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TPA Final CoverWow.  Somehow two months snuck up on me.  Two months since my book was released into the world.  Two crazy awesome, busy, blurry months.  If my book was a baby, I’d just be starting to get a little more sleep at night and enjoying those first real beaming smiles.

As I work on finishing up The Paleo Approach Cookbook (it’s coming together beautifully and I’m so excited about it!), it’s nice to take a moment to reflect on just how amazingly-well received The Paleo Approach has been!  One of the things that I’m absolutely adoring is that people who bought the book when it first came out are starting to share their success stories!  Actually, it really is like a baby’s first smile!  I love it, so keep ’em coming!

This post is a jumble of news, reviews, and resources (it’s a one-stop-shop!).  Make sure to read to the bottom of this post for a huge international giveaway to celebrate my book’s two month anniversary and some BONUS COUPONS!

Recent Reviews of The Paleo Approach

There are now over 300 reviews on (with an average 4.9 our of 5 stars!!!!) from regular people who read and loved The Paleo Approach.  For me, this is the best part.  I mean, I love hearing what my colleagues in the alternative health and paleo movements think too, but it’s the real people seeing real change that really makes me feel just so proud and happy.

But, if you’ve been waiting to see what other bloggers, authors, and the media have to say about The Paleo Approach before getting a copy, here are the most recent reviews.  You can also get links to reviews in past Buzz Roundup Posts: Buzz #1, Buzz #2, Buzz #3, Buzz #4Buzz #5, and Buzz #6.

This book is packed with so much valuable and practical information. There’s enough science in there to satisfy the geeks like me while also breaking the science down into simple terms for everyone to get a good basic grasp of the most important principles behind this approach.” – Radicata Medicine
Also check out these new interviews and podcasts:

Book Tour Info:

I will be doing only a handful of book signings over the next few months (I am unable to do more traveling due to the fact that my children are young, we have no family close by, and my husband has his own career).  If you live close to any of the cities that I’ll be traveling to, I encourage you to take the opportunity to come meet me and get your bookBook Signing Banner signed in person!  Many of these dates/locations have yet to be finalized, but the current list of cities that I’m working on visiting includes:

  • Austin (April 11, at PaleoFX)
  • New York (April 19, with Diane Sanfilippo and Stacy Toth)
  • Reno (April 26, with Robb Wolf)
  • San Francisco (Marin County) (May 3)
  • Vancouver (July)
  • Seattle (July, with Mickey Trescott and Russ Crandall)
  • San Francisco (Berkeley) (August  7-9, at AHS14)

A current list of events and links to RSVP can always be found here.

Where can you get my book?

photoIf you’re looking for an independent bookstore that carries my book, use Indiebound to find my book at bookstores in your area. This site is a great resource! You can even find a bookstore near you and contact them to request that they stock my book!

My book is also being sold in every Barnes&Noble in the country.

You can also order my book from all major online retailers, including Barnes&Noble,,, and

Currently, is selling my book for 40% off retail price!

The Paleo Approach is also being distributed internationally.  Look on international Amazon sites and ask your local bookstores if they have (or will be getting) copies.

Need Expert 1-on-1 Support?

Do you have my book but and need some help? Are you struggling to transition or trying to figure out which modifications you need to do and how?  Have you been following the Paleo Approach for a while and aren’t seeing the results you were expecting?  Are you having difficulty finding a healthcare professional to work with to answer your questions and provide guidance?  Do you think you would benefit from a functional medicine evaluation but can’t find a doctor to order or interpret the tests?  Are you trying to figure out what supplements or medications can help your situation and which ones might make the problem worse?  Do you have questions that you just can’t find the answers to or need help customizing a Paleo diet and lifestyle to meet your individual challenges?  Do you think that you would simply see better results with expert 1-on-1 support?

If you answered “yes” to any one of those questions, then you would benefit from:

Consulting Logo

It is illegal for me to work 1-on-1 with clients or to provide medical or nutritional advice, but the demand has been extremely high for me to help to so many who are struggling.  The Paleo Approach is a fantastic and encyclopedic resource, but it just can’t replace having a smart, informed, compassionate person to actually talk to and get advice from.  My solution?  I’ve hired four of the smartest, most experienced, empathetic, and passionate professionals I know to provide the service that I can’t.  Through a variety of services/packages, Angie, Anne, Amy and Mickey can provide the expert guidance and answers you are looking for.  And while I can’t work directly with clients, I am available to my consultants whenever my input is needed.

Want more information?

Read this great interview with Angie about why she became a health coach and what exactly a health coach does.

Read this original announcement to get more of the history behind ThePaleoMom Consulting.

Still not sure?

Trying to decide which consultant would be a good fit for you?  Trying to figure out if ThePaleoMom Consulting really can help you?  Each consultant offers a free 10-minute informational consult to help you decide what the best choice is for you.  For more information, see the consultant bios on the website and send an e-mail to the consultant you’d like to talk with.

Paleo Approach-Approved Meals-Delivered

POTGAre you struggling with the practical-implementation of The Paleo Approach diet because of time required in the kitchen and the complete loss of convenience foods?  Would some delicious pre-cooked meals delivered to your door make all the difference in the world?

I worked with the good folks at Paleo On The Go to create a fully The Paleo Approach-compliant AIP menu to make it easy for you to follow. It includes some awesome and nutrient-dense options.

Check it out here.



Today I am very excited to announce the details of a brand new *international* giveaway! That’s right; this giveaway is open to everyone! This giveaway is focused on quality skin and body care from companies I know and trust.

One of the things that I discuss in The Paleo Approach is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and the role that toxin exposure has in the development of autoimmune disease.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much science about the role that cleaners and skincare products have for those of us with autoimmune disease, but anecdotally I know many of us find great improvements when we ditch the chemicals and switch to natural cleaning and beauty products.  So, that’s the theme of this giveaway:  my personal favorite natural beauty and home products!  Yes, these are all the products I use myself in my own home!

I want to say a special thank you to all of the wonderful businesses who are sponsoring this giveaway (every item in every package has been graciously donated!).

One lucky winner
will receive this amazing prize package
valued at over $250!

Bonus savings for EVERYONE!

Entering the giveaway is easy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I use a healthy organic lotion but everything else is still conventional stuff. Would love to try some of these products.

I am so interested in everything from you Paleo Mom…specifically would like Bath/Shower gel, Hand and Face Wash, Toothbrush Cleaner, and Allergy Free Spray from Chrisal USA.

I am seriously suffering from gastrointestinal distress and would love to heal naturally. Thank you for all of your wonderful information!

Reading the book changed everything for me. I had been gluten and dairy free but still didn’t feel good. Dropping nightshades, seeds, and nuts made the big difference. Thank you

I’m honestly excited to try any/all of it! After 2 years of transitioning to whole/real food, I’m just starting to apply these same principles to my hygiene, and I’m willing to try anything!

Looking forward to everything that is offered in the contest. Trying to make the switch to Paleo for me and my family and this contest would definitely help. The Primal life organics gift card would be great as I am not having much luck finding any skin care products in my area that would fit the criteria that I am looking for. This is a great contest!

I wish you were going to more cities in Canada – what about Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal? I’m in the middle of your book right now and feel so much more empowered about my health. Thank you for giving that to me!

I am new to this whole thing. Actually I started reading about it all yesterday. Up until then I had been gluten free… but am still groggy and tired. I too have an autoimmune disease. Here’s to Paleo!

I’m so excited for the Primal Life Organics!! I have been wanting to try their products since I’m new to paleo

So excited to have a international competetion, not nearly as excited though as I am to be feeling so very well and full of health and energy (for the first time in years).

I’ve been wanting to order your book before you got to Reno fo rthe book signing, this was a good excuse to get it coming to me! Looking forward to reading the book and meeting you in person!

What a great giveaway! I would really love to try the company’s that are included and get a copy of your great book!

Would love to try new skin care products! Eating paleo has helped my facial eczema tremendously but still looking for natural products.

This looks like a great set of products! I am especially excited to try the body balm. I have very sensitive skin and am breastfeeding, so I’m very particular about what I put on and in my body.

Thank you for your generosity…this is a wonderful give-away! (And, by the way, I am learning so much from you! Thank you…)

I am actually interested in learning about them all. I am new to paleo and really trying to do everything I can to rid my body of the psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

I am loving the science of the new book as I am a nurse with a background in what I call classicaly trained nutrition, I love to know the ins and outs of what this disease (hashimotos) has done to me most of my life and adopting the autoimmune paleo approach has been the greatest learning and help I have had. I just want to tell everyone about it..even tho everyone is not always open to hearing about it. I have been experimenting with changing various skin care products and have only found a few I have liked and would love to try some more. I can’t wait for your autoimmune cookbook especially snacks which I find hard as a very active person who does a fair bit of travelling.

My skin is so sensitive and itchy that I’ve wasted so much money on products that just make it all worse! I’d love a chance to try some natural products for change!

I’d love to get the chance to try any of these but what I’m most excited about, is that it will be my 52nd birthday on April 1st & one of my wonderful children has bought me your book ‘The Paleo Approach.’ I’m so looking forward to reading it as I’m being investigated for lupus. But it’s time to get my body/life sorted out. Feeling positive! Waiting for your cookbook to be released <3

I have just received your book Sarah and love it. Any of the giveaway products sound great but I would be most excited to try the shampoos – good natural shampoos are difficult to find.

I’d really like to try the Moracco Method shampoo’s! I’ve had my eye on them for awhile but never could afford them. The other brands look really good too 🙂

I would really love to read your book, and am interested in switching to more natural products so I would love to try any of these!!

Super excited to try them all! I just started going natural with my beauty products, would love to get a kick start 🙂

YES please!!! I live in Spain and I am just aching for good, natural beauty products–especially during my pregnancy. Definitely pre-ordered the Paleo Approach Cookbook and cannot wait for it to come out!!!!!

Thankyou so much for this amazing giveaway. I am from Tasmania, Australia, and my husband and I have been Paleo for 6 months now and both feel amazing. So excited about all those prizes, but especially the shampoos. I am always hunting for a great natural alternative that is not only good for my body but makes my hair soft and shiny 🙂

OMG THANK YOU! I am super sensitive atm, reacting to even natural skincare and Im going totally out of my mind! And you read my mind and give me a whole list of companies I have never head of! I cant wait to try Primal Life Deoderant and Chrisal Pribiotic Shower Gel!

PS. Love the Book <3

I am most excited about the Morocco Method shampoo. I have horrible dandruff. I have to try and not scratch my scalp raw despite using therapeutic oils and fancy organic shampoos.

I would love to win this contest. I just wish your book was included in it! Learning paleo is not easy, and your website has been amazing in helping me with that! Thank you, Thank you!

would like to learn about these companies as i have terribly dry sensitive skin and hair i find it very hard to find a body moisturizer that works and hair products

I;m most excited about the PrimalLife Organics products. Would be awesome to try!!! I’ve never used any of these products.

I am most excited about the Zen Detox! I have wanted to try it for a while 🙂 I already use MM henna and more recently tried their Pine Shale shampoo. LOVE!

What an awesome prize and super stoked it’s an international comp!! Would be stoked to win and try these awesome products. Your skin looks amazing so maybe there is hope for my skin yet haha!!

Oh my gosh! The MM products! They’ve been on my wish list but it’s kind of long so haven’t gotten to it! Thanks!

I would like to try any of these products. I’m on the hunt for healthy alternatives to the junk filled products.

I don’t think I can pick just one I’m most excited about because I would be super excited to try everything! If I absolutely have to pick, it would be the Morocco Method products as I have heard the most about them and would love to give them a try. I do my best to find natural products.

I am new at this lifestyle and have found that my health has improved greatly. I will be looking forward to the Bay Area book signing.

Love your website and always learning new things from your FB posts! Going to check out the website to learn more about these face/skin products! Thanks!

I had been diagnosed with Hashimotos and my husband suffers from brain fog. We are trying to eat wheat free and would love to try any of the items offered.

I came to ohio from Seattle and have been so lost.. What I could buy at the corner store is so hard to find out here..

I would love to try all these things especially Primal Organics. Paleo is new to our family so I’m trying to learn all I can about it to live a healthy life. My family has a lot of older generations with bad health problems and diseases and I’m determined not to end up like them!

I would love to try these products, I am always looking for a more natural routine for myself and my family. I recently bought for the first time, products from Primal LIfe Organics and I love them.

I would love to buy the Skintervention Guide with the gift certificate to Primal Life Organics. I feel I need to know more about healthy skin care . . .

Hi Sarah, I have referred so many friends to your blog because of their own or children’s autoimmune problems. Your diligent work has been a blessing to us! Thank you!

You are Awesome.
I would love to try any of those beauty products.
I was so happy to read someone could finally treat their Lichen Planus.
Im suffering from it as well and its HORRIBLE.
So thankyou very much, I really appreciate your caring towards the world.

I am really interested in the shampoos because I am having a hard time finding shampoos without a lot of extra ingredients.

I love the idea of trying the all natural shampoos, so often products say they are completely natural but have hidden chemicals, so it would be great trying a product that you know is actually completely natural.

What an exciting giveaway! Living in the UK I often read about all these amazing products but struggle to afford to get them shipped here from the US. I would love to try the Primal Life Organics range as well as Morocco Method shampoos!

Am fairy new to this blog but reading this post makes me dying to try the Morocco Method soooo much!! Have been dealing with similar issues as described in your earlier post for several years. Was actually sent off by my dermothologist with a chemical formula that doesn’t seem to do the trick. My extensive internet research did not lead to any acceptable solutions and I had the same experiences trying the popular alternatives vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.. Had sort of given up on finding a proper answer to my question, accepting the inconveniences involved. But now I am totally excited to try this method. Your hair looks amazing!!! Thanks for your efforts I totally love your blog!

Keeping my fingers crossed to win your give away, but will certainly try the morocco method even if i don’t win!!

I would love to try the deodorant balm. I get irritated by so many supermarket brands, I would love to find something natural that works 🙂 Thanks so much

I would be ecstatic to win the Moroccan shampoo set — I have been toying with the idea of no shampoo for a long time, and these products look like just what I need!

I’m interested in all those products – I’m in Ontario and have never seen or come across any of them. I have your book coming on route from Florida – my parents have been snowbirding there and I asked them to pick me up a copy and bring it back with them!

I’m interested in them all. Want to change my conventional products towards a more natural, higher quality product and have no idea where to start. Would love to at least try these!

Anything Moroccan Method! I’d love to try the travel set of 5 Shampoos and a 4 ounce Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy from Morrocco Method. I’ve only tried one product so far and am very impressed.

I have been dying to try Morrocco Method! I wash my hair with raw honey now and rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar, but people have told me many great things about Morocco Method and I’m eager to try it out!

I’m excited about all these products but especially the Moroccan Method. I’ve been trying to find a great brand that doesn’t have a bunch of nasty stuff for my hair!

I would love to win this! I have been wanting to try Moroccan Method and PLO! The two most difficult things for me to find are toothpaste and deodorant that work for me. I end up trying so many and that can get expensive. I have been wanting to try both products from PLO.

When I read your post about how your hair got very dry with no-poo and baking soda, I thought- oh this is me! I would love to try out the Morocco Method and hopefully have the same results that you have had!

I am new to Paleo and always interested in a healthier approach to caring for my family! Thanks for the giveaway entry!

I am soooo excited about this giveaway!! I love The Paleo Mom and all of her recipes. I would love to try the Morrocco Method products and the skin care products. I have always had super sensitive skin, psoriasis, and keratosis pilaris, I also have super dry curly hair that can be really difficult to manage and often times turns into a giant frizzball (and my little girl has the same hair and skin problems). I hope you pick me!!!

Thank you for everything you do Sarah! Thank you for sharing your journey while educating me on healing autoimmune issues. You are such an inspiring woman!

I’m loving your book. Have been recommending it left and right for those who really want to understand the nuts and bolts of things.

I would love to try the morocco method products. I have very sensitive skin and react horribly to fragrance, so more natural options are good!

Vintage Tradition deodorant balm sounds interesting, but then so do all of the products!

I also use soap nut shells to wash our clothes (my children have sensitive skin and its better for the environment) but skincare is my next big transition.

I’m around day 45 into my paleo plan and really enjoying it. We have always been low dairy and low gluten so the change wasn’t dramatic, although I miss the odd sushi meal!

We now make coconut yoghurt weekly and my two children adore it. Our diets are so much cleaner and your recipe’s are amazing! Cauliflower rice the other night and the kids didn’t know any different.

Thanks Sarah for everything you put on your website, its all been so helpful in transitioning my/my families lifestyle into paleo and I’ve also forwarded your website onto others who are interested.

FYI – Paleo is still very “new” in New Zealand so not a lot of local info is available.

Much appreciated,
New Zealand

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