as well <3

Waiting for this book release has been a real test of patience, lol! I pre-ordered the book ages ago but I’d the the opportunity to pass that copy onto someone else that is learning how to be healthy again. Thank you for all that you do.

I agree with the above post: I trust your knowledge and effort to educated people about the science behind this way of eating. Thank you!

How to heal a leaky gut and get through SIBO is one of the main reasons that I look forward to this book so much. The science and your way of walking the reader through it, is why I’m so looking forward to the leaky gut section especially. Thanks again, you’re awesome!

I would LOVE< LOVE < LOVE a copy of this book! I started paleo and have now convinced (with my results) my husband to come on board! I would love more knowledge and how I can apply this lifestyle into my daughters life (she is only 8 months)

Wow, I am really excite for your books to come out. After watching the video I really like the level of detail and how much you have broken down the sections. Thanks Sarah!

Congratulations! I have been reading about Paleo and love the way you easily write about it and the science behind it. Thanks for sharing such awesome information for all of us to enjoy.

Congratulations, Sarah! What an accomplishment–and a cookbook to come, as well. Thank you for all you are doing to share what you’ve learned. I would love to have a copy to help me regain my health following 20 years of mismanaged Hashi’s. Thanks for the opportunity!

I’m very excited about this book and your site. I have fibromyalgia and ME and my daughter has Type 1 Diabetes and JRA in all of her joints. I think that this is the best diet for us for immune deficiency and weight loss. I hope I win a signed copy.

I must admit, I am impatiently awaiting my pre-order…I can’t wait to have it in my hands. SO I have pre-ordered, I am on the newsletter, I am a friend on FB…So I hope I can be in the running for the give away, I want to give my brother, who has crones, a copy.
Congrats on your success!

What a great achievement! I’m excited about the WHOLE book! I am at the beginning of my Paleo journey and following you on Facebook has inspired me immensely- this book could become my ‘bible’ !! Thank you! X

Congratulations to you! It is obvious (more than obvious) how much of your heart you have put into this. Big moment for you.

I’m most excited about the managing meals section and Implementing the Paleo Approach chapter. I know I could really benefit from eating Paleo (with all my digestive issues) but I’m terrible at managing meals etc.

I am so excited about your book! Recently diagnosed with celiac, I’m going paleo. Almost every member of my family has the same symptoms that led to my diagnosis, but they will not change their diet or lifestyle. Your book will help me to convince them! Thank you!

Just started eating paleo because of diabetes. trying to get it under control. need this book to help stay on track

I am just learning about Paleo. I look forward to learning more about autoimmune disease, allergies, and asthma – and how to cure them!!

I’m looking forward to information about tweaking diet/lifestyle to improve more (because I know there’s *something* holding me back). So I guess the Troubleshooting chapter.

I am looking forward to reading the compilation of research regarding inflammatory factors that I may have previously not suspected in autoimmune disease. This book is going to help SO many people. Comngratulations!!!!

Congrats on your book! I am looking forward to learning more about the autoimmune approach to paleo eating, especially from your scientific viewpoint.

congrats on getting your book published. I would love to see foods for what they really are and how they effect our bodies.

9 days feels like an eternity. LOL I am so excited to get this book when it is released. I pre-ordered it months ago. Your website has really helped to turn my situation around. There is so much I still need to learn, but I am realizing I am among many that feel the same way. I have supportive doctors and physical therapists that have believed from the beginning how important nutrition is. The results I positive changes that have been made in nearly 6 months of strict Paleo have been incredible. There is still a lot of progress yet to be made, but the road is encouraging. I am so grateful to you and your family for the huge commitment you made in making this book. In the preview, it showed how detail oriented you are and all of the ways you made this an easy go-to reference. You sacrificed a lot of time and it took a toll of your health. Millions of people will benefit from this all-in-one resource, that is amazingly pretty too. Thank you. If I win a free copy of your book, it will be given to my PT. He treats a lot of people with autoimmune diseases and is always trying to learn more when conventional methods seem less effective. I also have a team of doctors who would be interested in your book. When my budget allows, I may have to buy more books since it doesn’t look like I am going to want to lend mine out anytime soon. 🙂 It’s exciting when you have a group of doctors who are receptive to learning about a AIP nutritional approach. I don’t want that window of opportunity for education to close. Again, thank you for all of your hard work and effort. It shows. With much appreciation, -Lynn 🙂

This is such a great accomplishment! Congratulations!
It seems that i cannot order it yet in Canada on : (
Any other ordering options?

I see the book listed on The release date is 01/28/14, the Kindle version will also be available on that date. — Tamar (Sarah’s assistant)

Gosh, this is DEFINITELY WORTH WINNING and the effort you put into it!! Congratulations on your new beautiful bouncing baby book!!

I can’t wait to get my book!!! I pre ordered it and it seems like an eternity before we will receive it, lol, I am so looking forward to reading it….especially on the leaky gut and autoimmune protocol.
So many hours of gathering, sharing all of this information you given to us Sarah, as well as putting this comprehensive book together. Alot of hard work and sacrifice has gone into it and for this let me say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!

I cant wait to devour your entire book. I went gluten free a year ago, but need more ideas. I saw your troubleshooting and immune sections! Plus you are a PhD and I have faith in your research! Thanks you!

I preordered your book for my sister who has been dealing with autoimmune disease for several years now. I am excited about her getting some help preparing more meals with the highest nutritional profile possible. She is a vegetarian, which will make it more difficult for her, but I know there is a lot she can do within the scope of vegetarianism. I’m also confident that if she has a deeper understanding of what is going on, she will make her diet and lifestyle more of a priority. Thank you for creating this resource for her.

I love all the geeky science in the book! I would love to have my own copy to delve more deeply into the science behind the paleo lifestyle and have it all in one place 🙂

I’ve already pre-ordered your book. I follow the autoimmune protocol outlined in Practical Paleo, but I’m sure your book will have more information and suggestions that will help me with my condition. Thank you so much for writing this book. New information = hope for autoimmune sufferers – especially when conventional medical treatment (heavy steroids) comes with heavy side effects.

Wow! I’m so excited to read this book. The you tube walk through sold me at less than 2 min into it. Thank you so much for doing all the research and hard work and putting it in one place for the rest of us. Much appreciated.

So excited about your book! Have been following you on Facebook to help me get stared converting my family to a paleo diet.

I am most excited about being able to share your book with my clients. I recommend the Paleo diet to all my clients in order to reverse autoimmune issues, chronic disease, reduce inflammation, and to help clients lose weight and feel better overall. Your book will be a great addition to helping them understand and implement Paleo into their lifestyles. Thank you for taking the time to write it and share it with us!

Most interested to read about dealing with asthma & allergies. Trust your science-based approach & your personal high standards. If I win, I’ll treasure my signed copy & give my pre-ordered copy to my Mom who is also interested! Thank you for pouring your self into this book…and please do take care of yourself…you are worth it! I will happily wait until August or later for the cookbook if needed! I value you as a resource but also as a person & fellow mom. Wishing you & your family the very best!

OMGosh! I can’t wait for the book to come out so I can share the information with my mom and other people I know!!

Hello- I’m actually excited about everything in both of your books because I was recently diagnosed with a rare (1:100,000) autoimmune disease called Multifocal Motor Neuropathy that causes muscle wasting and paralysis in arms, hands, feet and legs. I’m currently having IVIg treatments monthly to hold the disease at bay, but it is not a cure and these treatments are incredibly expensive and not without side-effects. I’m determined to do EVERYTHING I can to take control of my body again and your books give me hope. Even if I don’t win, I’ll still buy your books because I’m ready to start healing. I am so grateful for your work…thank you and God bless you!

I’m looking forward to reading about the benefits of eating this way and some simple ways to make it appealing to my kids!

I have recently discovered paleo and is very excited to learn about how to incorporate this into our family life. So I’m very glad I’ve found you and really look forward to the book.

I really love the evidence based approach you have taken with this book. It helps readers appreciate why you have become so passionate about the diet to begin with.

We are not sure exactly when the book will be available internationally. However, Kindle and other e-reader formats will be available when the books is released on 01/28. —- Tamar (Sarah’s assistant)

I pre-ordered your book already a loooooong time ago, but wouldn’t mind winning a signed one. If I don’t get it with the first book, I can always try again in the signed copy!
Wishing you all the best from France, Europe,

I’m excited that I’ll be able to give my autoimmune friends a comprehensive thorough book about nutrition as opposed to sending them to different websites, yours included.

What a beautiful book! I hope one of the signed copies travels all the way to Barcelona, Spain. I wish you lots of success and thanks for what you are doing.

I’m excited to read the whole book but I’m most excited to read about the autoimmune stuff! Since changing up how I eat I not longer need my asthma or allergy meds. now working on my eczema and blepharitis.

I am very interested in the immune system part of the book!!! and especially autoimmune subject! and how foods fit into both of these areas….

Congratulations! I can’t wait to read this book AND the cookbook! Thank you for putting all of this information together on the blog and the new book. You have helped and inspired me so much!

Sarah, I am very excited for you! Congratulations! I can’t believe that I have been following you for 2 years. It is thanks to you that I have been so successful with the Paleo lifestyle and feel so much better.

I’m looking forward to the sciency stuff and also the implementation of the AIP. I’m studying to become a registered dietician in sweden, and I am the only one positive to paleo left in my class. It is my second year now and I will be done next year, but we never had and never will go through different cell types and we never really learned about autoimmune diseases either. I need this for my practice in the future! I just recently got diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa and I need to start the autoimmune protocol, but I am actually a bit scared. I hope this book will help me:)

I’m so excited for this book, I so want to preorder it but I can’t from amazon as I’m living in sweden and the shipping and customs are so expensive, so I will get it from a swedish site!

I am most excited about how to help my teen boys make the switch and still have “cool” foods for their lunches and snacks. We all suffer from either autoimmune, ADHD, allergies, and/or asthma

Congratulations on the book! I would LOVE a copy! I am using the slow baby steps approach to Paleo for my family of six. My teens & hubby are balking a bit but I am trying!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a special copy!!

A huge congratulations to you! This is an amazing personal achievement for you, the ripple effect of this will be enormous. We are all so excited to get stuck into this book! Worth waiting for!

Chapters 8 and 9 especially interest me, though I am interested in the book in its entirety. I have grown to have a great passion for educating myself about health and wellness in order to cope with my Hashimoto’s. I love reading and furthering my knowledge about autoimmune disorders, paleo, and any other means to kicking this disease’s butt!

Paleo is new to me. I’m so glad I came across your blog. Would be interested in reading about about healing with food, relieving joint pain, autoimmunity =)

Congratulations and thank you for this opportunity =)

I’m very excited about this book–me and my husband pre-ordered it back in May of 2013 for my mother-in-law. Now i’m thinking that I want my own copy as I am going to be looking to start the AIP myself soon. You’re great Sarah–your work is amazing!

I am still trying to find the cause for inflammation in my body and you have helped me. This book will help me find the answers that no one else has. The cookbook is even more exciting!!

I am so excited to learn more about the way our diet and nutrition effects every aspect of our health. I have been struggling with digestive issues for a year and a half now, and have been slowly transitioning to a paleo lifestyle in hopes that I can heal and avoid prescription medication. I appreciate the way you present the science behind the paleo diet. When I can understand why something is bad for me (and my digestion!), it motivates me to stay on track and stick with it! Thanks so much for all you do!

Hi there, I can’t wait to read your book.!!!! I’m looking forward to gaining more knowledge on Paleo and how to get my family more involved and the many health aspects involved in this lifestyle change in eating….and learning more about autoimmune diseases as well. Thanks for the information 🙂

I’m most interested in chapter 9 on long term sustainability. I’m reluctant to try re-introduction and I know I need to – wondering how to make this work for me over the long haul!

Your blog was my very first “Paleo” blog, it is the one I compare all the other’s to. I am most excited to learn about what Leaky gut is exactly and all the nuances of how Paleo can make me a healthier, happier person. Thank you Sarah for having your blog, I have learned so many things from you.

I need to be on AIP for multiple conditions, but the biggest “pro” for your book is so that my husband can read it and understand why I’m doing AIP! (And later, share it with other people, too!)

I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and I can’t wait to read about the autoimmune section in your book. I listen to your podcasts and have your newsletter. You are awesome!

The wealth of knowledge you have in the science and health of food is amazing. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this information with the world.

I’m SO excited to read the scientific parts of the book. I love science, and I hope to gain as much knowledge about the interactions of food in the body as possible from your book, Sarah! I plan on buying as soon as it comes out!

Would love to read your book for both general nutritional information and to learn more about the connection between arthritis and foods.

Congratulations, your book looks amazing! I am especially interested in the gut-skin-brain axis I saw is in chapter 8. I have been having some skin issues from loosening my diet over the holidays. No cheating with gluten, but more sugar and dairy 🙁 I won’t try that again! I’ve been Paleo since Aug 2012.

Congratulations! I’m new to paleo and I think your book would help me a lot, especially dealing with autoimmune desease.

I’m interested in reading about the science behind why food matters, what really happens to the food after ingestion, and how it really affects our health – especially excited that this is from a scientist, and mom crusader!

I’m really looking forward to the recipes! I’m new to the whole paleo concept, so I could use a little help in all areas: Nutritional info and recipes are the top two. 🙂

Hello Sarah,

I am proud to be one of the nineteen — yes I am one of the “nineteen” men who regularly listen to your podcast (which I love). I am looking forward to getting a copy of your book. I am especially interested in the sections where you speak about type-1 diabetes as an autoimmune condition. The illustrations on the sample you posted are great. Thank you for all the work you have put into this!!

I love the way you explain things scientifically. It leads me to trust you.
A hearty congratulations on the book. This is exciting.

I love your website and following you on Facebook. Congratulations on your new book! I’m sure it will be awesome to read once I win it! 🙂

I’m most excited about the autoimmune section. Having Hashimotos and chronic skin issues I am extremely interested in what your book has to offer on the food connection.

Loved watching your expression as you opened your book! I’m sure you are so excited! Thank you for all you do for your followers as you help each of us as we journey and make changes for a healthier life style! Blessings to your new book, I’m sure over the last 15 months you have had a tuff battle but thankfully you kept at it and I can’t wait to read your newest book!

I have been changing my life over the past year and a few months. I lost 86lbs in 2013. I haven’t gone completely paleo but have been slowly changing over. I would love to win a copy!

Love reading up on all things new that I am doing! Thanks for being so thorough! Can’t wait to read some more of your work!

I saw your video of you opening the box and seeing the book for the first time. I was so happy for you that I got teary eyed. It was so cool for you to share that moment with us.

So fun to watch your reaction to your own book. Congratulations. Looking forward to the scientific information in the book (biochemist, here).

Just getting started due to chronic illness and would love a moms perspective to creating a healthy body for myself and my family

Im so excited about this opportunity! Thank you!!! And thank you for all you do for us in need and confused & overwhelmed! 🙂

Really looking forward to reading this. My 17 years old daughter was just diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis and PCOS and has been miserable for years. Been doing GF for about 2 years. Ready for more changes to give her some relief!

Ah I don’t know you, but I got all teary watching you seeing your book for the first time. Thank you for sharing that!! Love your podcast with Stacy, I feel like I’m getting to know both of you. Best wishes for your book – I can’t wait to read it!!!

I was on Facebook that I was one of five that had won a copy of your new book and that your assistant would be contacting me by last week on Tuesday. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I knew that I was a winner and now I’m disappointed that I still have not been contacted. 🙁

Hi Norma. I emailed you twice (01/21 and 01/25) and did not receive a reply. I used the Hotmail address you provide when you comment on the blog. Please contact me at to discuss delivery of your book. Thank you! — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

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