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books photoI need to thank you.  The Paleo Approach has been out in the world for three and a half weeks and has spent about a third of that time in the top 100 books on Amazon.  That’s amazing.  There are something like 6 million books on Amazon and mine is among the top 100 best sellers.  How awesome is that?! There are over 160 five-star reviews on  I am getting more and more requests for interviews.  And the reason for all of this is you.  Your support.  Your enthusiasm. Your reviews.  You telling your family and friends and doctors….  Thank you.

I also want to say a special thank you to all of you that have written reviews on The Paleo Approach has over 150 five star reviews, which is absolutely crazy amazing!  If you haven’t reviewed it yet, please do (it helps spread the word).  For those of you that live outside the US, please consider writing a review on your country’s Amazon site.  Reviews are also appreciated at,,, and any other online retailers.


In case you missed it, I am running my biggest giveaway ever, worth over $800, to celebrate the book launch. All the details are in THIS POST. This giveaway ends on Friday, so be sure to enter now!


I will be doing only a handful of book signings over the next few months (I am unable to do more traveling due to the fact that my children are young, we have no family close by, and my husband has his own career).  If you live close to any of the cities that I’ll be traveling to, I encourage you to take the opportunity to come meet me and get your book signed in person!

The first event will be in the Atlanta area at Whole Foods Merchant’s Walk TOMORROW! Get more details and  RSVP here I’ve got my pens all ready, my hair cut, my nails properly bedazzled… I’m ready!  Please come out and meet me.  Whole Foods  will also be doing a mostly paleo-friendly tastings around the store and will give a $5 gift card to anyone who purchases a copy of The Paleo Approach during the signing (you can also bring in your own copies).

You can see all the locations I’m planning on visiting here (this page will be updated frequently).

Recent Reviews of The Paleo Approach

If you’ve been waiting to see what other bloggers, authors, and the media have to say about The Paleo Approach before getting a copy, here are the most recent reviews.  You can also get links to reviews hereherehere, and here.

“If you want to treat or cure any autoimmune condition, then this is the book you need to start with. Pretty much nobody writing about Paleo and ancestral diets is approaching it with the level of scientific knowledge that Sarah has. If you’re looking for the perfect place to start on a journey toward better health, then this is the place to begin.” – Read Paleo Living Magazine’s full review here.
“[This book] is literally life-changing. It is like the “bible” of Paleo eating. I am amazed at [Sarah’s] extreme dedication in writing this book. She thought of every single detail. This book isn’t just for people with autoimmune diseases, this book is for everyone. Everyone should want to learn more about their bodies and understand how every choice they make affects their health.” – Read This Love is Ours’ full review here.
” I love [The] Paleo Approach because although it contains solid scientific information, it explains things clearly and above all: it is beautiful. The layout and design is stunning in its fresh and clean colors and pictures…The writing flows lightly and you can hear the author’s enthusiastic voice behind the pages. Her enthusiasm is catching. As I am reading it I feel like I am getting support to the diet I am on.” – Read Kaiku Lifestyle full review here
 “The Paleo Approach… is the kind of book that all wellness practitioners need on the bookshelf. It’s also the book that everyone suffering from an autoimmune disease should own. The best part? It’s written for both. It’s a vital book for practitioners, and it’s perfect for the person dealing with autoimmune disease.” – Read Cave Girl Eats full review here , and watch the very cool video review:
 “Best thing about the book is that you don’t have to be a practitioner to understand it. A vast understatement, Sarah is an accomplished writer. It’s very hard to step out of your head and make a complicated subject easy to understand. She’s a master at it.” – Read 20 Something Allergies full review here
 “I can honestly say that even though I have studied nutrition a LOT, there was a huge amount of new information for me in this book…Sarah has a Ph.D. and truly understands the body and immune function.  She also was very clever at making the book easy to read, as it is full of pictures and diagrams.” – Read Simple and Merry full review here
 “Dr. Sarah Ballantyne “The Paleo Mom” has written and illustrated a beautiful book: The PALEO APPROACH: that will change your life. This book will tell you everything you need to know in order to adopt an autoimmune paleo lifestyle and will streamline your healing journey!” –  Read what Dr. Izabella Wentz had to say about The Paleo Approach
I was recently interviewed by to discuss the recent findings that link wheat and dairy intolerance to flares of MS Read the article here


Just so you know, the book is not out in the ‘world’. It is on back order already on I pre-ordered in October, still do not have my copy, and still have no idea when it will arrive. This is what tells me: “We’ve already requested the number of copies, unfortunately our supplier has not supplied the stock”. They didn’t print enough for the pre-orders.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are not sure what the issue is with Amazon in Canada. Amazon in the US has the book in stock, and many people around the world have ordered from Amazon in the US and have received their copy. I realize that will cost you much more in shipping. Another option is to order an e-version of the book. Again, we apologize and hopefully Amazon in Canada will be able to ship copies soon. — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

Well the book isn’t available from Chapter’s/Indigo either. When I look there, it shows as available for pre-order only as it’s “not released yet”. Maybe someone could look into it? Amazon and Chapters are the two largest book retailers in Canada

Apparently Amazon orders have just started shipping. There was some weather problem that delayed distribution, but I’m still not really sure on why it took this long. 🙁

Thanks for the follow-up 🙂 I guess it’s just more hurry up and wait. Obvs, I am super anxious to have the book.

What do we do if your book is not in our store . .Whole Foods? I’m more than happy to do a sit-in . . signs and placards . . you know what I mean . .

Hi Donna, I saw your comment on the Facebook page. I know we are having a contest (details above in the post). I will see if Sarah has more information to share regarding your request. — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

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